Everyone dreams of a home which would fill people with awe every time they visit and leave you with a sense of pride, serenity, and happiness living in it. The apartment decor is a very crucial part of making it comfortable and pleasing to your eyes at the same time.

Your apartment interior design is a reflection of your personality and is, therefore, something which would give a sense of your taste. Apartment decorating can be a bit tedious but it’s worth as would create a lot of fun memories during the process and after when you live in the house. Below we have discussed few apartment decor ideas which would help you in the apartment design.

Apartment decor ideas

Windows and Curtains


Apartment designing can be started from the windows in the house. They can add a lot of flair to the room with the right colour and fabric of the curtains. What kind of drapes you want to put is up to your taste but there are a few ways which it can be done.

You can use sheer panels for ample light and it would also make the room feel more open. Other option could be to add Roman shades, which come in different colours and pattern. You can pick any colour or pattern to add a bit of design to it. Alternately, you can also use slim blinds made of organic woven fabrics which would not only keep your room cool but also make it feel light and airy.

Want to have a bold and delightful space? Give it a go with lovely summer colour drapes and bold printed curtains to feel a bit tropical. You can keep the side walls of the window plain and light coloured to create striking contrast in the room.

If you do not want much glam in the window, it can be kept very soft with a neutral colour drapes and would have a cozy and calm effect. Apartment decor ideas include a lot of other aspects which you will find further in this article.


Image source: Essentia Environments

The right colour combination for your apartment decor can make it stand out and create a lovely and soothing experience for you. You can choose colours depending on your mood and depending on the purpose of each of the rooms.

For example, your living room could use some vibrant or fresh colours. A neutral backdrop of turquoise, white or light grey shade with other accessories in blue, green or dash or orange can do the job.

Your bedroom is the place for napping or resting and therefore can have some light colours across the room, walls, and windows. We have discussed a few more apartment bedroom ideas for decorating in each aspect which you can use. Keep accessories to the minimum not to make it too cluttered, as you do not want so many distracting things around while trying to calm your mind and rest.

Remember not to make your home look like a box of crayons. Don’t go all crazy while using the colours, keep it balanced and you can have a great apartment design.


Image source: Milward Teverini

While selecting furniture it’s important to keep its size in mind to fit perfectly in the room without making it cramped. If you have a small space, choose foldable or multi-purpose furniture so that it can be changed according to its needs.

For instance, you can have a sofa-cum-bed which could serve both goals for seating and sleeping and can be changed as needed. Storage ottomans can also serve as furniture like footstool, armchairs or sofa and stools.


Image source: Lucy Harris Studio

Small apartment design needs to use any space available in effective way. Unusable space on empty walls and under the staircase are perfect places to add up some shelving units. Cut the shelves to fit right in the space available and it would look like a built-in unit. It will work as a storage space for books and other stationary and showpiece items.

Kitchens need many storage attics and you always add some shelves in the nooks and corners of the room which would offer a great storage area. A similar thing can be built in the overhead areas in bathrooms to keep the bathroom accessories like hand towels, tissues etc.

Rugs and Carpets

Image source: Nash Baker Architects

Carpets are a great way to delineate separate areas to define each with a purpose. It will make your room appear bigger and look at two different spaces. You can add some décor with different types of rugs and carpets. Throw in a Persian rug of the vibrant colour combination of red and black or blue and red etc. It will add a splash of colours in the room.

Place a carpet under the transparent glass coffee table and let it absorb the colours in the tablespace. You can choose a unifying pattern or oriental floral rugs for it.

Handwoven rugs could be a bit expensive, but they are long-lasting products with great designs. Often used in floor coverings and come in many varieties of geometric, floral and simple textures.


Image source: TEMZA

Mirrors are a great way to make your apartment decor look good and can also make space look bigger and brighter. Simply put a stylish framed mirror in an empty space and it instantly adds beauty to it. It makes the room much more attractive and can always be purposeful as you peek a glance of yourself into it every time you pass by it.

Adding it across a window will give it a life-size look and the natural light reflecting through it would make the room brighter and spacious. Using it in the bedroom behind the bedside pretty lamps will add ample lighting and decoration in the room.

Add mirrors on the wardrobe panel and it can also serve a purpose when you are getting ready with an attire. It would make for a convenient dressing area and would look classy.

If you have a stairway, add some decorative style mirrors on the wall’s way up or down. They come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. It will also lighten the dark staircase. Add some illusionary mirror frames to create an enchanting effect in the room. Use of metal and mirrors would just enhance the beauty altogether.

These can never be too much. In small apartment designs, the more mirrors, the more dazzling and glamorous it becomes. So, go crazy on it!


Image source: Bailey London Interior Design & Build

Small decorative accessories are great for apartment decor. They are fairly inexpensive and combining a few of them can make way for small apartment ideas for decoration. It is also important to choose the right accessories of good quality, correct size and quantity to prevent any congestion in the house with too many of them and should not look tacky.

As much as others, colour is also important as it should blend seamlessly with the wall colours or curtains of furniture in the room.

Add a few mini vases at the window pane or overhead shelves to give an organic look in the room. Put some desk accessories, like a study lamp or a fancy pen-stand. You can use nice fabrics for table cloths and napkins on the dining table with a flower vase in the middle. A few nice pieces of glassware would also add décor to it.

Candle holders on the bookshelves, bedside lampshades, birdcages or hanging decors are few other ways of apartment decorating. Throw in some bright and colourful cushions and pillows on the sofa or bed and it would add to the beauty of the room.

Keep It Organized

Image source: Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

Always remember and make it a habit to keep things organized, otherwise, it would not take long before your room turns into a mess. Maintaining things at their respective places keeping the room uncluttered all times goes a long way to make a great apartment interior design.

Hope these small apartment ideas for decoration would help you in making your space beautiful and make for a lovely living space.

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