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A free course on Interior design

Interior design is about experiencing a space. It involves essential day-to-day activities such as live, work, play, and heal. Interior design brings to us a space that can be created harmoniously with all elements of design. A comfortable home is what can be achieved with the knowledge of interior design. Designers plan spaces with the knowledge of colours, planning, sustainability, and many more aspects. This free course offered by HDI is curated to achieve the vision of a perfect home for yourself and others. The free course offered will deal with the different styles, materials, techniques involved in interior design.

It only takes 24 hours for you to start designing. Hone your skill sets and sharpen your mind with the Interior design fundamentals enabling you to gain credits in art, digital skills, and freelancer skills too. With just a click, you will be able to access the most valuable information shared by our lecturers as the course is designed to help anyone with a passion for interiors. This exclusive free online course on Interior design is conducted on zoom, which allows you to sit at the comfort of your home and convert that knowledge into an industry requirement.

Basics of technical drawing, practical industry-level drawing skills can be acquired from this course that will be taught along with colour science and composition. It will also hone your skills for trending DIY designs.

Do you want to make your home feel warm and homely?

If your answer to the above question is YES, you have landed at the right place.

Oftentimes, interior design and interior decoration can be confused, and to clear that doubt, we have our expert lecturers from across the globe. In terms of the method, interior design involves the precise thought and coordination of every ornamental component, in a house. From color schemes to fittings to pieces of furniture to the functional aspect of the space, everything should be brought along cohesively following the designer’s vision. It involves bringing life to an empty shell, by adding colours that are well-coordinated and pleasing to the eye. A professional designer is aware of these nuances and tries to apply them to make the space comfortable. And as a novice in the field, this course will help sharpen your skills in similar ways.

Interior design also brings forward creativity, and flexibility to one’s own home and allows one to explore multiple ideas for the same blank canvas. Today’s market demands a large number of designers and opens up opportunities for freelance designers to participate at a global level. This will help in attaining job satisfaction, when the world is going through tough times and many have lost their jobs, it shall be an eye-opener to those willing to take up the challenge of designing.

There are very few industries that offer the flexibility to open up creative minds and interior design when taken as a profession, can bring you great opportunities. Below are some key points that an interior designer pays attention to:

  • Understanding the colour psychology

Shades of colours play an important role in determining how space feels and what impact it may leave on the user, which is termed colour psychology. It is vital to create a mood board that has all the colours that are proposed for a project that will allow the user to grasp what the end product may look like. Creating harmony within the space is an important aspect of colour psychology, and is widely applied in spaces that are used for healing as well. For example, the colour red raises the energy of the room and elevates the adrenaline level of the user, whereas the colour blue has the opposite effect of calming one down. Yellow replicates the warmth of sunlight and renders the room very bright and lively that allows the day’s activities and the user’s energy to be upbeat. Many other colours have different effects that can be understood from this free interior design course.

  • Space Management

Space management helps one understand the layout of the space that consists of furniture placement, equipment placement, and various ways space could be utilized. The designer defines zones of different activities, charts out the circulation patterns, and adds details of the furniture and furnishings, in tandem with the colour scheme chosen for the project.

  • Latest trends

From the growing importance of sustainable materials to having sensational design, and celebrating one’s individuality, the latest trend in interior design is to have minimal furniture and more circulation space. The open plan brings your home a new look with ample space to feel and relax.

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