Your home is your playground so you can tailor it the way you like the most. We are all fans of great renovations and even small re-touches that can make your space flip. New furniture, wall colors, a couple of details, and boom, you have an entirely new house. However, total makeovers can take a lot of time and money, constant chase with the professionals, and basically, no one has all three.

But, worry not; you can always make your space look fancy on a budget and on your own. Small changes indeed make a great impact, so we have prepared a list of six things that will make your home stand out.

Paint Your Windows

If you are one of the lucky ones to have high-quality wooden windows, then we admire you. However, you know that sometimes the paint on these windows wears out and that it must be retouched. The color of the windows depends mainly on the color of your home’s aesthetics, but you can paint them in one color and use entirely different colors outside. It is a completely legit thing to do if you want to match your interior and exterior design. The problem with painting your windows is having to deal with stubborn paint stains all over the windows, but specialized window cleaning services will help you deal with them in no time and are stressless. You will be surprised at how a small paint touch can do so much to your space, and a new coat of paint on your windows will make a huge difference.

Change Switch Plates

Small changes have a huge impact on your home, especially if they are a part of your everyday routine. There are small changes you can make to the things you usually avoid for no solid reason. For instance, switch plates. You know that these plates come in plain white or neutral colors, and they are not interesting at all. But, how about giving them a pop of color?

Here is the idea: before you install them, paint them in interesting and radiant patterns, and you will see your entire space get a new charm. If you are not talented enough for some serious artistic moves, you can simply plain paint them in some interesting colors, or use sticky wallpaper.

Make The Change In Lighting

This is like the mandatory change if you really want to give your space a new charm. So, rearranging your light bulbs, using more energy-efficient solutions, updating your lamps, or even adding some interesting light decor will completely enlighten the entire space. Here are some ideas we have prepared. Have you noticed small corner gardens and a couple of hanging light bulbs? This is a brilliant idea if you want your lush house plants to be a focal point of your space.

Another thing you can do is to use soft white bulbs, which will slightly dim the lights in your home and create not just a visual effect but change the entire atmosphere.

Line the Back of Your Bookshelves with Wallpapers

Just as you know, wallpaper is not just for walls. These can be used for various purposes, and it is less risky when you use them for small fragments of your furniture instead of for the whole room. An interesting thing you can do is to line the back of your bookshelf with some interesting wallpaper patterns and see how the entire space changes. If you do not want to use wallpaper glue for wooden surfaces, you can always make your own DIY wallpaper glue.

Metalic Decorations

Making your space pop and stand out is literally the easiest thing now. You just need a little imagination. One of the best things you can do is add some metallic details. Nothing can beat the shimmer and shine of silver and gold in your home. The simplest thing you can do is to add some gold leaf to your lamp or to your chair. It will look refreshing and luxurious and will have an instant impact on your space.

Set Up Your Indoor Garden

We have already mentioned that indoor gardens make a beautiful combination with hanging lights. But, have you considered making it a focal point of your home? If you have, here are a couple of things you can do. First things first, setting up a corner indoor garden will make the greatest difference to the space since the room will be perceived as a whole, giving it additional depth. Lush and luxurious greenery will make a superb combination with golden details and some bolder wall colors such as navy, gray, or even black.

Making small retouches that will make your home a new place to be is, in essence, a simple thing to do. The small decorations and details you use to make your home a nice place to live will always have the greatest impact.

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