Basketball is still one of the most popular sports in the world. Even with lockdown restrictions, the NBA is also one of the sports organizations that can still stand strong in lieu of the challenges. It’s always a great time to be a basketball fan but sometimes, it’s good to get a piece of some hooping action as well.

Not every fan of basketball gets to play the sport during the weekend but really, it’s a hobby that’s worth getting into. Whether you want to stay as a spectator or you want to try the sport out for yourself, here are some important things that you must know if you are a true basketball enthusiast.

Hooping Properly

If you really want to live your NBA dreams, then it’s a must that you equip your backyard or your driveway with the right hooping equipment. You don’t always need to rent a court or go to the park to play ball. All you need are the right accessories for basketball hoops. These can help you play safer in an open space on your property.

What’s great about these basketball hoops is that they can be made to fit the regulations of the NBA or other basketball organizations. If you think you can roll with the pros, then why not try playing in a ring that’s as high as theirs.

It’s not just about simulating the hoop in the professional league. It’s also about ensuring that you and your buddies are safe even if you do a slam dunk on the rim. So long as these equipment are properly installed, you can dunk as much as you want on them.

Your Gear Is Essential

There’s proper attire when it comes to playing basketball. Investing in the right gear won’t make you the next NBA star from your city. However, it does help play as safe and comfortable as possible. It also helps that the right gear makes you look great on the court.

Let’s go over some of the essentials first. Obviously, you’ll need the right footwear for hooping. Basketball shoes are designed for your comfort and safety on the court. Some even maximize your performance by limiting the impact you feel after landing from a jump.

Make sure that your shoes perfectly fit you. Shoes that are too tight can cause blisters and rashes on your foot. If they are too loose, they could fall off as you are running.

When it comes to picking between straps or laces, always go with laces. You’ll be doing a lot of running and jumping so it’s important that the shoes you can tie these as tightly as possible.  The velcro straps can wear out too so that’s another that should be taken into consideration.

As for your clothes and accessories, just go with what the pros wear. Wear something comfortable which lets your body feel as cool as possible. For accessories, sweatbands and wristbands help you play more comfortably. Sweatbands, for instance, prevent sweat from getting to your eyes.

Does It Help You Lose Weight?

This is a question that’s on the minds of many. Yes, basketball does help you lose weight. It is a highly physical activity that involves a lot of running and jumping. It’s a full workout which is why it’s good to become active in playing the sport as well.

According to a study by Harvard, 30 minutes of basketball lets you burn between 298 to  355 calories depending on your weight. It’s not the most efficient way to lose weight but as it is fun, it might be more sustainable for you if you’re a basketball fan.


Before you play a game of hoops (or any sport for that matter) it’s a must that you warm up first. For basketball, there are right warm-up exercises that will help loosen up your joints.

The best way to warm up for basketball is to lightly jog around the play area. This warms up your leg joints and your entire body. As you are jogging, do light hops as well. For your arms, do complete arm rotations. Around 8 reps back and forth at each arm should be enough.

Not warming up is dangerous. Aside from making you perform less, it can also cause serious nerve and muscle damage too.

Take your love for basketball to the next level by playing the sport as well. It will keep you healthy and it will deepen your love for the sport as well. With our reminders above, you’ll be able to enjoy the sport as properly as possible.

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