If you would love to make your home exude luxury, sophistication, and comfort, you need to be armed with the right styling techniques and set a budget to facilitate these changes. The good news is that there are countless ways to upgrade your living space, and all you need is the right ideas. Here, we look at 10 ways to make your home feel and look luxurious.

1. Maximize light and space

The most efficient way to make a room look expensive is to maximize the existing space while striving to make it look larger. This is one of the most fundamental elements in a professional home interior design and is hinged on trying out techniques to make your space feel airy and comfortable. There are several ways to go about this, and some of the best practices include:

  • Opening up your entryways
  • Avoiding overcrowding your rooms with furniture or décor pieces
  • Hanging up large mirrors to create the optical illusion of a larger space
  • Settling for large windows that will always do the trick of letting in more natural light
  • Opt for fewer walls and aim for multi-purpose rooms
  • Installing interior glass doors or replacing doors with sliding walls
  • Utilizing skylight and fantastic outdoor views

2. Focus on your walls

A quick and easy way to upgrade your living space is by focusing on your walls. If you are on a tight budget, opt for a fresh coat of paint and concentrate on creating a neutral color scheme that is naturally warm and inviting. On the other hand, if you opt for bright or bold-colored walls, remember to pay extra attention to your furniture color and décor pieces to ensure you maintain that lustrous look.

3. Add moldings

A powerful way to liven up your living room and improve your general interior architecture is by adding moldings to your walls. Since you do not have to knock down your walls, this is a stress-free way of upgrading your home without worrying about costly remodeling.

4. Go big on window treatment

You must never forget about your windows when upgrading your living space, as these significantly affect the look and feel of each room. A good window treatment will instantly transform a room from dull to vibrant without changing any other element. a general rule is to go for large curtains whose color scheme enhances your interior design theme while allowing extra light control.

5. Update your lighting

One of the most important elements in your home that you must never ignore is your lighting. Improve your home’s lighting by layering it up for ease in achieving the desired atmospheric effect. Do not forget to use elegant chandeliers and stylish sculptural light fixtures that will act as focal points of your rooms.

6. Mix up your textiles

The tiniest details make huge differences in interior decoration, and opting for high-quality textiles will bring a touch of beauty and coziness to your rooms. Remember to mix up your textiles by choosing different fabrics, textures, and hues to create exciting and distinct color schemes.

7. Add some greenery

Nothing says class better than having natural elements added to your living spaces. A touch of nature will instantly make any room charming, and depending on your preference, there are so many options to opt for. Think beyond plants and flowers by decorating using pebble, sand, and weathered wood, among other natural components.

8. Declutter

Cluttered rooms will never do your home justice, and to create elegant spaces, prioritize getting rid of unnecessary items. Take time to evaluate if each item in each room is still worth keeping and if it does not serve a definite purpose, remove it. Luxury interiors thrive on minimalist designs, and this should be a top priority when upgrading your home.

9. Upgrade your hardware

Upgrading your hardware will dramatically change the appearance of every room, given how much impact they have on your interior décor. If you do not have the budget to buy modern and chic replacements for your old hardware, you still achieve your goals by:

  • Swapping out the old furniture knobs and handles with stylish models
  • Giving your hardware a fresh coat of paint that matches the room’s color and theme
  • Installing new fixtures and fittings to make each room more lively

10. Invest in unique artwork

Interior artwork comes in many forms, and there is no limit on what you can opt for to suit your unique preferences and styling requirements. Nevertheless, if you want to make your home look luxurious, you will have to do more than choose a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Some of the best practices to adhere to when buying an artwork include:

  • Consider the theme of the room before picking an art piece
  • Size matters. You are better off with a large-sized artwork that will cover a considerable part of that empty wall over a small piece that will not draw the right kind of attention.
  • How you hang the artwork is critical. If you want to create an illusion of bigger rooms, hang your pieces lower on walls.
  • Pair your art pieces to make your walls extra attractive while creating a magical contract in the process.

11. Play around with rugs

Step up your interior décor game by playing around with rugs to complement the general theme and style of your living spaces. Whether you are thinking about getting a kitchen, bedroom, or living room rug, go for a piece whose color scheme will make it a focal point of the room. Remember always to use your rugs to set the stage for arranging all other items for the ultimate contemporary vibe.

12. Add a touch of shine

You can never get it wrong with metallics, as these elements have a timeless appeal that will always make a room look splendid. Give your home a little glitz and glam by choosing pieces with metallic touches and spreading them around for that subtle and flattering appeal.


You need to be prepared to make the right changes for your home to feel and look luxurious, and these tips will help you make the right upgrades.

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