Facilitating office bike parking within your business center or near your store can bring wonderful benefits to your business.

Making an ergonomic bike space will free up the walking lane, while parking will become much easier for your employees and outside bikers.

It’s not a regulatory practice, yet to an extent, it’s a standard that many business owners nowadays follow.

Shops, outlets, stores, etc., are filled with young employees who often ride their way to the office and back home on bicycles. Hence, a bike parking can work as an extra benefit to their compensation.

Let’s find out seven unexpected benefits you can avail for your business with office bike parking.

1. Maximizing Parking Facility at Minimum Expenses

Believe it or not, you can reduce the expense of a parking facility while maximizing the parking space within your business premises. There are a few ways by which you can ensure this particular benefit. Let’s check these out in the following:

  • Bike racks can accommodate multiple bikes of your employees, leaving enough walking space for pedestrians and customers.
  • You can build a low-end, durable bike rack at a moderate cost.
  • Your customers can also use the bike rack to keep their bicycles while shopping worry-free inside your store.
  • A separate bike parking won’t interfere with the car parking facility within the business center; hence, no bikers (employees or customers) will unnecessarily block the car parking area.

So, this is how you can maximize the office parking facility. Proper system maintenance will reduce roadblocks and clutters while saving space and time.

Furthermore, if you want to encourage your employees to ride bikes for fitness and to commute, ask them to check these out online, where they can find appropriate bikes to suit their necessities.

2. Beating the Vacancy Competition

If you have noticed lately, young service providers and job holders prefer bikes as their mode of transportation. It’s environmentally friendly while also giving the workforce a sense of freedom.

On that note, it’s pretty clear that you must provide them with a bike parking facility if you want them to work for you. Otherwise, they might switch to somewhere with the required parking facility, helping your competitors win the vacancy competition.

3. Maintaining a Hygienic Environment

By giving an official bike parking space, you’re helping your employees maintain good health and mind as they ride to work and back home on their bikes.

Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, and it keeps the riders in their best shape while enabling them to work through the days, months, and years. As a business leader, you must see these things positively to collectively attain company goals in the long run.

Additionally, accommodating the bikes in a neat way also reduces the risk of spreading germs, dust, and dirt, keeping the employees, customers, and the environment clean and healthy.

4. Attracting Bikers to Your Store

An office bike parking facility can conjure up new customers. Want to know how? Here’s the trick.

Cycling communities are spreading awareness of bike riding throughout the cities and states. So, it’s very natural that if a couple of riders see a decent bike rack outside your store, they’ll automatically be dragged toward it, park their two-wheelers, and enter your store if curious enough.

Slowly but surely, they’ll spread the news to every other biker they know (most possibly, through social media), and soon your shop will be swarming with hundreds of bikers. A good portion of them could be your prospective customers.

5. Promoting a Healthy Trend and Hobby

Every good businessman tries to do some good to society. It’s a nice gesture of returning to the community from which they’re earning fortune and respect.

And installing a bike rack or bike parking outside your store can do this trick for you with a breeze. How so?

It’s easy since bike riding has become a new social movement among young and old citizens. Thus you hold the key to promoting a healthy trend and hobby and making your business a part of a broader community.

6. Building a Positive Business Image

It’s not about profits only. It’s also about letting society know that you intend to contribute to society to your best capacity.

As shared above, facilitating office bike parking will provide space for your employees’ bicycle parking and give your business a bike-friendly image.

This will build your business reputation while instilling a positive notion about your business within the community.

7. Freeing up Walking Space

Shops and stores often block the sidewalks and pavements by keeping their less used stuff or haphazardly parked employee bikes. This not only makes the path look messy but also creates a great problem for pedestrians. Moreover, your store may have to pay the penalty for blocking a roadside walking path.

However, this problem can be avoided if you care to build a bike parking outside your store. You can go for various bike parking options, including bollards, grids, inverted U, serpentine, etc.

These ergonomic parking designs can keep the employee bikes parked while decluttering the path for moving smoothly. What’s more, cyclists apart from your employees can also use that parking. This way, you can help in reducing illegal bike parking as well.

Key Takeaways

So, these are the seven benefits you will most likely achieve by facilitating office bike parking. Remember, you may not attain the reward of making a bike parking within your business complex or outside the shop within a few days.

It’ll surely take some time to build up the positive image, which will spread gradually once people start noticing it. Make sure you get permission from the local authority to build such a facility to avoid legal issues.

Also, communicate with your employees to utilize the bike parking so it inspires the people outside the store in a positive way.

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