Are you satisfied with your current commercial cleaning company? How can you tell if you’re getting value for your money or if the cleaning company is doing a good job?

Hiring the best commercial cleaning services can be complicated, but it is imperative that you do some due diligence before hiring your preferred cleaning company.  Here are five tips you can use to evaluate the janitorial service and identify if they’re doing their best to provide you with quality services.

Availability and personal service

The first thing you should do is look at the company’s operating hours. When looking for a commercial cleaning company, ensure that their schedule will be compatible with yours.

In some cases, you might opt for a company that cleans while your business is closed. In such an instance, you should go for a cleaning service that offers personalized services, and they always adjust their schedule to fit yours.

Regardless of your preference, if the company agrees, they should abide by the agreement and keep to working hours agreed on without fail. If you have a customized agreement, they should honor the agreement without fail. If this does not happen, you might be getting the short end of the stick.

Company supplies

The competence of a janitorial service is not all about service delivery. It is also about the quality of products used. Even though personal preference has a hand in the supplies you would like to be used the products should be of high quality and safe to the environment. Cleaning companies like Storm International use eco-friendly products only for all their cleaning services. In most cases, if you have a particular preference, most companies can oblige even though this might attract an additional cost.

Using poor quality products will not only harm the environment, they will also damage the surfaces and finishing as well as the carpet. Don’t compromise on the quality of products.

Testimonials and referrals

After narrowing your search to a handful of cleaning firms, it is imperative to look for feedback from customers. You can accomplish this by searching for reviews on Google or inquire for references from customers who have been served by the company recently.

It is also important to consider their approach to customer service. Are they prompt in responding to clients’ queries? Are they courteous and polite? Answering these questions will help you assess the quality of their customer service.


A good relationship between you and the cleaning company should be at the top of your check-list. Having strangers clean your office or house requires that you trust them. As such, you ought to ensure that the company is trustworthy and has no previous incidents. An excellent commercial cleaning company should take all necessary precautions to hire honest and reliable employees who have no negative history with the authorities.

Subcontractors vs. employee of the company

Most clients always like dealing with the company. That’s because the company has a name and reputation to protect and will do everything within their power to offer you the service that you have paid for.

Working directly with the company also ensures that your office, home or school is cleaned even when the usual cleaners are not available. Enjoying the same flexibility with a subcontract requires a lot of toiling.

How to Identify Poor Service from your Cleaning Service

Despite your best efforts, you might still land an incompetent company. If you do your due diligence and carefully research cleaning companies before hiring them, you’re more likely to find a reliable and attentive company like Pritchard Industries that can consistently meet your cleaning needs. Identifying the tell-tale signs of shoddy work is critical. If your cleaning company is not doing their job properly, some areas will easily give them away. Here are some of them;

Poorly maintained restrooms

Poorly maintained restrooms are the easiest giveaway. Being the most frequented room in any organization,  the bathrooms should be frequently cleaned with a constant supply of toiletries. If the toilet has an awful odor, then your cleaning company needs to do better.

Inadequate dusting

Nothing shouts “poor cleaning methods” better than dusty windows, cubical walls or cabinets that have been ignored. By occasionally running your hand over the surfaces once in a while, you can pick out the dusty areas that have not cleaned properly. A good commercial cleaning company should conduct thorough and comprehensive cleaning with check-lists, so no areas are left behind. This is fundamental in every cleaning visit.

Soiled and stained carpets

Carpets are a big part of the finishing. Unfortunately, they also bear the brunt of traffic. Keeping carpets clean requires keen attention and thorough cleaning to remove the dust, stains from spills and even bacteria that could breed in the fine fiber.

If the carpet is not adequately cleaned, warning signs include a slight dinginess or darkness in stained spots. Before you know it, the whole carpet is stained.

Overlooked office waste

If you walk into the workplace on Monday morning to the smell of Friday’s lunch left in the trash can over the weekend that’s a clear sign of poor service. Trash cans and shredders should be constantly emptied and disinfected.

Slow response to challenges

No human being is perfect, and commercial cleaning companies are not exempt from this fact. They may sometimes miss a trash can or keyboard. In such a case, a good commercial cleaning company should be easily reachable in case of any issues.

Once you get in touch with the cleaning company, they should respond to your concerns quickly and promptly. If they are unreachable or start taking you in circles, it might be time for you to seek the services of an alternative and more competitive cleaning service.

Cleanliness and hygiene is an essential factor in any organization. Whether it is the workplace, school or even home, you need to have all the surfaces sparkling clean at all times. If you opt to hire a cleaning company, they should be capable of holding up their end of the bargain.

Using these five tips, you should be able to appraise their performance once in a while. However, it is vital that you start by taking time to find the best cleaning service. It might save you the trouble of continually running checks and also the disappointments of finding dirty surfaces, carpets or toilets that have not been maintained adequately.

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