So, you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen appliances and embrace the world of energy efficiency. Where it used to be quite difficult to find appliances that used less energy, today there are plenty of options. These appliances can perform all the important duties and look great at the same time. But before you make any purchase decisions, here are some tips that can be helpful when shopping for energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

How Many and Which Appliances Will You Be Replacing?

The first question is how many and which appliances do you plan on replacing? Is there just one item, or have you decided to swap all the major appliances for new energy-efficient models? Keep in mind that stores often feature promotions and deals when you buy a set of more than one appliance. In the end, it can work out to be a better deal.

Think About the Size of the Appliance

While the size of your kitchen will dictate the dimensions of the appliance, you also need to think about your household needs. Just because your kitchen can fit large appliances, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need them. Opting for smaller appliances will help to bring down energy usage.

Pay Close Attention to the Energy Label

Every energy-efficient appliance will feature a label that gives a rating. This highlights how much energy it uses. Did you know that it can differ from model to model? The term ‘energy efficient’ has room for variation. This means that some models will do a better job at using less energy than others.

Don’t Use Standby Mode If Possible

This tip applies more to small appliances like coffee machines that may have a standby mode. This keeps it on even when not in use. This will still be a drain on energy and can end up erasing any savings you would otherwise see. This won’t apply to the major appliances, but it’s still a noteworthy tip.

Use It as an Excuse to Update the Kitchen

If you’re going to be spending money on updating the appliances, it can also make sense to update the entire kitchen. You can make energy-efficient and eco-conscious decisions through the materials you use, the layout, and the flow. Suddenly you’ll have a very modern kitchen space to enjoy with much less energy waste.

As you plan your remodel project, you’ll also need to think about each step of the renovation. You may need to look into tool rental or ladder hire to make sure you’ve got all the right equipment. And because eco-conscious materials are so popular right now, these may need to be ordered well in advance of your project. In other words, the sooner you can start planning, the better.

As you think about ways to update your kitchen in 2022, why not make an eco-conscious decision that not only benefits the environment but your wallet? Investing in energy-efficient appliances can be the smartest purchase you make.

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