Curtains are an essential part of any home. Their cosy, inviting vibe is alluring, and it helps that they look stunning in all their glory. Are you looking to give your interior a facelift, create the illusion of space/ height or simply frame a view? Curtains can help you achieve these goals when done right.

However, if you are limiting their use to just windows, you are missing out on so much more. Once you put your thinking cap on, a myriad of ideas will become apparent to you. And with it, a new and improved interior design scheme which is the envy of all.

The first thing you need to know is that curtains come in blockout and sheer variations. As they look and function differently, how you use them is also different. It is important to consider things like light flow, your lifestyle, your home and of course your budget

Here, we aim to show how you can give typically traditional window furnishings a brand new spin.

Light and Simple Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains can be used on their own, or combined with other window furnishings. This includes both curtains and blinds. When combined, they are used as a secondary layer. Our luxurious, designer quality sheer curtains are budget-friendly, without compromising on quality.

Their purpose is simple. To reduce visibility into your space without compromising on natural light. Sometimes, you want to let it flow in, but perhaps cannot do so because everyone can see inside. Sheer curtains help you mitigate this issue.

However, this is not all they are useful for! In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can be put to more than one task.

Seeing as how they are light, breezy and airy, sheer curtains are often used to soften a space. Once you have taken care of things like painting and flooring, this will become more apparent to you. Sunrooms in particular, are built to maximise natural light and views, so your sheers should be both functional and decorative. Two things you will find come easy to them.

These curtains will suit practically any design scheme. You may opt for the traditional, clean and crisp sheers, although you can also play with colours. Shades of light yellow and pink for instance, will help diffuse light and create a warm glow. For something cooler, think greens and blues. You can also look at using tiebacks for elegance and practicality. On that note, we would like to remind you that darker colours absorb heat, so choose wisely!

Create Layers

This gives you a bigger playing field, as your options just opened up even wider.

Layering window furnishings is an excellent way to reap double the benefits. More privacy, more insulation, more light control and of course, more looks. As mentioned above, sheers can be combined with blinds and blockout curtains, adding depth. Blinds would typically sit within the window frame, with the sheer curtains draping over them. When paired with curtains, the blockout fabric sits in front.

When layering, ensure the fabrics and styles complement each other. While it is always good to experiment and let your imagination take over, if it does not work then it does not work. Aesthetics, after all, are just as important as all the rest. Matching the curtains to your blinds is also something worth noting.

Porch and Patio Curtains

Have you ever wondered what a sunroom is for?

Well, it is a way to merge the indoors and outdoors if you like. So you can also look at decorating it in a way that reflects this. For example, you could use curtains to create an ‘outdoor feel’, the same way you would a patio. Using curtains to frame the seating area is a great way to achieve this.

If you do not have a designated outdoor space, this is an easy and simple way to compromise. Plus, during those cold, wet months when you cannot actually enjoy the outdoors, this will be your sanctuary. You can add extra touches by playing around with lighting as well. Take your pick between heavy and lightweight fabrics or both to add texture.

Blackout Curtains

Even your sunroom gets a little tired of the constant sun now and again. You also likely do not want anything fading in there prematurely. And if privacy is of concern to you, then opt for blackout curtains for your sunroom. The thick lining ensures no light escapes through the fabric, and when measured right they offer perfect coverage. These curtains are excellent for when you want to hide and stay that way!

Blackout curtains (or blockout as they are also known), also help keep out heat as they keep out light. However, they are excellent in Winter too, as they can reduce the amount of cold air coming into the room. All in all, they help regulate the temperature of the room, which is great when you are trying to relax.

Ultimately, your fabric choices and curtain styles boil down to individual preference. There are many creative directions you could go down, so definitely explore them all. If you are having trouble deciding, you could even rotate your design scheme occasionally. That way, you will be able to keep your sunroom looking fresh. Stick to some staples, and recycle the rest. Learn how to hang curtains differently, and play with heading styles.

Sunrooms, as a whole, are great areas to play with in terms of interior design. If you are not sure how or where to start, begin with furniture. Choose a few simple pieces that you think could align with a variety of styles. When you think a colour or pattern has lived out its time, throw in a new rug or throw to break it up.

If you have not found what you are looking for, no need to stress. Keep this guide handy to help, and work your way backwards if you need to. Sometimes, it can help to ruffle things up the other direction. And most importantly, there are no set rules to this. Your options are as wide as your imagination, so try not to box-in and restrict yourself.

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