Every year we see a development and shift in the styles and trends in every room of the house, but today, we’re focussing on bathrooms. From spa-vibes to deep, dark shades we never imagined we’d see, 2021 has given us some stunning inspo for our bathroom update!

  1. Big, open spaces

We’ve all spent a lot more time than we would have usually over the past year or so, which has meant our desires and needs have shifted to accommodate that – especially when it comes to home renovation and design. Bathrooms previously were a less prominent feature of a house, with most homeowners more focused on rooms that you’ll spend more time with guests in, like the kitchen and dining areas.

Now, however, bathrooms have become a haven, a space to go to at the end of a long day and unwind – your own spa, practically! In more and more homes, bigger bathrooms are popping up with lots of space, larger baths and showers to feel more luxurious and pampered, along with heated flooring to really give it that extra exciting flair.

  1. Tile sizing

Previously, a lot of bathrooms were made up of teeny-tiny tiles in a few different shades to create a pattern on the walls, but this year we’re moving away from that to the very opposite – large tiling is all the rage now! These tiles give the effect of more space, so they’re very popular in bathrooms that are a little smaller, especially when the walls and floors are fully tiled, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

This trend is very easy to personalise, as you can pick any colour or pattern of tile that you like to best compliment your bathroom. A popular option is white with a grey marble effect, but you can look at plenty of other designs and pick the one that’s most ‘you’.

  1. Back to black

A colour we never expected to see in a bathroom, but have fallen head over heels in love with – black! The key to this trend is to strike the right balance. A fully black bathroom would probably be a bit intense, especially if you’re remodelling to raise value as you asked “how can I sell my house fast?”, and were told to update the property, but dark accents around the room will really make it pop.

Think a black heated towel rail, black features on the sink, and a black-outlined shower door to catch the eye. Make sure not to go too overwhelming, but black and white compliment each other perfectly, and you can add in a third colour to break it up a little too; emerald-green towels and a plant or two in the window really brings this trend together.

  1. Waterfall showers

Who isn’t guilty of spending a bit too much time in the shower singing their heart out? We all know we feel better after a good cleanse, and waterfall showers are a great way to make it that bit classier. These showers are standardly bigger than a typical shower which is one of the reasons they’re so popular, but their main attraction is that they have an outdoor feel to them – exactly what most of us have been looking for after a year at home.

The water falling from above also gives a more calming and aesthetically pleasing feel to these showers, which explains why they’re coming into more and more bathrooms across the country.

  1. Bath or shower? Both!

In a lot of bathrooms, we’ve previously seen only one of these on offer which can put a lot of people off a bathroom – we love to have the choice between the two! Generally, someone is either a shower person or a bath person; we almost always prefer one over the other, so having both on offer is the obvious choice to keep everyone happy.

If you’ve got the space, having the shower and bath separate gives a bathroom a more luxurious feel, but a shower over the bath is still a great option in smaller bathrooms, or for those who don’t want to use the space in that way. Baths are becoming more and more popular, though, especially deeper tubs that offer extra comfort and relaxation, so if you’re more of a bath person than a shower person, this could be a much better option for you.

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, you want to make sure that it’s what suits you. With a huge amount of inspiration that you can find online along with these decoration trends to consider, you can create a stunning space designed specifically for you!

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