Idaho Falls is a terrific city in the county seat of Bonneville County in the U.S. state of Idaho. The city marries excellent education, a low crime rate, exciting recreation, a family-friendly environment, and excellent public transportation. Idaho Falls is a diverse city along the Snake River banks. It has gorgeous scenery and a vibrant food scene.

Buying a home in Idaho Falls is an excellent decision, but before you sign the dotted line, you should know a couple of things. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’re sharing with you! So, continue reading until the finish to learn all the things you need to know before buying a home in Idaho Falls.

1. Idaho Falls is exceptionally family-friendly.

One of the best parts of buying a home in Idaho Falls is its family-friendly nature. Every street is lined with lush greenery and shady trees. Idaho Falls is a great place to wander outside and embrace nature! In addition, the city offers plenty of family-friendly recreation.

For example, the Snake River Greenbelt is a completely paved trail that takes the visitor on an incredibly scenic route. Furthermore, Idaho Falls is home to a culturally beautiful garden called the Japanese Friendship Garden. This is a popular and lovely place to spend time. Idaho Falls also has a terrific zoo, museum, and spectacular landmarks.

In addition to the excellent recreation, Idaho Falls also has terrific schools, a booming economy, and an overload of opportunities. It’s a terrific city to buy a home in and set roots.

“Idaho Falls is a great place to buy a home. The housing market is stable, and there are plenty of affordable homes are on market for sale. The community is friendly and welcoming, and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. I would encourage anyone who is considering buying a home to take a closer look at Idaho Falls.” – says Chris Schmalz,  Estern Idaho Falls Realtor.

2. There is an abundance of beautiful outdoor adventures.

Idaho Falls has many outdoor gems. It is an incredibly scenic place with breathtaking views peeking around every corner. There are so many beautiful outdoor places to see, explore, and adventure. It’s a prominent city for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Adventures Worth Checking Out:

  • Idaho Falls River Walk – The river walk is a beautiful outdoor space. There are many beautiful gardens and scenery along the way. In addition, benches have been placed sporadically throughout the trail. It’s a great place to rest, ponder thoughts, explore, and appreciate the outdoors.
  • Hell’s Half Acre – This is a spectacular geological formation.
  • Freeman Park – Freeman Park is a great park. It has a band shelter, baseball diamond, picnic tables, and more. It’s a beautiful place to pack a picnic and spend an afternoon!
  • Tautphaus Park – Tautphaus Park is a massive park with an amusement park, five baseball diamonds, a skate park, and more!

In addition to these awesome outdoor places, Idaho Falls also has plenty of opportunities to enjoy hiking. There are several hiking trails within proximity.

3. Idaho Falls offers a low cost of living.

Idaho Falls is a terrific city that offers an affordable cost of living. Actually, the cost of living is 18% lower than the national average. There are affordable houses for sale in Idaho Falls, with housing expenses costing 39% less than the national average. In addition, Idaho Falls offers affordable recreation for children, such as football leagues, frisbee disc golf, ice skating lessons, and much more. Idaho Falls’ low cost of living allows families to indulge in extracurricular and recreation! In addition, Idaho Falls has skilled real estate agents ready to make your real estate dreams come true!

4. The city offers beautiful seasons.

Idaho Falls experiences all four seasons. Spring, winter, fall, and summer have temperatures ranging from 14 Fahrenheit to 88 Fahrenheit. Each season offers a unique charm.

5. There’s plenty to do.

Idaho Falls is a great city, offering residents plenty to do. You’ll never be bored if you buy a home in a diverse city. There are plenty of captivating and exciting things to do in every area of Idaho Falls.

Exciting Places In Idaho Falls

  • Museum of Idaho
  • Idaho Falls Zoo
  • Downtown Idaho Falls
  • East Idaho Aquarium
  • Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

6. Idaho Falls has a booming economy.

Idaho Falls has a meager unemployment rate of only 3.4%. (The national U.S. average is 6.0%.) In addition, the city has the lowest utility rates in the state. The most common jobs are cashier, sales associate, and customer service representative. The most common jobs are in the office and administrative sector and sales and related occupations sector.

7. There are excellent post-secondary opportunities.

Idaho Falls offers residents great education options. The College of Eastern Idaho and The Steven-Henager College are two great schools. In addition, the city has fantastic elementary schools, innovative high schools, and terrific educative programs.

8. Idaho Falls has a vibrant food scene.

Idaho Falls is home to a diverse range of restaurants. You can find traditional American cuisine, Chinese, Mexican, and so much more. So whether you’re looking for a great cocktail patio or a Sunday family dinner favorite, Idaho Falls has a restaurant for you.

Terrific Restaurants In Idaho Falls

  • Arugula Deli – 261 Walnut Street, Idaho Falls
  • Morenita’s Restaurant – 450 Whittier Street, Idaho Falls
  • Altavista Restaurant – 313 Park Ave, Idaho Falls
  • Grandpa’s Southern BBQ – 1540 West Broadway Street, Idaho Falls

If you’re considering buying a home in Idaho Falls, then the above eight factors should be known. In addition, Idaho Falls is a marvelous city with plenty of amenities. With many job opportunities, exciting recreation, and affordable housing, Idaho Falls is a great place to buy a home!

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