Looking to convert your basement into a more functional space for you and your family? Whether you would like to transform it into an art studio, storage space or workshop, unleash your creativity and spruce up that basement.

You can tackle the project on your own, but using professional basement finishers to assist you with the job will definitely be a very good investment. Big or small, they could help with all. Employing the help of basement finishers would ensure that your space is transformed into a space you will be proud of. This could also add extra value to your house should you decide to resell.

There are so many different finishing options and choosing the right one for your home will be crucial. Here are some tips to follow when sprucing up your basement:

  1. Increase Functionality

If your basement is currently just sitting there with no real purpose, transform it into an extra space for you and your family to use. The options are literally endless as you can turn it into a laundry, office space, play area or any other living space you might require.

Consider all the areas of your house that you currently have to see where you could possibly need more room. Deciding on the type of room you would like to transform the basement will be half the battle won.

  1. Optimize Climate Control

There are many heating and cooling options available for you to incorporate into the finishing of the new space. Think of the space and what it will be used for and also consider the climate of your area. For example, if you live in an area with cooler temperatures, it might be best to add more heating options.

Controlling the climate of the basement may also contribute to the prevention of mold growth or other hazardous elements.

Being comfortable in this space is the ultimate goal so making sure your space has adequate heating or cooling would be essential.

  1. Improve The Lighting

When you are starting off with a bare, unfinished basement, you might have to replace the light fixtures with ones that are more fit for purpose. Open lightbulbs might not add much to the aesthetics and feel of the room so replace it with a fixture that suits your style.

Another great way to brighten up the room, is to add mirrors or mirrored surfaces to the space. This will help to fragment the light naturally to reach all corners of the room, especially if you have the mirrors or mirrored surfaces on opposite walls.

  1. Replace The Flooring

Having cold concrete flooring could become rather uncomfortable and does not add to a finished look. There are so many options to choose from, depending on what the area will be used for.

You can add carpeting, tiles or vinyl flooring to make the room homier or you could opt for painting the floor with concrete or epoxy paint. Whichever option you prefer, would only add more to the aesthetics and final livability of the room.

Foam floor coverings or tiles could also be a good pick if you want to create a playroom or use the room for storage, as a workshop or studio.

  1. Install More Storage

Proper storage space is one of the things most basements are in dire need of. Adding shelving, cupboards or storage hooks could help you keep all those little things organized and neat.

Built in cupboards will work great for extra bedrooms, a study, workshop or storage space. More informal storage options like shelving or hooks could be used for high use items like books or clothing.

  1. Add A Coat Of Paint

Because basements usually have cinder block or concrete walls, these could look unappealing when you enter the room especially when it feels more like a dungeon than a functional room.

Again, there are lots of different options available to spruce up these gloomy walls. Painting them could be one option if you have a good surface to work with. Installing wooden panels would add more flair to the room if this is something you would consider.

Final Tips

Though the tips in this article will be extremely useful when you start your remodeling project, you might still want to consider doing more research about the various aspects that could impact your final space.

Make the best choices for your space by including features that would make this room a space you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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