It is a known fact that creating a beautiful garden like Eden is no easy feat; it takes a complete process that includes pruning, planting, sowing, mowing, raking, watering, and digging, throughout the season.

You are tired of looking at the blank canvas in your yard for too long, but how do you transform it into something that soothes the eyes? Here are 4 tips below to guide you in creating a green and lush garden.

Review The Basics

We cannot emphasize the importance of knowing the basics of gardening if, understand this perfectly, you will reap the reward of a home surrounded by paradise all year round.

Spring is the perfect time to allow your garden to thrive and first on your to-do list is to do a rigorous clean-up of any winter debris. Rake your lawn, scrape dead leaves, and don’t leave weeds unattended. If you have garden fencing to protect your garden from wildlife, be sure to inspect, repair or adjust the garden fence as needed. It is much undemanding to remove young weeds with smaller roots at this time of the year. Water your plants, flowers, shrubs, baskets rigorously throughout spring.

Autumn is the perfect time to get your garden ready before the harsh cruel onset of the winter. Be protective of your tender pot plants by bringing them inside or laying them down on a sheltered spot. Do you want a garden full of greens? This is the time to plant evergreens, these beautiful trees will look full and organized throughout the year. You can also introduce marigolds and sweet alyssum in autumn. Go ahead, roll up your sleeves, bend your knees in the soil and start planting these beautiful flowers so your garden can have that ravishing look.

Winter is the best time to think about planting some trees in your garden. As much as people think trees can be dangerous, but one or two trees wouldn’t hurt, it adds to the structure and the privacy, it even serves as a form of windbreak. The easiest and most beautiful trees for small gardens include crab apples, peaches, magnolias, and the likes.

Plant Flowers That Entice Butterflies

Butterflies in your garden make it look so heavenly which is what you are trying to achieve. To attract butterflies to your garden, concentrate on plants with long blooming cycles: moonbeam tickseed, coneflowers, Russian sage, and blooming seeds. Blooming plants are so enticing and irresistible to butterflies.

While doing this, don’t forget to give the butterflies shelter, they need safe weather and a place to rest. Butterflies look for shelter to protect themselves against the wind. So be sure to plant the flowers in a well-protected spot, maybe next to a wall, trees, shrubs, or in a playground border from

Give Plants A Good Soaking

You want your garden to look flourishing and beautiful all year round? Stick with this gardening tip, give your lawn and plants a good soaking rather than several sprinklings. The reason is that the root is the only part that truly absorbs water and it lies underneath inside the soil.

Little watering of the plants, especially in the summer dries up fast as it gets absorbed quickly by the topsoil and makes the roots dry and thirsty for water, so ensure to give your lawn a good soaking, once in a while. For the water to get through to the root of the plant, the plants and flowers need a regular supply of water.

Be Open To Creativity

Sculptures, collectibles, and old wares add some kind of statement to your garden. For instance, you can use a broken terracotta pot for so many things like marking your garden, building a toad house, designing a fairy garden, topping off your soil, and among others.

Also, group plants around a theme, create a selection of plants with the same foliage or flower color for bigger impacts. Knowing how to integrate color in an area of your garden is an easy trick to use.

You can as well create unity and diversity in your garden by repeating a color supplied by a variety of different plants. You can try yellow and orange, purple, white, grey and blue.

In addition, fill your garden with a wide variety of plants and flowers. The bigger the plant varieties in your garden, the more appealing it looks through the year. Evergreens may not be noticeable in spring and summer, but during winter, the berries and shelter they provide will keep the garden interesting. If possible, integrate some woods-like patches, some funny open spaces area, and some meadow-like border areas in between.

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