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What Tables and Chairs do I need for my Restaurant?

The decision to choose the furniture, chairs and restaurant tables Melbourne is usually a complicated task. This, due to so much variety of styles, models and materials that are in the market. In addition, the different costs also make us doubt. Therefore, some points to consider when buying restaurant furniture are the following.


It is very important to clearly know how much space you have. Starting with the dimensions of the place, the location of doors, columns, and defining the traffic and service areas. As a minimum measure for two people, you need a table of 80 × 60 cm, and for four people, 80 × 80 cm, which are the most specific measures. Thanks to this format, you can join two or more tables and accommodate a more significant number of people.

  • The minimum space required between restaurant tables is 130 cm, without considering the service aisle between them. This gives us 45 cm between the chair and the table and then a minimum of 40 cm between the backs of each chair.
  • On the other hand, if a service corridor between the tables is considered, the minimum space between them is 165 cm. This could differ according to the type of dining room or Restaurant. However, we can state it as a minimum sufficient in generality. Also, consider that the minimum space to be able to get up from the table is 75 cm to the closest object, which can be another chair, a piece of furniture or the wall itself.

Other points to consider in the arrangement and selection of Chairs and Tables for Restaurant are

Restaurant Type and Setting

Suppose your business is focused on short-stay clients such as fast food or fast service prepared cuisine. It is advisable not to create semi-private areas and have all the tables in the view. On the other hand, if it is a restaurant to eat calmly, it is recommended to create areas such as cubicles and put Booths for Restaurant. Likewise, separating elements such as screens or plants can be arranged.

Coherence between furniture and style of the Restaurant or dining room

When we intend to give personality to our business, it is essential to seek to follow a line. Although today all the moulds are broken, and there is a mixture of styles in decorations and restaurant furniture. Giving an idea of ​​continuity to your decoration is still valid and keeping a line concerning the average customer expected to receive.

Suppose you have a kitchen business that is not very elaborate or fast. In that case, the ideal restaurant furniture is based on synthetic materials such as formaic in tables, plastics and steel in chairs. Also, those with fresh colours favour that environment.

On the other hand, if the Restaurant is of a slightly more classic style and you want to extend and repeat your stay, comfort is essential, and the Wooden Chairs cannot be absent as well as the tables since wood gives flexibility and beauty apart from warmth. In turn, warm colours are the most selected.

Conclusion: In restaurant tables Melbourne online shop, you find everything you need in Furniture for Restaurants, Cafes and Industrial Canteens.

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