House building trends have always reflected homeowners’ current needs, and after the global lockdown, which made so many people switch to working from home, it’s no surprise that home design is changing to creating environments that allow homeowners to express their personalities and enjoy their time there.

Apart from creative expression, today’s house building trends may not be so visible, as many people focus on making their houses more environmentally friendly and cost-effective – solar panels, which were one of the hottest trends just a few years ago, are among the most prominent examples of that.

If you are thinking about building a house in the near future, you should definitely check out the house building trends in 2022. They range from bringing nature indoors, expanding storage solutions, and adapting unused urban areas to embracing maximalism and incorporating lighter wood into designs. Check them out!

Adjustable Rooms

Many people today have multiple rooms they use for different purposes – work, study, storage, or playroom – but some people don’t have enough space to fit all of them. One way to solve this problem is to create a flexible room that can be used for multiple purposes. As we’re living in tech-savvy times, it’s no surprise that one of the trends in 2022 is to create rooms that can be easily adjusted to your current needs – whether it’s a home office or a gym.

If a room can be easily converted into a home theater, a guest room, or a gym, you can get rid of many pieces of furniture and maximize the space. You can easily change the layout of your living room by adding square or round tables, or even a hammock.

Environmentally Conscious Construction

Another trend that is rising because of the need to preserve the environment is environmentally-conscious construction. In 2022, more and more homebuilders will focus on using renewable energy sources and recycled materials in order to reduce their carbon footprint. The idea is that you should pick, for example, the best gas water heater in terms of both efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The trend is already being embraced by many homebuilders around the world but it will become even more prominent in the years to come. If you’re looking for a new home, it’s a good idea to find out how green your potential home is.

Natural Materials

This trend has been rising for years and while it might seem like a fad, it’s here to stay. When people are building their homes, they are more concerned about the environment than ever before. One way to make your home more eco-friendly is to use natural materials. Wood, stone, and other natural materials are not only easy to maintain and repair, but also cozy and warm.

If you’re looking for a trendy way to spice up your interior, natural materials are the way to go. A stone wall complemented with a wooden floor and furniture will make your house look stylish and elegant, while adding comfort to the space. The possibilities are endless, so it’s up to you to decide what exactly you want to use.

Adapting Unused Urban Areas

With the price of real estate continually rising and people living in smaller homes, it’s no surprise that many urban areas are turning into unused areas. This trend is already visible in many cities around the world, from New York to London and Paris, where some formerly industrial areas have been converted into residential areas. In 2022, this trend will continue, with more and more people moving into areas that previously housed offices, factories, and warehouses.

Expanded Storage Solutions

Some people may still have a lot of unused space in their houses, but they’re not always satisfied with the storage solutions that they have. With all the new technologies, from smart speakers to wireless chargers, more and more gadgets are vying for space in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Instead of buying additional furniture for more storage, some people prefer to create hidden storage areas that can be easily accessed. For example, you can install overhead storage solutions in the kitchen or utilizing space under your bed. Installing a space-saving solution can also save you from spending too much money on furniture.

Maximalism in Home Design

Maximalism is a style that many people in the world love, and it is especially popular among millennials. The style refers to the use of bold colours and patterns, and it can be seen in art, architecture, fashion, and home design. For example, some people may choose to paint their homes in red, black, or yellow. If you’re looking for a way to create a bold look with striking colours, this trend is one to consider.

Lighter Woods

Many people used to think that wood was only suitable for country homes, but as more and more people want a natural look in their house, lighter woods are becoming more common in urban areas. The trend has been influenced by the need for better insulation, which is why many homeowners are choosing lighter woods like walnut or oak instead of dark-coloured woods such as mahogany or teak wood. You can also combine wood elements with lighter wood furniture.


If you want to build a house in 2022, you should definitely take a look at the trends that we’ve discussed. They will help you create a stylish home that will make your life easier, while being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Many of them are linked to the current needs of homeowners, but they are still popular because they create a stylish look and feel.

You should adapt the project based on your personal needs. In the end, your house is your personal space, and you should make it look the way you want.

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