Lighting is one of the elements of interior design that is often overlooked. While some people consider lighting only as a way to light up a dark space, only a few understand how much lighting can add aesthetic value to a home.

Whether you’re getting a chandelier or using 12v miniature LED lamps to create a feature wall, lighting can make or break your interior. Here are some ways lighting can transform your living space.

1.  The Right Lighting Creates a Visual Illusion of Space

Have you ever walked into a dark room and it felt cramped and small? Well, you can actually use light to make a room appear spacious. That’s because our brain creates a visual illusion of space depending on the distribution of light.

For example, placing lighting fixtures in the corners of a room can make it appear more spacious than it is. Layered lighting allows you to use your walls and ceilings to create your preferred illusion.

2.  Lighting Allows You to Make a Statement

If you are creative and want to create a statement in your home, you can use light fixtures as pieces of art. You can find unique and interesting fixtures in a variety of different shapes, finishes, colors and sizes.

Adding these fixtures to a room makes lighting the focal point of your living space and makes a statement. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, mid-century modern, or a blended style, there’s a lighting fixture to reflect your style.

3.  Lighting Can Create Ambience

Lighting is often used to set the mood, and can make a significant difference in your living space ambiance. Using lighting to change a room’s mood requires balance and understanding the type of effect you’re looking to create.

If you’re going for a warm feel, you’ll need to layer the lighting. This involves using table lamps, floor lamps, overhead lighting, and perimeter lighting.

Accent lighting creates a dramatic feel by highlighting different things in your room like a plant, artwork, or an architectural feature. You can opt for accent lights like pendant lighting, wall sconces, or track lighting.

You can also make the space calm and relaxing by reducing the lighting. Instead of switching off the lights, you can install dimmer switches.

4.  Lighting Is a Fun Way to Add Personality to a Room

Lighting can reflect your personality in any living space. You can choose to add some fun and cheer to a dark-toned living room by adding a playful and unique lighting accessory. A statement table lamp allows you to add a sense of seriousness, but also creates interest without distracting your guests.

You can also opt for a modem lighting fixture to break the monotony of a traditionally-styled living room. Adding accent lights over textured walls creates dramatic effects and sparks attention.

5.  Add Color Into Your Room

Color can breathe life into any room. If you’re rethinking your home’s color scheme, you can introduce bright light fixtures without the hassle of painting.

Fixtures with metallic finishes add some warmth to your room without being overwhelming. A brass or copper shade pendant is another way to simply and effectively shift your color palette.

Final Thoughts

Good lighting is an essential element of interior design that should not be ignored.  You can easily transform your space with the right lighting by adding your personality, defining a particular space, or creating your preferred ambiance – not only to add brightness, but also to complement your living space’s aesthetics.

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