Whether you are interested in doing a fish tank for a nice hobby or for relaxation, there are a lot of options to choose. If you have the room, the large home aquarium tanks can be nice since you can put in a lot of fish and plants and make your own little paradise.

Even if your space is limited, there are a lot of options for smaller tanks that can fit on a desk and little shelves. While these might not provide quite the same amount of options, they still provide a lot of fun.

When you are ready to get started with your own aquarium at home, here are a few home aquarium tips that you should consider.

Getting the looks

When creating your aquarium, you want to draw people to look at the area. The type of tank that you choose, the items inside, and were you place the aquarium. Luckily there are a lot of options that come with this. You can choose from.

Some people like to go with a tank that is designed in a unique shape to get some views or to move the decorations around to get a better look. The point here is to make the aquarium almost mesmerizing to get people to glance over right away.

Picking decorations

The part that most people enjoy the most about creating their own aquarium is picking out the decorations. They get a lot of variety in this part and often get to pick a nice theme or just something that they think is a lot of fun. Take some time when picking out different decorations.

You must consider the theme that you want, the amount of space that you have, and how many fish are in the tank. It is never a good idea to stick too much inside the tank or your fish might become stressed out.

One way to make this decoration work better is to consider the theme of the room you will place the aquarium. For example, if your aquarium will be in the bedroom, look around and see what décor you already have in this room. You can then make the aquarium match better so it fits in and does a better job with keeping you relaxed.

Getting the necessities

There are a few necessities you must get for your tank, regardless of the type you choose. Some of the necessities you need include:

Organic and natural material—there are some materials that will work well with your aquarium, but others seem to decompose too quickly and ruin the quality of your water. Fish are going to be picky about the type of water they are in, and if you mess things up, you are unlikely to have fish who live. Avoid any materials that are going to cause this issue, especially things that come from nature or the beach.

Rocks and minerals—this is going to depend on what you are considering as some will be pretty safe and others are again going to ruin the kind of water quality your fish are dealing with. In most cases, you should not choose something that is not from the fish or pet store. Other options could have some bacteria or other minerals on them that ruin the water and could make your fish sick.

Decals—when you are decorating the tank, it is perfectly fine to have some fun and place decals all around the tank. Of course, these should only go on the outside. If you place them inside, the water will make them fall off and the fish may swallow. But the fish can’t be harmed by what you place on the outside so have some fun and let those creative juices flow. Just make sure that no pieces of the decal fall inside.

Fish tank—when picking out a tank, pick one that is modern and in good shape. There are a lot of choices that you can make, but picking out an old one can cause a lot of issues down the line. You may have some issues with the tank having cracks that cause leakage or the tank might not be cleaned out all the way, causing issues with the fish.
Also, make sure to pick out a tank that will fit with the space you are using.

Sand—again, choose this from the local pet store rather than the beach to keep your fish safe. Natural colors also work the best. You should talk with the professional at the store you visit to see which kinds of sand or gravel will work the best with the fish you choose.

Arrange the plants—plants can add a nice little detail to your aquarium, but you do need to be careful. In most cases, it is a good idea to go through and put in fake plants. This helps to avoid issues with the plants bugging your fish or dying out. You might start out with a few plants and then add in more later once you find out what your fish like.

Picking a theme—of course a fish tank is much more enjoyable when you have a nice theme that goes along with it. Make sure to pick a theme that has a lot of variety and will let you change it up whenever you get bored. A good theme that you might want to choose is a pirate theme since you can choose to do ships, treasure chests and so much more.

Consider the water—the type of fish you choose will determine the water level and pH level you need. Some fish like to have a low pH and others like it to be a little higher. Do some research to find out which fish work well together and what kind of water they like to thrive in.


Bringing a fish tank into your home can be a great experience for the whole family. You get to work together to create a true piece of art in your home and the possibilities are endless. Take a look at all the great tips and talk with a professional and some friends to find out just what you need to get your tank up and running.

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