There’s nothing like a beach house interior. It may have something to do with the fact that we’re used to seeing a beach house on vacations.

Or with the fact that the beach house interior design is something else than we’re used to.

Do you and your family love the beach with everything that it means and offers you, and are all your holidays at the beach?

Are you not disturbed by the noisy waves and can you sleep even on the beach? When these answers are positive you need to commit to no longer paying for hotels.  Instead, invest your money in a modern beach home.

Beach house interior design ideas

Decorating a beach house is more simple than a normal house because the ocean gives you all the inspiration you need and the shells you find on the beach are more than perfect to use as decorations for your beach house interiors.  Decorate your home in beach colors and search for sea glass to use as house decorations.

If you’re looking for great room ideas, check out these beach house pictures and start to make plans for your peace of heaven.  A beach house is that the simple place where your life can stay in standby mode. Keep in mind that with a fireplace, beach houses are ideal even during winter holidays.

How many times did you wish to bring that amazing beach landscape at home? Did you happen to miss the sound of crashing waves, making you drowsy during hot summer nights? Yes, we all feel nostalgic about our holiday, especially when we’re back in our small, urban apartments. The thing we’re all waiting for? Our next exciting holiday!

The drawback of holidays, however, is their price. Don’t you think it’s about time to cut hotel expenses; and to invest in your personal beach paradise? There is almost no person who never dreamed of a coastal haven with amazing views.

The most complicated part of creating perfect beach house is to find an appropriate location.

Check out this ridiculous mansion. The location is amazing.

Beach house interior design, on the other hand, is simpler than designing a regular house. All you need is to sit on the beach, look at the wonderful sea/ocean, and look for inspiration.  Use the colors you see around you to create a beautiful living room filled with beach decorations.

The secret of beach theme decor is to use colors, patterns, or textures that blend the house interior with the amazing outdoor landscape.

There are many features that need to be ‘brought’ inside: the indispensable brightness of the sun; the rough texture of sand; and the amazing blueness of the ocean. Whatever you do, make sure you’ve obtained a simple design solution which is elegant and attractive at the same time.  Coastal decorating ideas abound when you spend time in the sand.

Colors to use in a beach house interior

Before you start designing your beach home interiors, think about the tones on your palette. Remember to use natural colors, especially those that replicate the beach setting.

Neutral schemes (white, beige, cream, or brown) will make the house airy and spacious while changing hues of yellow and blue will add interest and playfulness.

Ocean décor can also incorporate the greys of beach pebbles, the pale pinks shades of seashells and the deep greens associated with kelp.  From a traditional nautical living room to driftwood – style beachy furniture, there are endless possibilities for great room designs.

Large windows

A beach style house should be as open to the outside world as possible. This is exactly why large panels against concrete or wooden structures are the best solution.

They let sun and air inside, and remind you with every glance that you own a magnificent house by the sea. If you want a bit of privacy, choose an alternative covering solution, such as bamboo blinds or light fabrics.

A living area which faces the ocean provides a great space to enjoy the family time before and after a visit to the ocean.

Lots of brightness in a beach house interior

Isn’t sun one of the main reasons for going on a sea vacation? Why would you ‘chase it out’ of your beach house? Embrace hat wonderful natural light, and boost the mood of inhabitants. Without proper lighting, a beach house will look sad and useless.  Ocean theme decorating will add to the light and airy appeal.

Appropriate beach house flooring

Check out few outstanding practices and choose an appropriate floor for your coast haven. The most common choice is timber or bamboo because they are not prone to damage, but they look wonderful at the same time.

Whatever floor you choose, have in mind it would have to resist dust, sand, and even humidity.  Your flooring choice should suit your house decoration ideas. From pretty living rooms to a beachy kitchen, choose the most suitable flooring for your needs.

Plank paneling

Your rooms would really appreciate it! Thanks to simple plank panels, beach houses obtain that cute seaside charm that words could not explain.

The planks should be wooden, painted with some delicate and beachy colors.  This gives an instant relaxed coastal style to your rooms.  A little seaside decoration and you’ll have a truly relaxed atmosphere.

Beach house interior design: Creative furnishing

In the case of beach mansions, the secret of great room decor is nothing but finding a balance between elegance and robustness. All of your seaside decors ought to be stylish, yet powerful enough to resist all potential damage. When it comes to beach living, furniture takes on double roles (for instance,  a beach house coffee table comes with storage space beneath; while folding sofas turn into comfortable beds for unexpected guests).

As relaxed as it is, a beach house still needs some essential furniture elements: you’ll have to purchase a large dining table for the entire family, ideally, one which allows you to serve rich seafood menus (filled lobsters, crab salads, etc) without being afraid that you could damage it. A recommend a wooden plank table, with simple chairs or long panel benches.  The rustic feel combined with beach house pictures will create a relaxed dining space.

Another aspect you should consider is the color of your furniture. The same as walls, furniture ought to be light and relaxing.  White living rooms are often associated with beach house living simply because they are so light and airy.


As we already said, beach houses need simple and modular pieces that can resist constant exposure to sun, sand, or humidity. For the sake of preserving our furniture, we could cover at least our favorite pieces once the season has finished. The good news is that you can purchase all types of covers, including those which match your style.

Accessorizing a beach house design like a professional

Beach houses are usually smaller, which is why we should keep them fresh and uncluttered. Like coastal style furniture, accessories should be natural, and they should match the seaside theme and even enhance it.

As an example, we could decorate the house with plants, sea stars, or shells.  Beach house decorating is often about simplicity. Add some living room photos to add a personal touch.

Get creative with the walls of your beach house

The color and the decoration of your walls should be your priority. Wall art is the most powerful tool when it comes to coastal appearance; as well as the personalization of your cozy space.

Check Pinterest for beach theme decorating ideas and you’ll find some awesome ideas (driftwood, burlap, etc), which grab attention instantly but are affordable at the same time.

Your wall decorations should also be flexible so that you could easily replace them once you need a change.  With the range of house inspiration available in this article, you’ll never run out of ideas.

I’m sure you’ll find lots of beach house design ideas in there.

Using textures in your beach house interior

One of the reasons why textures are so powerful is that they give uniqueness and personality to every place.

Beach homes are the ideal place for applying textures, as seashore decorating is casual and tolerant to rough materials. For instance, you could use tweed or burlap as your fabrics; or decorate the walls with stones, bricks, or pebbles.

Don’t forget to include the main beach element: shells! Imagine all of those breathtaking castoffs you could make for your coffee tables; the intriguing paths around the house; or the sets of unique wall decorations for the bathroom.  Shells add cheap beachy décor which brings nature into your home.

The best fabrics

Use natural slipcovers that look fancy and cute, but are modest at the same time (muslin, for instance). They should serve as efficient protectors of your furniture, and they should be easy to clean and maintain.  Combined with beachy paint colors, these will add a lovely casual feeling to your home, and you’ll be ready to put your feet up.

Few extra tips

A beach house could be more than a seasonal getaway. Depending on its location, a beach house can be designed as a regular one, with home décor themes designed for durability.

For instance, you can simplify decoration; and provide some additional storage space for items you don’t need back home. Simplicity and minimalist design will enable you to transform the theme of the house, imagining you decided to repurpose it in future.

Beach house interior and exterior designs

The original idea behind patios, decks, and porches was to protect beach houses from unpleasant weather incidents. However, these turned out to be the trademarks of coastal living; and became irreplaceable features of its inviting character.

If you are lucky enough to have these elements, keep them solid; and make sure their look is tightly connected to the interior. Furnish them with cute and attractive elements (rocking chairs with patterned cushions, bistro tables, flower pots, etc); and enclose them with shuttered screens. Check out Pinterest beach décor to make the most of this attractive outside area.

Let me know if you liked these beach house ideas and send me a tweet with your favorite of the beach house interiors pictures from this article.

FAQs about beach house interior and exterior

1. How can I make my beach house exterior stand out from other houses in the area?

Consider adding distinctive design elements to your beach house’s exterior to help it stand out, including a wraparound porch, vibrant shutters, or a distinctive roofline. Additionally, you can experiment with various paint hues and building materials like stucco and cedar shingles. Consider adding native plants or hardscaping components like a stone walkway or garden bed to your landscaping if you want to create an exterior that stands out.

2. What are the best colors to use for beach house interiors to create a relaxing atmosphere?

Popular interior color schemes for beach houses include ocean blue, sandy beige, and soft, muted colors like seafoam green. These hues can produce a serene ambiance that captures the natural beauty of the coastal setting. The beachy vibe can be improved by including natural textures like driftwood accents, wicker or rattan furniture, linen or cotton fabrics, and fabrics.

3. How can I make my beach house interior design more cohesive and consistent?

Establishing a color palette and adhering to it across the room is the first step in creating a unified and consistent beach home interior design. Use comparable materials and finishes throughout the house, such as matching cabinet hardware or light fixtures. Decor items like throw cushions, artwork, and area rugs can all be used to express a common theme, such nautical or tropical, in the space.

4. What are some creative ways to incorporate beach-themed decor into my beach house?

Simple beach-themed decor ideas include scattering a few seashells or bits of driftwood on your bookshelf or fireplace mantel. Additionally, you can add a coastal motif through custom tiling or wallpaper that features nautical imagery, artwork, decorative accents like anchors or starfish, and other elements.

5. What types of furniture and materials work best in a beach house setting?

For a beach home setting, useful and long-lasting furnishings and materials are excellent. Think about using wicker or rattan furniture or go for fabrics that can withstand water and stain damage. Cotton or linen, two light, and airy materials can also contribute to the ambiance of ease and relaxation.

6. What are some unique landscaping ideas for beach house exteriors?

To create a natural, coastal feel for the exterior of a beach house, think about using native plants like dune grasses, beach roses, or sea oats. To provide texture and visual appeal, you can also use hardscaping components like a boardwalk or stone pathway. Additionally, useful and aesthetically pleasing additions are a tiny outdoor shower or lounge area.

7. How can I maximize natural light in my beach house to create a bright and airy feel?

Maintaining minimal or sheer window treatments, selecting light-colored paint or wallpaper, and positioning furniture so that it doesn’t block windows or light sources are all ways to maximize natural light in a beach house. Light can be reflected around the area by adding mirrors or reflecting surfaces.

8. What are some must-have features for a beach house, both inside and outside?

Outdoor living areas like a porch, deck, or patio for admiring the seaside view, as well as a mudroom or entryway to keep sand and trash, may be necessary components for a beach house. Beach living may be more cozy and practical inside thanks to amenities like an open-concept living room, lots of storage for beach equipment, and a well-equipped kitchen.

9. How can I create an outdoor living space that is both functional and stylish?

By selecting sturdy and weatherproof furniture, introducing aesthetic elements like outdoor lighting or throw cushions, and including useful aspects like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, one can create an outdoor living environment that is both practical and fashionable. A unified and attractive outside space can also be produced with the aid of landscaping.

10. What are some ways to add privacy to a beach house while still maintaining its coastal charm?

It’s not necessary to give up the open and breezy atmosphere of a coastal property in order to add privacy to a beach house. Hedgerows or tall grasses are examples of natural barriers that can be used to create a sense of seclusion without obstructing views of the ocean or the surrounding countryside. While still allowing natural light to enter, adding drapes or shades to windows and doors can also offer privacy. Another choice is to use landscaping to make an isolated garden or patio area, install a fence or trellis, or both to make a private outdoor spot.

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