Minimalism is all about keeping things simple, getting rid of the clutter, and focusing on functionality. It’s no wonder that minimalist decor is perfect for the bathroom. You will enjoy the minimalist themes in a room where you relax, get clean and pampered, and apply makeup or style your hair with efficiency.

Before getting started, think about getting rid of the clutter on your counter and in your medicine cabinet. Also, remove any unnecessary pieces of furniture from the room. You may consider replacing your old towels with fluffy ones, like the ones you find in a luxurious hotel.

Use the below design ideas to create a simple and elegant decor that will transform your bathroom. These ideas will help set the stage for your new minimalist decor!

1. Stick to a simple colour palette

For a clean, minimalist look, you should stick to a neutral colour palette when painting the walls or updating your bathroom’s fixtures. White, light grey and very light colours all make excellent choices. You can choose to add more personality to your space with a pop of colour, but don’t overdo it. You should also avoid adding too many patterns or textures to your bathroom’s decor.

2. Upgrade plumbing and lighting fixtures

Plumbing and lighting fixtures in a bathroom can easily become focal points. Upgrading them will instantly transform your decor. Faucets and handles are available in various metallic finishes, including matte gold, which can add a touch of glamour to any bathroom. Contact a professional plumber to ensure these fixtures are installed correctly.

As for your light fixtures, you can also find them in different metallic accents and finishes. They can complement your faucets and handles or contrast with them.

3. A square sink will help you save some counter space

If you want to do more than upgrade your sink’s faucet, you can replace your bathroom sink with a square sink. It will undoubtedly give your counter a modern and minimalist makeover, but perhaps the best thing about square sinks is that they allow you to make the most of the counter space you have. This is useful if you have a small bathroom and can’t afford to waste any space.

4. Consider elegant surfaces that are easy to clean

A minimalist bathroom should be free of clutter, but it should also be spotless. Therefore, your minimalist design should make good use of durable surfaces that are easy to clean and keep clean. Natural stone, quartz, and ceramic tiles are good options for a countertop. For example, elegant and easy to clean. Marble is another beautiful option, but it generally requires more maintenance.

5. An open shower brings more simplicity

An open shower is as minimal as a shower can get. You create a stunning, modern open design by eliminating dividing walls and shower curtains. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with a completely open shower design or are afraid it would get too cold, you could replace your shower enclosure with a glass panel.

6. Make a statement with a modern bathtub

Do you prefer relaxing in your bath instead of getting in the shower? If you like both, you should replace your old bathtub with a modern one on top of turning your shower into an open shower. The right bathtub can truly make a statement in your minimalist bathroom. It can be white with modern, clean lines or be the biggest classical bathtub you can find.

7. Get creative with your tiles

Ceramic tiles are versatile, functional, and easy to keep clean. And with so many colours, sizes, shapes, and textures of tiles, it’s possible to get creative with your design. Think about geometrical patterns, honeycomb tiles, or a chevron design, to name a few. Mosaic tiles can also be used to make a fashionable statement, so you can express yourself while keeping things minimal in your bathroom.

8. Wood accents add warmth to your decor

Minimalist decors can sometimes lack personality and warmth, but it doesn’t have to be the case. You can add warmth to your decor by using wood to design cabinets, a medicine cabinet, an accent wall, or flooring. Of course, you will have to choose a durable species of wood that can withstand humidity and treat it properly to look its best for many years.

9. A bathroom-friendly plant will add a natural touch

Wood is not the only natural element to add to your minimalist bathroom. A few plants can be integrated with your design, so they can add a beautiful pop of colour while they purify the air. Be sure to choose plants that like humidity so they will thrive in your bathroom. Snake plants and spider plants are good options. Remember not to add too many plants to your decor, to keep things functional and uncluttered.

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