Ovens typically undergo a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure that they perform up to standards, both in quality and safety. But as with any other home appliance, your oven may develop issues over time, either from damages, defects, or eventual wear and tear. Depending on the cause of the problem, it can lead to dangerous consequences. And of course, you wouldn’t want to end up without an oven when you need it the most.

Once you start to suspect something unusual with your oven or it ceases to function entirely, it’s best to get in touch with a professional to identify and fix the problem. When professional repairs are done early enough, it can prevent issues from getting worse. Remember that when a problem is left too long, it may get worse and become more expensive to fix. If you want to learn more about oven repairs in Melbourne, there are plenty of reliable technicians that are just a call away. 

However, if you’re having doubts whether your oven has problems that need urgent service, here are some of the signs that it may require an immediate repair job. 

  • Unusual Sounds Or Noises 

If you have a well-functioning oven, it shouldn’t make any noise. Once you start to notice any unusual whirling, ticking, scratching, or buzzing sounds, it’s likely a sign that there’s something wrong.  

In such cases, there may be a loose or faulty component responsible for the noise. Any loose parts inside may either get stuck where they shouldn’t be or cause the part it came off from to fall apart. Switch off the oven and call a professional to inspect where the noise is coming from.   

  • Electrical Issues  

If it takes multiple attempts to switch on your oven or it doesn’t turn on at all, it might be an electrical problem. When the oven doesn’t function with the same level of power, the issue is often within its electrical system. 

Man Repairing Domestic Oven In Kitchen

It can range from various electrical issues such as an insufficient current, broken wire, or poor control. Because such problems risk short circuits or electric shocks, calling a professional who is experienced in appliances repairs in Melbourne is your safest option to efficiently and safely handle the problem. 

  • Oven Door Not Closing Properly 

An oven door that won’t close properly is an issue that you can readily spot. When this happens, it might be due to a damaged or missing hinge. Call a professional technician to perform an inspection and fix the problem before using your oven.  

  • Burnt Food 

If you often burn what you’re baking despite setting the correct temperature, it’s likely a thermostat problem. Even if you only end up with a burned dish once in a while, it’s best to consult a professional to perform an inspection before your oven heats up beyond its capacity and catches fire. 

  • Strange Odors 

When you’re baking dough, your kitchen should smell of freshly baked bread. However, if you get an unusual odor instead, especially an odor you haven’t encountered before, turn off your oven immediately. This is a red flag that your oven requires an urgent inspection by a professional.  

If your oven releases strange odors, it could be a warped wire that’s likely to catch fire or a dangerous gas leak. Get in touch with a professional right away to find out the source and have it repaired.  

  • Raw Or Cold Food 

When your food comes out cold or warm but still raw, your oven’s thermostat or heating component is probably having a hard time maintaining the temperature you set it to. Although this isn’t urgent, you should still schedule an appointment with a technician to find out the problem and have it fixed.

  • Prolonged Preheating Time 

When your oven won’t heat up or it takes a longer time to preheat, it’s another sign that your oven has a problem. In most cases, the temperature sensor probe might require a replacement or a repair job if it takes a long time for the appliance to warm up. Modern oven range models should warm up quickly enough. If your oven can no longer do this, something is probably wrong.  

If you have an older oven, it’s likely to take a longer time to warm up. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary to replace the entire appliance right away. By doing timely repairs when an issue arises and replacing worn-out components when needed, an old oven can continue to function for a few more years.  


Ovens are a great investment if you enjoy being in the kitchen. However, when it starts to have issues, it may carry risks that may be dangerous to ignore. If you observe any of these warning indications, make sure to get in touch with a professional for immediate inspection and repairs.

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