Marble has long been a favorite surface material for upscale kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s even more popular today than ever. The number of homeowners looking to add marble surfaces to their homes has increased steadily over the past 5 years, and it will likely continue to climb in the next few years. One of the most sought-after marble varieties is known as Calacatta marble.

If you are looking to add natural beauty and value to your home’s interior design, here are the five reasons why Calacatta marble should be at the top of your list in greater detail:

  1. It Offers Timeless Beauty:

Calacatta marble has been used in fashioning majestic buildings such as museums and monuments since ancient times due to its remarkable durability and aesthetic appeal. This Italian white marble is sought after by many homeowners for its stunning appearance which remains timeless whether it is used as flooring or wall cladding, countertop surface, or any other application. the flawless finish of this marble makes it even more popular.

  1. It Adds Value:

Calacatta marble is known for adding more value to a property. Calacatta boasts the highest resale value compared to other marble varieties due to its rich aesthetic appeal and versatility. Its timeless beauty also adds to the home’s worth over time, which is why it easily ranks among the top stone types for various home design projects.

In terms of value, Calacatta marble goes beyond simply adding value by looks. This material is considered energy-efficient because it boasts high thermal resistance, which means it is naturally resistant to absorbing and losing heat. If used as floor or wall cladding, the marble acts as an excellent insulating material. Used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop, the surface won’t absorb or lose as much heat, which means it won’t have a drastic effect on ambient temperature compared to other materials.

  1. It is Long-Lasting:

Marble has been known to last several centuries without any need for major restoration or repairs, making it an ideal material to use when designing your living space. With Calacatta marble, you can be sure that marble-clad features will stand the test of time and remain as beautiful as they were when they were first installed for many years into the future.

If well maintained, a Calacatta marble surface can last some 75 years or even more without dulling or pitting from wear and tear! This Italian white marble offers excellent durability, which enables many homeowners to appreciate their investment for generations without worrying about the future cost of repairs. Should the time come that the marblework needs some touching up, you’ll also be glad to find out that Calacatta marble is relatively easy to restore, courtesy of a bit of cleaning and polishing.

  1. It is Versatile:

Calacatta marble is suitable for a variety of applications such as flooring, exterior or interior wall cladding, fireplace mantles, bathroom vanities and shower stalls, kitchen countertops and cabinets, to name a few. Its durability and timeless beauty make it an ideal choice for use in any project at home, both for interior and exterior purposes.

Calacatta marble also looks versatile enough that it considered perfect for both modern and classic style homes. This means you can rest assured that irrespective of whether your interior design scheme leans towards trendy minimalism or good old traditional extravagance, your home’s marble features will blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, providing you with a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style.

  1. It’s Not Difficult To Maintain:

One of the main reasons why some homeowners avoid anything with marble on it is the high maintenance cost associated with the material. Regular marble surfaces are porous, and therefore more likely to trap dirt and moisture inside their surface pores. This makes them difficult to clean without damaging the finish.

For a marble surface, Calacatta marble requires minimal upkeep, with maintenance mostly involving regular cleaning and sealing every 2-3 years. This is mainly because this Italian white marble is not as porous as other marble varieties. Of course, it’s still important to learn how to properly clean marble so that you keep it in tip-top shape once you have it, since you’re going to pay top dollar for your Calacatta marble (Trust us; it’s worth the time!).

Different Types Of Calacatta Marble

If you’re looking to invest in Calacatta marble countertops either for cladding or as a surface, it’s important that you buy from a reputable dealer that offers high-quality slabs. You can choose between polished and honed finishes, choosing based on which texture and color will best suit the interior design of your home. Calacatta Marble is differentiated in terms of color, veining, and patterns

Want a rough idea of what’s available? Here are some types of Calacatta Marble that you can choose from:

  • Calacatta Oro: This white marble has grey and gold veining that gives it a multicolored appearance.
  • Calacatta Statuario: This pure white marble features a slightly different grey and gold veining compared to the ‘Oro’ variant, and possesses a truly rare beauty.
  • Calacatta Serena: This white marble is known for its silver and grey veining and unique patterns which make it an ideal choice for those who prefer something other than the standard monochromatic look while still keeping an air of minimalism and subtlety.
  • Calacatta Quarzo: If you’re after a pure white finish, this Canadian marble is a good choice. It has no veining, but it is characterized by sparse, pale grey flecks of color that keeps it from looking dull.
  • Calacatta Bianco: This North American white marble offers a smooth and pure finish without any veins or patterns, which means it will blend seamlessly with either modern or traditional style interiors.
  • Calacatta Michaelangelo: This Italian white marble is the original material used by Michelangelo in his sculptures due to its fine, pure texture. If you prefer the look of antique marble with its rich vein history, this is the perfect choice for you.


For timeless beauty, value and versatility in one streamlined package, choosing Calacatta marble is the way to go. It offers unbeatable quality for any project, whether you’re using it for indoor surfaces or outdoor applications. The material is long-lasting, and only minimal care is required to keep it looking its best over the decades. If this kind of elegance and sophistication appeals to you, then be sure to use it in every aspect of your home by adding features like Calacatta marble countertops and floors!

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