A good bath is all you need after a tiring day. Some people like to take their bath under a shower, whereas others enjoy a longer bath under the foamy water in a bathtub. Personally, I belong to the second group of people. Warm water and a clean bathtub are all I need for a dreamy bath. But do you know what turns me off? A stained bathtub!

Stained bathtubs look dirty and greasy and can be a total mood spoiler when taking a bath. That is why I love to use a few cleaning hacks to keep my bathtub shining throughout the year.

Do you also want to enjoy a long bath in a clean bathtub? If you said yes, my hacks would help you out! I have listed down the seven best ways of cleaning a bathtub.

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What Can One Do When There are Rust Stains on the Tub?

Rusting inside the tub is something that almost every bathtub owner faces once in a few months. Bathing in a stained tub is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. But from now on, you can take better care of your bathtub because I am here to share some excellent tips with you. So keep reading today’s guide to find out!

  1. Using a Pumice Stone

I know that pumice stone is used to scrape off the dead skin of your feet and other body parts but do you know the other vital use of it in the bathroom? I recently found that pumice stone is also a wonderful bathtub cleaner.

To use the stone, wet it first and then start scraping it over the stained area of your tub. Soon the stain will start coming out. However, the process must be repeated several times to get the desired result.

  1. Rub the Stained Area with Lemon and Salt

Lemon and salt is one such combo that has several vital uses. One of them is cleaning. Lemon is known for its antibacterial properties, and salt is used as a natural scrubber. So mixing them together while cleaning your bathtub will make your tub shine like never before!

First, squeeze some lemon juice and store it in a spray bottle to start the process. Now spray it throughout the freestanding tub, especially in stained areas. Then, sprinkle some salt on the stained areas and dab with a cloth. Leave it for around 20 minutes, and then use a microfiber cloth to clean it up finally. That’s it!

  1. Remove Stains Using a Rust Remover

Cleaning your tub with a rust remover is an effective solution! It is also very affordable because you need only a tiny amount of solution to clean up the stains in a bathtub. However, you must check the ingredient list of the stain remover because if there are any allergic chemicals, then the cleaning process will become more of a headache. But if the composition looks alright, you can safely use it to clean the tub.

  1. Clean the Tub with Baking Powder and Vinegar

Baking powder is known to be one of the best natural bleaching agents. It’s cleaning power increases even further when you add a small amount of vinegar to it. Are you wondering whether this solution will be enough to clean your stained tub? Well, yes, it will be more than enough! The good news is that baking powder is also a great agent for making the tub smell fresh.

To start the cleaning process, make a baking soda and vinegar solution. The consistency of the paste is very important. It should neither be too dry nor too wet. Now take a washcloth and dip it into the solution. Scrape the stained area of the tub with the cloth, and it will be cleared instantly. Isn’t that super easy? Plus, all these ingredients are also available at hand!

  1. Use Sandpaper or a Scrubbing Material

Sandpaper is a great scrubbing material that can easily scrape off stains from a tub. If you have it at home, great, but even if you don’t, you can easily find it in a hardware store. Dampen the sandpaper and then scrub it over the stained area. Make sure you do it gently so that your tub does not get damaged.

  1. Clean it with Dishwasher Powder

Dishwasher powder is something that almost every kitchen has. First, fill your tub with water till it is 2 inches above the tub’s jets. Now add 1/4th cup of dishwasher powder into the water and turn on the jets. Run it for at least 20 minutes. The jets will finish off your work faster. Soon your tub will be sparkling white without you doing much hard work!

  1. Use Grapefruit and Salt

I have also tried to clean my tub with a solution of grapefruit and salt, which turned out to be a great scrubber. Make a paste of grapefruit and salt and use a cloth to rub it over the stains. After using this solution, my tub smelt super fresh, and it also looked very clean!

Wrapping Up

I hope you got to know some of the best and most affordable ways to clean your tub. Make sure you choose a freestanding tub that comes with low maintenance so that it requires less cleaning. So which hacks will you try first? I am eager to know!

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