Many people might think that it is difficult to make a small living room feel elegant and comfortable. However, creating these types of vibes in your living room is not that hard. It is easy if you can do it right. All you need to do is maintain a few simple principles.

One can make their living room feel comfy and elegant at the same time in many different ways. We, however, will take a simple route, and check out the easier ones. So here are six ways to give your small living room an elegant and comfortable makeover.

#1 Decluttering

Given that the living room is small, you must get rid of all unnecessary things in it. A cluttered room cannot give you a comfortable feel.

For decluttering, you need to identify the things that you do not need in that setting. You can check Marie Kondo’s approach to decluttering if you are too attached to things that you should let go of. You cannot give your living room an elegant and comfortable makeover without decluttering it.

#2 Getting Lightweight Furniture

Bulky furniture does not look good in a small room. This type of furniture feels out of place in such settings. Hence, it is not a good idea to have big tables, sofa sets, or shelves inside a small living room. Instead, go for something small and lightweight.

Ditch the leather couch and the bulky-looking mahogany wood table. Opt for cane or bamboo instead. They will help ensure that classy and minimalist feeling in your living room. Plus, they are not that spacing-consuming. So you can rest assured that you will get a very comfortable vibe from your living room.

#3 Ensuring Sufficient Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most important elements for any interior setting. Be it your bedroom or living room, without sufficient natural lighting, you will fail to give it a soothing appeal.

Although you cannot move your windows or build new ones, you can always arrange the room to allow more lighting to enter. Keep tall furniture away from the doors and windows. Also, keep them open during the day. Let the light enter the room without any sort of obstruction. You can also look into other techniques of increasing natural light in your home.

#4 Limiting the Decor

An important part of decluttering your living room is to limit the number of decorations inside it. That means that anything that does not fit the comforting or elegant vibe of your living room needs to go. At the same time, you also have to get rid of decor that consumes too much space. Instead, opt for things that will elevate the beauty of your living room’s interior. Use items to decorate the room that will suit the appeal you are going for.

A corner shelf and a regular-sized bookshelf should be more than enough for a small or tight living room, given you already have chairs and tables in there. Anything more than this, however, will end up cluttering the space all over again. It is best if these shelves are of the same material as your sitting arrangements inside the room.

#5 Having Potted Plants Around the Room

Pot or container gardening inside the living room can make it look more attractive. At the same time, it can give the room a serene vibe. The greenery will help make the room feel more relaxing. Plus, the pots you use can also help with the room’s aesthetics. Instead of using plastic pots, go for terra cotta or ceramic ones. They come in various styles and designs. Just make sure there are drainage holes in the pots to get rid of excess water.

Container gardening is used for all sorts of plants as well as vegetables. For your living room, you should focus on small decoration plants and flowers.

#6 Painting the Walls with Minimalist Colors

Your living room walls demand a lot of attention. Hence, it is only logical to give them some soothing colors.

Avoid flashy colors like yellow and bright orange. Use minimalist colors like different grey shades, light blue, beige, and so on. Beautifully colored walls add to the aesthetics of the interior. So you should not ignore them during the makeover.

These are all the things you need to know about giving your living room a comfortable and elegant makeover. Try a few of these techniques (if not all of them) to see how easy it is to completely transform the look of your small living room.

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