Packing is by far the most challenging part of moving out. Any NYC moving company will tell you about the issues that arise from bad packing and planning. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your NYC moving company doesn’t have any of these problems, making your life easier and our work more efficient.

Anyone who has moved out before will tell you that packing is a lot of work and requires a lot of planning no matter the size of your space. Lucky for you, here are the top five tips for packing your items as you await NYC movers to transport them.

1. Have high-quality moving boxes.

Moving boxes play a vital role when it comes to moving out. When planning your move ask, your NYC moving company about moving boxes. It’s advisable to go for high-quality, sturdy, and waterproof ones. Given that you are bound to carry delicate items, you should ensure that the moving boxes you purchase can safeguard your valuables from unfavorable weather conditions.

Liffey Moving can supply you with moving boxes and labels, however, if we don’t have something adequate, we can point you in the right direction to purchase other packing items.

2. Hire Movers with top-level NYC Experience

Moving out is no small feat. It requires adequate forethought and professional execution. Where else can one get professional help from expert movers themselves?

You should first ensure that your moving company of choice has completed a satisfactory amount of moves within the last few years. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured Liffey moving knows what they are doing in NYC.

An experienced mover should be thoroughly acquainted with the basics of moving into and out of New York City. Minor details such as double parking and furniture maneuvering via tight spaces should not be a challenge.

If you are unsure of how to choose your NYC moving company then check out our checklist on what to look for.

3. Choose an ideal move-out/move-in day.

When packing your items for movers to come and transport, you ought to select a day when other people are least likely to move out. Hard as it is to determine whether someone else in your building is moving out or not, such information can be quite beneficial.

This is mainly because you might need to book the elevator for a given period and save yourself a lot of time. A pile-up in the elevator or stairwell will likely slow you down and waste plenty of moving time. To avoid such delays, you can always request your building’s management to give you the schedule in advance.

Liffey movers are available any time of the day. Have a talk with our team on the best day for your move and we can arrange a team to be ready throughout the day.

4. Ensure you’ve packed all your items before the movers arrive.

The biggest mistake people make when moving out is that they rely on movers to help them pack their items. As far as packing tips go, relying on movers to help you pack is a huge mistake. Aside from the fact that there won’t be enough time for them to help you pack and move, why would you have people you barely know pack your stuff? Also, movers always have a lot on their plates whenever they are called into action.

They must organize the truck and ensure all your items arrive at the intended destination in one piece. Always ensure you are ready and good to go before movers arrive at your doorstep.

5. If possible, start moving delicate and sentimental stuff in advance.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and moving sentimental items in advance is a safe strategy. Everyone has delicate and sentimental items that they wouldn’t want to be damaged or lost. Reason has it that valuable items such as jewelry, photo albums, and other collectibles should be kept safe at all costs.

Why would you want to pack your most treasured possessions alongside other basic house items and put them in a truck with unknown people? It isn’t advisable to leave valuables that cannot be easily replaced in the hands of just anyone.

Liffey movers will handle anything you wish to move but moving it yourself will put your mind at ease. Still unsure? Have a chat with our helpful team.

That said, while packing may be a tiresome endeavor, these tips have proved quite successful over the years. Why work hard when you can work smart?

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