The condition of the mattress or bed can also affect sleep quality. So, when your old mattress seems not doing its job properly of providing you a comfortable sleep, then it’s high time to replace it. But how do you know if you need a new mattress?

Learn the signs you need a new mattress by reading below.

  1. Sagging

It’s important to know the lifespan of your mattress. But really, how long does a mattress last? For a latex mattress, its expected life expectancy is 15 years and 10 years for a memory foam. But there are many contributory factors that can shorten the lifespan of a mattress, such as the number of people who regularly sleep on the bed or body weight.

Over time, you’ll notice your mattress starts to sag. Sagging is a sign of normal wear-and-tear of a mattress. Because of prolonged exposure to pressure from the person’s body weight, the foam materials soften, resulting in less support and sagging.

A sagging mattress can be detrimental to an individual’s sleep quality and overall health. The feeling of your body sinking into the mattress brings so much discomfort. Here are the possible health effects of having a sagging mattress:

  • Neck And Back Pains: Because of uneven, sagging mattress, your body tends to have an awkward sleeping position resulting in neck and body pains.
  • Insomnia: A sagging mattress disrupts sleep because you need to wake up to change position in the middle of the night.
  • Stress And Anxiety: The next morning, you feel tired and less rejuvenated once you get up. You’ll feel stressed out or on a bad mood, affecting your work productivity level.
  1. Unexplained Acute Or Chronic Body Pains

The firmness level of a mattress depends on the individual’s personal judgment of comfort or discomfort. A good mattress promotes good body alignment. If the mattress is very soft, it sinks at the hips, disrupting its proper alignment to the rest of the body, resulting in body aches.

You might end up waking up the next morning with unexplained body pains that can last for a long time when the main culprit will not be caught. So, if you experience stiff neck or back pains after getting up or can barely explain what possibly caused your body pains, your mattress might be the one to blame.

  1. Obvious Signs Of Worn-out Mattress

It’s doesn’t take skyrocket science to determine if you need a new mattress. Many people already know the signs but don’t have the sense of urgency to replace their mattress because they thought they can still use it anyways.

When you see obvious signs of damage or worn-out, then you should start searching for a replacement. You may find troubleshooting or DIY tips online to fix mattress issues. While you can still use your mattress, it will give up sooner or later.

The cost of buying a new mattress can be tight on your family budget, but it’s worth the investment. You’re not only investing to attain restful sleep at night, but also to your health and safety.

Take a look at the obvious signs of worn-out mattress:

  • Popping out spring
  • Popping out foam materials
  • Visible sink or depressions in the middle of the mattress
  • Uneven look and feel
  1. Smelly Mattress

The body sleeps for about six to eight hours a day in the mattress. Overtime, mattresses can become smelly because of minute dirt and sweat, which also leaves a breeding ground for germs and pests when ignored.

While you try your best to clean, vacuum, and deodorize your mattress, there comes a point when the smell tends to linger around the room, or in worse case, never leaves. You may attempt to hire a professional to clean your mattress. However, if all else fails, it’s best to change your mattress than suffer from pest infestation.

  1. Already Exceeded Its Lifespan

Can you still remember when you purchased your mattress? If you can’t remember it anymore or your mattress already exceeded its lifespan, then it’s about to buy a new one. You might still be using your old mattress when you were in high school or college. Some people might still be using handed-down mattresses.

Everybody must be aware of the new science of sleep, highly influenced by digital technology and emerging health problems. All of a sudden, one might feel unhappy sleeping on an old mattress, realizing that it’s not good as it used to be. So, replacing it with a new one is highly advised.


Old, worn-out mattresses usually feel sagging, uncomfortable, and causing unexplained body pains. Don’t ignore these signs. Replace your old mattress with a new one before you suffer from the health and sleep effects of a bad mattress. You deserve to sleep in a good mattress that can help promote a good night’s sleep.

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