Adding value to your home or property is something many homeowners do if they want to sell in the future. It’s an important step, especially if you want to move up the property ladder and purchase something more expensive for your next home.

There are a few ways in which you can add value to your home, such as adding extensions, creating new features, tying up unfinished DIY projects and paying attention to the outside space which is so often neglected.

Adding an extension

Many people extend their homes simply to add value and appeal to prospective buyers. Some find that they simply don’t have enough and have to extend out of necessity, and others want to utilise their existing space to and make the most out of their home. This can often prove more cost-effective than moving house altogether.

Whatever the reason for your extension, make sure to take out adequate home extension insurance cover that will protect your whole property should anything untoward happen. There are many risks to consider when embarking on an extension, including the safety of the workers, stolen equipment and delay in completion.

Tidy up any loose ends

Who else has begun a DIY project with enough motivation to turn the house into a palace, only to hang up the tools in exhausted frustration a few days or weeks later? We’re all guilty of it, but starting a major project, abandoning it and leaving parts of your house in a mess can affect the value of your home.

Improve the value of your home by tying up loose ends, fixing elements of your home, repainting walls, replacing old light features and even swapping out your front door for a more contemporary model. All of these things, whilst they might seem small, boost the first impression of your house and can increase its value by as much as 5%.

Invest in your kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important spaces to get right, for the simple reason that potential buyers don’t want to have rip them out and start again when they move in. In many cases, a kitchen or bathroom refurb can offer a 100% greater return on your investment, and it could be even more lucrative depending on the quality and finish of every element.

If you have money to spare, invest in your kitchen and bathrooms. Many real estate agents will tell you that it’s the kitchens and bathrooms that sell homes, so jump on the bandwagon and add some serious value.

Boost curb appeal

An area that often gets neglected by homeowners is the garden and the areas just before your front door. These are the first things a potential buyer is going to see, so invest money in getting your driveway done, add some colourful new plants to your front garden and look into some landscaping features that will catch the buyers’ eyes.

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