Mirrors have been around for thousands of years and are definitely not a new interior design trend. Many of our near and distant relatives have used mirrors in their homes, whether it be for aesthetics or function – or even both. If you’re looking for fresh and innovative ways to decorate with mirrors in your space, we have some ideas you might enjoy trying.

Mirror Table Centerpiece

Mirrors aren’t just for walls. A smaller mirror can look simply stunning when laid in the center of a coffee table or dining table. Place candles, a bouquet of flowers, plants, greenery, or other decor items on the mirror to create a quick, easy, and stylish centerpiece. Feel free to switch out the decor for holidays or as the season changes.

Mirror Cabinet

When space is limited in your home, you have to be creative. Combining two objects in one is a great way to save space in an interior design. For instance, a vanity mirror that doubles up as a cabinet is fantastic in a small bathroom or half-bath when wall space is scarce. This way, you have a functional mirror as well as plenty of room for storing toiletries.

Uniquely-Shaped Mirror

Sometimes what a space lacks is shape (or variation of such). This is especially true when your interior design style is very modern and minimalistic. Often, designs like these offer too many basic lines, edges, and corners and could use other shapes to best pull it together.

To create movement and variation in your home, add a fun-shaped mirror, versus a basic round or rectangular mirror. Go for something bold and asymmetrical if you’re feeling brave. It’s a great way to make a design really pop.

Also, look for an LED Mirror to make your home elegant and luxurious that can impress your visitors.

Multiple Mirrors

Who said you can only hang one mirror? There’s no rule telling you otherwise.

Bend the rules a bit, and hang two or three mirrors an inch or few apart on the same wall for the perfect decorative touch. They can also be hung at different heights or in a vertical line. Or, create a folded mirror look in your space by hanging two mirrors right next to each other on adjacent walls in a corner of your space. You might even like a mirrored wall in your design.

Hand Mirror

Since B.C. times, there’s evidence depicting the Greeks using hand mirrors for grooming purposes. Hand mirrors, while they’re still manufactured, are not nearly as common today as they were in the past.

Visiting your local antique shop, however, you’re bound to find unique and highly-decorative handheld mirrors. These beautiful, delicate items can be hung on the wall, propped up, or simply laid on a countertop for aesthetic purposes. They offer a level of elegance and beauty that other mirrors can’t provide and can offer a blast to the past in your interior design.


Mirrors are a simple yet timeless aspect of interior design. However, they have great potential when a little creativity is thrown into the mix. With the latter ideas, you’ll have a fun, clever, and artistic way of presenting a basic mirror in your personal space.

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