If there is one thing everyone in the world of interior decor would agree on, it’s that the industry is always changing. With new designs and concepts springing up from time to time, there’s always some new trend or style that’s overtaking the market.

In such a constantly evolving industry as this, however, there are still some classic design ideas that remain evergreen, no matter the era. Today, we would be discussing one of those classic home design ideas ─ the use of undermount basins.

But what exactly are undermount basins, where should they be installed, and why should you choose them? Stick around to find out!

What is an Undermount Basin?

Sometimes referred to as undercounter basins, undermount basins as the name implies are basins mounted under the countertop.

Seeing as these basins are essentially a part of your counter, these basins give your home a minimalistic look, providing you with an obstruction-free space and a simple yet elegant appearance.

Where Can You Use Undermount Basins?

Essentially, undermount basins are a bathroom thing, so if you are looking for some new bathroom design ideas to implement, this is as good a choice as any.

Why Choose Undermount Basins?

Now I know what you are thinking. “A basin attached at the bottom of a counter? What’s so special about that?” Well, below are six reasons you should really consider choosing these basins:

1.   Their Classic Aesthetics

This is by far one of the best things about under-mount basins ─ they give your home that classic, simple yet elegant feel. There is almost nothing quite as pleasing as entering a bathroom to be greeted by a squeaky clean basin laid in a beautiful countertop. Believe us when we say, there’s a certain magic to it.

2.   That Minimalistic Effect

You’d surely agree with us that the more space a room has, the more elegant and luxurious it looks. This is the minimalistic effect. And when it comes to counters, the under-counter basin produces this effect in spades.

Unlike other basins where the basin is either separate from the counter or placed on top of it, the under-mount basin and the counter are practically one. This means you get a bathroom that not only looks bigger but also feels more luxurious.

3.   Cleaning Ease

Another thing you can’t help but love about under mount basins is how easy they are to clean. Unlike other basins where most of the basin is exposed, the eternity of the under-mount basin is hidden beneath the counter. This means all you need to do when cleaning the basin is simply to wipe the insides.

Undercounter basins also make it easier to clean the countertop. Since these basins are practically under the counter, all you need to do to get your counter cleaned is to simply wipe all the mess on the counter into the basin.

4.   More Counter Space

Remember that minimalistic effect we said these basins give? Well, it has one more advantage ─ it offers you more counter space. This is great especially when your counter isn’t as large and you would like to have things placed on it.

5.   Complements Mirrors Perfectly

Here’s one thing most people don’t think about when choosing what basin to use ─ mirrors. This shouldn’t be the case, however. In fact, your basin choice should depend to a great extent on the type of mirror you would be using behind them (if you would have a mirror there at all).

If you would be using those large mirrors that would touch the countertop, you don’t want to use a mounted basin since they would end up causing an obstruction. If you would be using a small mirror, on the other hand, large basins like vanity basins would not be a great fit.

Undermount basins are a different story, however. Since they are set into the countertop, they don’t obstruct those mirrors that reach the countertop. And since they have a moderate size, they are also perfect for those smaller windows. In short, any mirror you decide to use would most likely fit just fine.

6.   Improved Resale Value

No one wants to make any renovation that would reduce the resale price of their property. Well, if you find yourself worrying about that possibility with undermount basins, you can rest assured; you have nothing to worry about. In fact, basins actually improve your property’s resale value. This is especially true when your countertop is a really beautiful one.

There is also an added advantage that, since undercounter basins are a classic, they are most likely to appeal to most buyers. This essentially increases the value of your home.

Impressed by these benefits? Here’s a good spot to purchase all kinds of basins at an affordable price.

Cons of Choosing Undermount Basins?

As with most things, however, under counter basins are not without their faults. Below are the two major ones.

1.   Not Compatible with All Countertops

One of the major cons of choosing an undermount basin is that they are not always compatible with every countertop. For example, if you don’t have a very sturdy countertop, you’d probably want to change your counter completely before using an undermount basin. That or simply choose another type of basin altogether.

2.   Installation

Since undermount basins are set within the countertop, installing them is often a challenge for inexperienced people. While it is not impossible to carry out DIY undermount basin installation, we advise you to contact a professional to get the job done for you.

Would you rather take on the project yourself? We have a quick guide for you below.

How to Carry Out DIY Undermount Basin Installation (A Quick Guide)

To carry out DIY underground basin installation, follow the five basic steps below:

1.   Measure Your Basin

First, measure your basin. Make sure to measure not just the width, but also the depth of it.

2.   Get a Counter That Fits

Next, you need to get the right counter that fits your measurement. You’d want to get one that fits not just the basin’s width, but its depth as well. This makes it more possible to hide the entire basin.

3.   Set the Sink on the Countertop

Apply some glue to the top of your undermount basin and set it on the counter. Make sure to place the basin on the bottom part of the counter and not the top. You would want to have someone assisting you here so you don’t make any mistakes or accidentally drop the basin. Make sure that the basin is set properly on the countertop to avoid wrong installation.

4.   Add Some Extra Security Measures

You really don’t want only some glue holding that expensive basin to the countertop, so you’ve got to add some extra protection. Most undercounter come with some clips and screws, so take advantage of those.

Drill pilot holes at the edges on your countertop (around the edges of your basin to apply the clips).

5.   Install the Counter and Basin

Once the basin has been properly secured to the countertop, all you need to do is install that to the counter and then connect the drain lines.

And that’s it. You are done! Remember though, it’s much better to get an expert to do the work for you. It’s much safer too.

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