So, you’ve been looking for a professional window cleaner who can help make sure that your property’s windows are cleaned thoroughly and to the standard you deserve. This decision is never one you should take lightly. After all, your windows directly affect your home’s aesthetic, and even the best interior design will be marred if your windows are dirty, smudged, or damaged.

After all, what’s the point in paying out for window cleaning services if you’re only going to be given a substandard quality of service? Fortunately, we’ve come up with eight key tips and ideas you should know to help you decide whether a particular window cleaning team is right for your needs.

8 Things to Look For From a Professional Window Cleaner

Finding the best local “window cleaner near me” can seem tough. Nevertheless, plenty of brilliant teams can help with this; you just need to know where to start your search for the right person!

#1 Experience

One of the most immediate factors you’ll likely want to consider when hiring a window cleaner is to check their experience and training. Sure, anyone can clean a window – but getting the job right requires plenty of experience to address any challenge that might come up. As such, ensure you’ve asked about the provider’s time in the industry to ensure they have the necessary expertise.

#2 Price

Money’s tight for all of us these days. In line with this, it’s hugely important to check the price of your chosen provider’s services to make sure that you’re getting a fair rate.

Of course, there’s no easy way to determine whether a cleaner is offering a good price. Indeed, the cost will often vary depending on many different factors, such as the size and number of the property’s windows and the specific type of service required. As such, it’s crucial to ask for a detailed breakdown of the costs before agreeing to a particular quote.

#3 Services

Not every cleaning team will provide the same services – and this can directly impact whether they’re the right people for you. For example, does the provided quote cover full window cleaning, or does this only address the surface of the pane? What about interior cleaning, too? These are all crucial questions to ask to help make an informed decision.

#4 Methods

Not every window cleaner will use the same methods, and this is also worth noting as part of your choice. Indeed, while every team will have a preference, this could impact the service you’re offered and the final quality of finish.

Some of the most common methods used often include squeegees, water-fed poles, and (in some cases, if the glass is strong enough to withstand it) pressure washing. It’s always worth considering these methods and which will work best for your needs to help; asking your chosen provider why they use the option they do can also be a valuable consideration.

#5 Insurance Coverage

Even with the best provider, there’s no guarantee that things will go perfectly to plan. As such, just in case any issues arise during the service, asking about insurance coverage – and what this provides – can be a great way to protect your home and reduce the risk of damage or problems arising. After all, a broken window could be hugely expensive to repair or replace, so choosing a provider with protection in this regard may help.

#6 Safety

Window cleaning on the ground floor is generally pretty safe. However, it’s not uncommon for issues to arise when addressing higher-up panes, such as on the first floor and so on. Accordingly, before hiring a professional, make sure that you have asked about the safety precautions in place and how the chosen provider ensures that risks are mitigated.

#7 Reputation

We all hope that our chosen providers will offer reliable services – but if you want to be extra confident in the standard of service offered by your chosen team, look at their reputation among previous clients.

Generally speaking, the majority of cleaning teams should be happy to provide references from past customers regarding the standard of work. Failing this, you may also be able to look up the provider’s trading name online to find reviews; Google reviews are often among the easiest way to check this, but other review sites may also exist.

Some cleaning teams will also directly provide a list of past reviews on their website, sometimes with a portfolio of before and after work. This can help you gauge the quality of their work quickly and easily – but make sure you’ve checked the legitimacy of these to ensure they are fair and honest reviews of the brand’s services.

If you notice that the brand has reviews that have all been posted within a very short span of time or which are unwaveringly positive, this may be a warning sign that the reviews are less legitimate. After all, even the most beloved cleaning teams will occasionally have a disgruntled client!

#8 Availability

The final point here is also one of the most obvious: is the chosen team actually available to help? In many cases, a highly-rated provider can be booked for days or weeks in advance, so you may need to plan this around your schedule to find the right time for the cleaner to come out.

It’s also worth looking at whether your chosen provider offers flexible scheduling or if they only work on set days and times. Being able to work with a provider that’s got more leeway can definitely be helpful for many people!

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal solution for your own window cleaning needs can be difficult since it’s not always easy to know which provider is right for your needs. That said, there are ways to check whether a window cleaner is the right team for your project. As such, before hiring any team of window cleaners, make sure you’ve asked today’s key questions to ensure they’re the right “window cleaner near me.”

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