Have you ever thought about hiring the services of a designer for the construction or remodeling of your home? It may seem easy, but interior decoration is a matter of study. Even not all professionals dominate it perfectly. However, the difficulty of the career does not prevent the existence of some scholars who stand out from the rest. If you want to meet the best Austin interior designers you can hire, you’ve arrived at the right place.

From modern kitchens to classic halls, there are designers that adapt to any type of order we want, but we have to know who they are. If you are living in or near Texas, you should know that you have multiple designer offices that can help you.

Top Austin interior designers

Allison Jaffe

We begin the list with a designer who stands out immediately for her work. Allison Jaffe is one of the representatives of the Houzz group in Austin because of her vision that combines artificial and natural lighting colors and textures.

Allison retains her position as a leading designer thanks to the many clients who have been satisfied with her remodeling services. However, she complements her work with her own furniture store, where you can find unique pieces with styles of all kinds: tables, armchairs, beds, accessories, etc.

Bandd Design

Knowing how to use the available space is a challenge, especially when trying to keep it pleasant for those who live in it. However, Sara Barney’s studio has managed to understand how to implement decorative elements in each corner to create special environments.

The remodeling service offered by Bandd Design is governed by the idea that each space should reflect the needs of customers, being useful for working and living comfortably.

In this way, these Austin interior designers developed their own style in which the casual is combined with some contrasting elements that create visual interest.

Sara Barney, the founder of the firm, began helping friends and family with private remodeling projects, but later saw a business opportunity when she mixed her passion for interior design with her knowledge of business administration.

3 Fold Design Studio

Page Gandy is a visionary designer who creates environments never before thought by her clients. She appreciates the available space and organizes each element in a unique and bold way.

Part of what makes Page Gandy’s designs unique is the fact that she adopted an ecological philosophy that she uses in each of her projects.

Thanks to her degree in interior design, the artist knows how to project ideas from a simple sketch, considering even the materials that each piece of furniture should have.

Erica Evensen

Erica Evensen’s experience has allowed her to work on a large number of remodeling projects of different types, all with award-winning results.

Her portfolio is full of modern designs that highlight the order of objects in space, creating rooms where people can walk without risk of stumbling. It also has some restorations, such as the one she did in a cabin at Tudor, Lakewood.

The designer also has the approval of Houzz through an award she received in 2016, which certifies her work nationwide.

Rachel Horn

Born in San Miguel de Allende, the designer Rachel Horn moves all the style of the colony to the present. Classical buildings in stone and wood characterize her hometown, and she wanted the rest of the world to know this tradition.

Horn has managed to stand out for her intrepid mix of Spanish colonial design with the dominant modern trends of the United States, which differentiates her from being a simple impersonator.

Throughout her career, she has managed to establish contacts and agreements with multiple manufacturers, so she is able to offer remodeling services of all kinds, 100% customized to the needs of the clientele.

Like many famous designers, Horn has her own furniture shop. The combination of her entire professional career has made her worthy of multiple publications in design magazines.

Laura Roberts Design

A design firm that also has architectural knowledge allows developing projects that use each constructive element in favor of more functional design. That is Laura Roberts Design’s specialty.

Understanding the needs of Austin interiors due to the complex architecture of the south requires a group of trained professionals to devise contemporary and avant-garde spaces with what they have in their surroundings. Laura understands this, and that is why she has focused her efforts on analyzing the influence of natural elements on buildings.

The result are homes that are naturally integrated into their surroundings, and that retain that naturalness even inside.

Dawn Hearn

Belonging to the ASID of Austin, Texas, is not enough for the director of Dawn Hearn Interior Design. In fact, she knows how to sell her jobs in the region.

Her curriculum shows a wide variety of rustic and modern style designs, combining neutral tones to create pleasant and light spaces. This mastery of color and textures has earned her the ASID Design Excellence Award, and an appearance in a national magazine.

Decorating Den Interiors

Kris Miller is one of the Austin interior designers best known for her simple approach to remodeling projects. With over 20 years of experience, her firm can handle large jobs for you. They can also give you advice during construction and remodeling.

Some of the elements that can be seen in the photos of her portfolio are manufactured by her own company, such as beds, lamps, floors, etc., allowing her to create unique works.

ABODE Fern Santini Design

Fern Santini is a designer who has obtained all her knowledge from her work. She does not have an academic background as such, but that has not prevented her from creating her own famous designer firm in 1993.

This is because she has worked with almost all Austin architects, learning in the process everything she needs to understand interior decoration.

Maureen Stevens

There is nothing better than working with designer Maureen Stevens. She offers a unique experience to her clients, as she educates them with detailed infographics about each of the projects she carries out.

Maureen Stevens is a designer who takes advantage of modern media to create a name in the market. She has a personal blog that works as a private classroom for clients. She posts photos of the rooms and furniture, and explain the advantages and disadvantages that each one has.

Through her website, Stevens’s services can be hired from locations other than Texas, and she will be in charge of delivering the consulting project digitally.

Although her focus is that of high-end housing, she also has some store remodeling in her portfolio.

Amity Worrel & Co.

To talk about Amity Worrel & Co. is to refer to the most luxurious among the interior design firms of Austin, TX. They specialize in classic and imposing designs and can be applied both in housing and in industries.

To capture the personality of each client in the work, they use a wide range of colors and custom textures. Despite engaging in elegant designs, the firm tries to get unpretentious results so that people can use the spaces without feeling overwhelmed.

Michelle Thomas

Many consider Michelle Thomas as a young figure with a great future in the world of interior design. She has been able to transform a couple of homes that nobody wanted to buy in spectacular homes.

With a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Alabama, Michelle decided to create her own studio to recruit a team to help her create the best possible renovations.

Etch Design Group

The award-winning Etch Design Group team offers consulting and remodeling services for homes and businesses throughout the United States. They achieve this reach thanks to the collaboration with other firms of architects and contractors.

Allison Burke Interior Design

Inspired by each of her travels, Allison Burke combines endless styles to create unique designs. She has learned to integrate architecture with decoration and furniture, which allows her to naturally distribute the spaces.

In addition to her travel experience, she has also worked in architecture firms in other areas of the United States.

Not only does she specialize in interior design, but she can also handle construction and home remodeling projects.

Blair Burton

The inspiration of the designer Blair Burton was born from the professions of her parents. Her mother worked making floral arrangements, and her father devoted himself to construction. This influence was what made Burton want to create spaces for other people where they felt comfortable.

Burton gained experience in the field of interior design by working at Cohagan Hall Interior Design. After several years, she decided to start her own business in 2004 under the name of Blair Burton Interiors.

Black & White Interiors

Thanks to the number of contracts that Black & White Interiors has, they can deliver any type of construction and remodeling project.

Desiree Laux, the founder of the studio, realized that to fulfill clients’ dreams, she needed a team of professionals prepared for everything. That is why she has gathered all possible help from contractors, manufacturers, and vendors.

As a result, the firm offers furniture and unique projects. Unlike what you might think by the company’s name, the designs are full of color and details, obtaining dynamic and modern spaces.

Natalie Howe Design

Natalie Howe is an Austin interior designer who knows how to revitalize kitchens that do not meet the required quality standards. Her work is not only limited to kitchens; In general, her multicultural vision and discipline of spaces allow her to remodel any room.

She has a sensitive eye to achieve the best functionality of each space without sacrificing the design. Thanks to her experience, she has won multiple national and regional awards, as well as publications on websites such as MSN.com.

Erica Sweitzer

Erica Sweitzer has managed to position herself as one of the best Austin interior designers due to her wide range of knowledge. Her experience in the world of advertising and event planning has allowed her to efficiently manage remodeling projects, offering accessible services.

The designer has polish since 2011 an elegant style full of colors and glamorous details while retaining a reduced cost.

Jennifer Fisher

Working for stars in the design world helped Jennifer Fisher to create a status among them. Before working for PRIZE Interiors, the designer supported Madeline Stuart and Waldo Fernández’s projects.

Although she was not the one in charge of the remodeling Brad Pitt’s home, she always kept contributing ideas to the main designers. All this influence allowed her to develop her style that combines vintage furniture with custom details.

Spaces Designed

The design philosophy of Spaces Designed is to create spaces adapted to their customers that they can appreciate enjoying life.

This group of experts will use all their knowledge to project rooms of any architectural style, be it classic, Renaissance, contemporary, etc., all for the client to have a new room specifically molded to their tastes and budget.

Butter Lutz Interiors

Many designers have very high expectations that cannot be met by the budget. In Butter Lutz Interiors, they offer realistic designs to the possibilities of each client.

Thanks to the collaboration of Butterfield Custom Homes, the firm can create low-cost projects and nice designs.

Calming Spaces Interiors, Design & Remodeling

We all possess some objects to which we are attached sentimentally. In Calming Spaces Interiors, Design & Remodeling understand how important they are, and therefore focus on keeping them as the most important during remodeling.

These Austin interior designers renew the appearance of normal objects to turn them into true works of art.

Also, they apply Feng Shui theories to the distribution of spaces, which slightly alters our rooms to make them more harmonious with the environment and with our perception. The results are relaxing spaces that function as spiritual retreats.

Turnstyle Design

The knowledge gathered throughout the history of design is materialized in tangible projects thanks to Turnstyle Design. Whether it is a home or a store, LieveSaether will understand the context of the client and project it in an elegant way.

Each project has a unique origin, and this is reflected in the results of the remodeling. This ingenious use of the experience of each user is what has made Turnstyle Design one of the finalists of the Texas Star 2019, which participated in two categories related to the construction of houses.

Elizabeth J. Fletcher Designs

With a quality service like the one offered by designer Elizabeth, it’s hard not to end up loving our home. Her firm offers custom services for each of the clients, working with multiple styles to create special spaces.

Vazzo Spaces

The approach of the designer Ruby Cloutier adapts to the most avant-garde trends in the world. Her understanding of modernism made her portfolio of projects grow quickly, making her one of the best options for remodeling homes in Texas.

Ruby offers vibrant finishes full of energy and dynamism, which helps customers not get bored of the spaces where they live. Some of the energy that permeates the environment comes from her enthusiasm to deliver a unique project.

Mimi Wittstruck Design

The interior designer must not only consider the spaces but must understand the function of each of the elements that comprise it. Furnishings are essential in interior design, so Mimi Wittstruck Design has specialized in them.

Not only do they understand how to order them, but they also know how to make them create visual impact by mixing textures, colors, and accessories.

The firm offers services from project planning to execution. They also offer custom finishes for decorative elements. Their designs are deeply influenced by the New York-style because Mimi previously worked in the city importing furniture.

Austin interior designers for all tastes

The southern style has always been characterized for being extravagant, but thanks to all the interior designers and architects working in the region, they have managed to remain at the forefront even in their category.

Austin, Texas, concentrates much of this talent. Those who wish to remodel their home or business will find designers of all kinds, specializing in modern and traditional artistic movements.

The most popular have even managed to present the unique ideas of the South at a national and international level. With all this experience, we should not be afraid to request the services of any of these experts for our remodeling project.

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