Many homeowners want to increase the value of their property in order to build wealth through home equity. Since the value of a home is dependent on multiple factors that may change over time, homeowners typically tend to invest in renovating and upgrading their house as a surefire way to increase home value.

As a starting point, you can consult a realtor to assess the value of your home in order to assess how much you will need to spend. This will be a ballpark figure as the true cost can only be determined once you actually begin renovations.

In this article, we tell you the best ways to upgrade your home and increase the value of your property instantly.

Upgrade The Basics

First things first, if you have neglected to renovate your home for a long time, you will need to start with upgrading the basics. This includes fixing plumbing, electrical wiring, and roofing, as well as fixing any broken or damaged doors and windows.

It is recommended that you seek professionals to conduct these fixes efficiently and conveniently. For example, if you live in Daytona, Florida, you can contact window installers in Daytona for a free in-home consultation and proceed by scheduling an installation appointment.

Add A Coat Of Paint

A forever favorite of every home renovation plan includes adding a fresh coat of paint. You can start by repainting the exterior and consider adding a pop color to the front door for a truly luxe look.

You should also touch up the interior, particularly where there may be seepage. Choosing the right interior paint colors will require you to assess your existing upholstery and artwork so that you pick a color that seamlessly blends in with what you own. We highly recommend sampling paint colors when you are finding what is right for your home.

Once the paint job is over, you can store the leftover cans in a paint storage cabinet and place it in the garage so that it remains fresh the next time you want to use it.

Invest In Energy Efficient Features

Energy-efficient upgrades are a great way to reduce monthly costs and increase home value. They include innovative features such as installing solar panels, improving insulation, and investing in energy-efficient home appliances such as dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Similarly, consider energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting options, such as LED lighting, and install dimmers around the house.

Additionally, consider upgrading your heating and cooling systems by installing a smart or programmable thermostat. You can also improve the home water system by installing low-flow fixtures to optimize water use and tankless or demand-type water heaters to increase energy efficiency.

Focus On Landscaping

A great way to drastically improve home value is by investing in landscaping and getting that much sought-after curb appeal.

Some easily executable ideas include building a beautiful stone pathway and lining it with rose or hydrangea bushes. You may also consider adding a bougainvillea, fig ivy, or climbing vines as a canopy on your front door. Other ideas include having neatly trimmed hedges, adding a garden fountain, creating a fire pit, or building a flower-covered pergola.

You can also recycle materials such as wooden crates, empty wine bottles, or old cycles as planters. This can help give your garden a unique aesthetic.

Build An Outdoor Deck

Building an outdoor deck or patio can make your outdoor space more functional and practical, and also increase your property value. Consider using natural wood such as timber or composite decking as your main materials when building an outdoor deck or patio.

Some ideas for inspiration include building a dining or lounge area and adding an area rug and canopy to complete the look. If you are worried about maintaining the wood, you can also opt for colorful tiles to create a Moroccan-style courtyard. Additionally, you can also add a jacuzzi and build a roof overhang using natural materials.

When decorating your deck, use materials that are resistant to water and harsh weather. Consider adding greenery and potted plants as well so that it looks lively and fresh.

Increase Built Square Footage

In case your home has room for some extra construction or has an unfinished area, you should definitely consider building it in order to increase the built square footage. This can help you to increase utility and increase property value.

For instance, consider adding an extra bedroom, building a storage shed or a cottage room, or finish building the attic or basement. This will increase the living area, which results in increasing the value of your house.

Ideally, opt for building a versatile and multifunctional space that can be converted into anything that you want in the future, such as a gym, a movie room, or an art studio.

Add High-Demand Finishes

Adding high-demand finishes, such as marble countertops, vintage fixtures, custom lighting, and wooden floors can dramatically increase home property value.

Every room in the house can make use of bespoke finishes to enhance the overall look and ambiance. You may even consider exterior finishes such as stucco and fiber cement siding for a low-maintenance and high durability finish.


Home upgrades to increase property value take a considerable amount of time and money. It is a continuous process that requires careful thought and strategic planning. This is why it is best to hire professionals and get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

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