Everyone wishes to have a house so perfect it’s as though it had come straight out of a magazine. While you may have acquired the best home at the time, its current design may no longer adhere to the current trends, which means it has become out of style. With that, you may need to renovate it if you want your abode to be as up-to-date as possible.

When it comes to renovating their home, people usually look past how they can spice up the bathroom since this area isn’t often seen or visited by anyone outside the family. But the more attention and detail you put into the space, the more you can feel at ease while you’re using it. Doing so will also allow for a peaceful and functional environment for everyone in your household as well as any guests you may have.

H are some simple ways you can renovate your bathroom:

  1. Change The Tile Color

A few years ago, green, blue, and pink were popular hues for bathroom tiles since they create a homey feel. While that was acceptable in the past, it would be better for you to update the tile color in your bathroom to more modern choices.

The most common trends today are earth tones, black, and white. If you’re unsure about which colors you should opt for, take the interior design style of your bathroom into account so your choices won’t end up clashing with or ruining it.

Since changing the tiles to those of a different color can be hard work, it’s advisable to hire someone to do it for you. Look for a bathroom renovation company that would best suit all of your needs and preferences. You can search online for excellent service providers like the Easy Renovation company and find out how adept they are at transforming bathrooms.

  1. Update The Fixtures

Apart from tweaking the bathroom’s overall appearance, you can further improve your bathroom by having new fixtures installed. Usually, a residential bathroom has a standard silver faucet, a showerhead, and valves or knobs all in a silver color. While they might still be in workable condition, you may want to consider switching them for something more modern.

Among the latest trends are fixtures with a matte finish, which require less maintenance. Apart from that, you can choose to play with their colors as well. You can go with a brass, gold, or black finish that’ll surely give your bathroom a hint of sophistication.

  1. Build A Focal Point

When it comes to designing their bathrooms, many homeowners tend to keep things plain and safe by splashing every corner of the room with only one color. While that may work for some, it would be a great idea to have a focal point highlighting the theme you’re going for.

Ideally, you should focus on the sink as it’s the most prominent area in the room. You can add a floor-to-ceiling backsplash to the wall where the sink is against. Another idea is to update the sink itself so it’s more appropriate to the theme you’re after. In addition, you can repaint the bottom cabinets to allow them to harmonize with the rest of the room.

With a focal point, you’ll be able to enhance your bathroom without spending a lot.

  1. Revamp Your Lighting

In many cases, bathroom lighting involves a standard bulb that does nothing to make the room more appealing. The way you illuminate a bathroom can significantly impact the mood within the space.

To create a relaxing ambiance inside the bathroom, switch to warmer lights. It would help to add illumination behind the bathroom mirror as well to emphasize the fixture and increase the brightness in the area. This will allow you to fix your hair and put on makeup without a fuss. You could also get some track lighting, which can instantly make the bathroom appear more luxurious.

  1. Add A Minimalist Shower Enclosure

You can just imagine how wet the floors would be if you didn’t have a shower enclosure. While it can save space to have a corner shower enclosure, you may want to change things up a little by going for a minimalist look.

It’s recommended to keep your glass shower enclosure angular to achieve a minimalist style. Not only can this help you save time in thinking of a proper design, but the transparent material can result in a more open and spacious-looking bathroom.

You can choose to have a closed shower area, or you can have an open shower room to minimize the use of doors, which can be helpful if you have limited floor space.


Renovating your bathroom can be challenging as you have to be careful with the details and ensure that every material you use is water-resistant so it’ll last longer. If you’re having trouble with remodeling your bathroom, consider hiring a professional contractor to ensure that every nook and cranny in your bathroom will be put to good use.

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