Having a swimming pool in the backyards or within a landscaped garden not only enhances the appeal of your exterior space but also reflects your taste and lifestyle. Do you want to construct a pool? or Are you planning to renovate your swimming pool? Choosing suitable pool tiles could be a tedious task.

Though there are other pool installation options, tiling your swimming pool provides a magnificent, presentable look to the swimming pool and the entire exterior space. In this article, let us discuss some technical factors to consider while choosing pool tiles:

1.  Tile Material Matters The Most

The mosaics available in various materials help you transform the aesthetics of your swimming pool and other water bodies in the exterior space, like a spa or fountain area. The tile material you choose influences both the appearance and durability of your tiling installation for the pool.

You can broadly divide the pool area as pool floor, pool walls, waterline tiles, and tiles for the pool deck. You can use one suitable tile for all these parts or mix colors and patterns to create harmony or contrast.

Mosaics such as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, marble tiles (in intricate tile patterns), natural stone tile, and river rock tiles are best suited for swimming pool installations. Most importantly, the swimming pool tiles are designed to remain underwater almost throughout their lifespan. They are least porous- thus less water absorbent. If you choose tiles from the above-mentioned materials, your tiling lasts for decades.

2.  Choose Most Elegant Pool Tile Colors

The perfect tile color is another significant consideration while shopping for pool tiles. You must have noticed that most swimming pools are tiled with blue pool tiles and some other varieties in blue, green, and black shades.

Blue is the preferred color for swimming pool tiles as it looks superb underwater. Apart from that, you can select pool tiles in other shades, like aquamarine, gray, cobalt, turquoise, and much more.

It would be wise to match the color of pool tiles with the water and tiles for the pool deck with the surrounding elements. You can also choose colors like yellow, orange, and beige to complement the greenery, clay, and other decorative elements in your home’s exterior space, besides the swimming pool.

3.  Select An Appropriate Tile Pattern

The repeating geographic shapes or patterns play a vital role in creating a style statement. Whenever you feel your swimming pool needs a makeover, try choosing some intricate tile patterns to enhance its overall appearance.

Swimming pool tiles in tile patterns like modular, herringbone, chevron, hexagon, and linear help you make the swimming pool look gorgeous. You can have a modern outlook for your swimming pool by installing pool tiles in smaller patterns (as shown in the image at the beginning of this article).

However, if you are fond of a classic look, you can always stick to basics and choose Deco, Diamond, Spanish, Subway, or Rectangular mosaic tiles. More prominent tile patterns help you achieve a contemporary look for your swimming pool.

4.  Enhance Aesthetics Choosing The Right Finish

While choosing the appropriate tile finish for your swimming pool tiles, always remember that the tiles are visible within the water or sometimes above the waterline of your pool. It’s good to choose a finish that matches the shine and coolness of the water in your swimming pool.

Swimming pool tiles are available in wide-ranging finishes. To complement that ”Aqua” theme, you can choose swimming pool tiles in marvelous finishes, such as frosted glass, glossy, glazed ceramic tiles, iridescent, polished, and translucent tiles.

To combine contemporary styling, adding a touch of modernity, you can also go for matte finish pool tiles, metallic finish pool tiles, and natural finish tiles.

The most significant aspect is choosing a finish complementing the pool’s surroundings and making the tiles look like an integral part of your swimming pool. The swimming pool tiles should melt well within your swimming pool set-up.

5.  The Right Tile Style for That ‘Wow!’ Factor

Conveying a unique style statement by tiling your pool might be your priority while renovating your swimming pool. Isn’tIsn’t it? Designers usually divide the home decor themes as Classic and Modern. A similar approach you can follow here while choosing your swimming pool tiles.

Light Blue Multicolor Stacked Square Glass Mosaic Tile

The most exciting part is the availability of old-school patterns like subway and rectangular (which are still trending) in modern finishes like iridescent and frosted glass. So, you can stay on the thin line between classic and contemporary by choosing your swimming pool tiles innovatively.

To take you through the varieties available in swimming pool tiles, here is an exclusive collection of swimming pool tiles offered by a reputed tile manufacturer and wholesale in the country and beyond.

Some other significant considerations

  • Install swimming pool tiles following best practices and using the most appropriate tools.
  • Tile cleaning and maintenance should be a part of your routine pool maintenance schedule. That ensures longer life and better performance of the swimming pool tiles.

The Takeaway

The article discusses essential considerations and pro tips to help you choose the best swimming pool tiles for your next pool renovation project. We intend to let you know the most crucial technical aspects of mosaic tiles so that you can select the tiles wisely. All the best for your swimming pool tile selection and renovation project!

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