Nowadays, anyone can hire a designer to make his or her decorative dreams come true. However, not all designers manage to understand our ideas and translate them into furniture. The good thing is that being a much-requested service, we can find designers teams with a lot of experience. Today we will focus our directory so you can find the best Chicago interior designer for your project.

The city of Chicago is home to some of the best designers we can get. The number of design offices is immense, and each one manages to specialize in certain areas of decoration.

If you are in or near Chicago, we invite you to review this list before beginning any decorative project. Whether you need a home interior company or a small group of specialists, you can get the best help from these big names in the industry. Or you can just try an online interior designer if you happen to be outside of the Chicago limits.

The best Chicago interior designers

Habitar Design

Habitar Design experts have earned the title of the best designers in Chicago. Although their headquarters are small, their works are enormous, appearing in multiple design and architecture magazines around the world.

Habitar Design offers both basic and complexes services. Projects can be as simple as serving as guides for the location of our furniture, to complete remodeling of fireplaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

For each of your needs, this group of professionals will use the basic methodologies that govern the good design, making each job special and unique.

Theresa Hansen Interiors

This Chicago interior designer understands that the most important thing for a space to be habitable is for its users to enjoy their stay in it. The firm seeks to make each area of ​​the buildings feel warm.

If we have a room that does not appeal to us to spend hours in it, Theresa Hansen Interiors can restore its charm.

Janice Connolly Interiors

It doesn’t matter if we want to remodel a home or a business: a wide list of projects carried out over 30 years guarantee that designer Janice Connolly will find the ideal solution for our project.

Connolly supervises every aspect of the project, so that she can have a complete vision of the design needs, and how they are being solved.

Among Connolly’s most prominent projects are the remodeling of the Hamilton Walkers and Underground Burger Bar restaurants, places where we can see the designer’s expertise when it comes to accommodating kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Jillian Richey Design

Not all designers can say they learned their job by seeing construction professionals. Jillian Richey, however, managed to perfect his decorative technique while managing construction projects.

Although she is no longer in the design and construction company where she learned his job, she uses his experience to professionally manage decorative works. This Chicago interior designer makes sure to keep the client informed of each stage of the project, so there is constant feedback between both parties involved.

Elizabeth Scott Design Group

Professional interior designer Elizabeth Scott understands that homeowners want a unique and enjoyable place to live. That is why her philosophy focuses on enjoying the present regardless of our tastes.

Some designers refuse to carry out such customized projects on already built homes, but Elizabeth has no problem working both in remodeling and in new homes.

Dan Rak Design

Before devoting himself to the world of interior design in a professional manner, Dan Rak worked as a professional consultant, so he is trained to provide the best possible service to clients.

This experience led him to develop a sophisticated style in interior design. Using his own methodology to understand the needs of each user, Dan Rak has become one of the best designers when it comes to elegant spaces.

Paula Interiors

The most demanding clients will find a helping hand in Paula Interiors. The firm specializes in all kinds of arrangements. It keeps the designs simple, but free from the monotony.

Small details are enough for us to feel that there is always something new to discover when we enter our home. Its broad portfolio allows us to delight in a large number of projects, big and small, that the firm has made.

Third Coast Interiors

The designs of Third Coast Interiors present a mix between traditional elements, such as wood and felt furniture, bulky moldings, and wall prints, and modern elements such as unique pieces in glass and metal, the use of light colors to not saturate the view, among much more.

This vision is the result of the different trips of the owner of this prestigious architecture and interior design firm, Guinevere Johnson. Additionally, he has a Master of Science in Interior Design, so his professionalism is guaranteed both academically and in experience.

Lisa Wolfe Design

The firm, one of the most influential of Houzz 2019, offers both architectural and interior design services. From Lisa Wolfe Design, Ltd, customers will be able to hire a complete service for their projects, making them not have to worry about getting architects, contractors, etc.

As for the designs, these have a special emphasis on the details. It does not matter if it is the finish of a candlestick; it will be impeccable (like the rest of the room).

Amy Kartheiser Design

Chicago interior designer Amy Kartheiser specializes in mixing contrasting elements to create unique and eye-catching spaces in homes.

A couple of elements are enough for a blank canvas to come to life. The best thing is that her work also considers the use of vertical space, taking advantage of each area of ​​our rooms to the fullest.

Julie Dunfee Designs

We must try to get a designer who, in addition to being trained, can realize our dream with a reduced budget. Not everyone can afford to buy every piece of furniture necessary for a new project, and Julie Dunfee understands this.

Of course, this does not limit the number of projects they can carry out. Even with the smallest budget, it is possible to reinvent any space in our home.

Catherine Schager Designs

The kitchens and bathrooms are one of the most challenging decorating tasks that exist. These have many rules to follow, and they must remain useful above all things. Hence, most firms prefer to work with bedrooms and living rooms.

However, Catherine Schager Design specializes in these very complicated areas. They will take care of all the constructive details for us.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Sometimes the best designers come from the least expected origins. That is the case of this Chicago interior designer, who worked 10 years as a lawyer before devoting himself to his true passion.

The methodical vision of a law student results in simple and elegant designs as if they were an office. All this is achieved while maintaining the philosophy of offering an economical service.

Tina Dann-Fenwick Interiors

Another former lawyer who followed her passion for interior design is Tina. She already has 10 years of experience in the furniture market and has achieved significant recognition for her career.

Tina s specializes in royal designs, using many light and pastel colors (highlighting blue) in combination with wooden elements and textiles of simple patterns. Avoiding complexity in her projects, she can create focal points through different layers that make up the environment, subtly enriching any space.

Karina Kaiseth Interiors

Leaving enough space for a room to be habitable and comfortable is essential in any design. Also, it must be able to remain useful regardless of the type of space. This is the approach of designer Karina Kaiseth and her team.

Each project must have the personal touch of the owner while retaining its usefulness. The best way is by combining the eclectic style with certain traditional touches, resulting in pleasant and elegant settings.

Chad Esslinger Design

If you are looking for different home decorator designs, we recommend you see the extensive catalog offered by Chad Esslinger Design. The company has an extensive portfolio in which all kinds of home-related projects stand out.

The professionals of the company can adapt to any decorative style and can work in large remodels without any problem.

Sarah Coe Design

Awarded by Houzz interior design, Sarah Coe is responsible for carrying out projects from the blueprints. By constantly listening to customer demands, Sarah can make the most avant-garde ideas come true.

During her 15 years of experience, she has reaffirmed her philosophy that design is based on combining order and beauty.

Sarah takes special care for the details, which demonstrates why she has passionately earned the title of being one of the best Chicago interior designers.

Interiors by Mary Susan

Another of the influencers recognized by Houzz interior designs is Mary Susan. The symmetry, the design of ordered panoramas, the neatness of the open spaces, and the detailed planning of every accessory are some of the qualities that stand out in the modern and elegant projects of this designer.

Additionally, she has her team of builders to ensure that the project is carried out satisfactorily.

Patte Lau Interior Stylist

Patte Lau Interior Stylist’s work is not limited to decorating homes. The firm takes care of all our design needs, from simply giving us advice about the colors and materials of the furniture, to complete renovations.

They do not work with a particular style but try to adapt to the needs and tastes of customers to create the best possible design.

Among the most outstanding services they offer is the decoration of houses and model rooms, which is essential in the process of selling new real estate complexes.

Lindsay Lausch Interior Design

Modernism and minimalism. Two concepts that Lindsay Lausch understands perfectly, so much so that she adapts it to each user with the use of custom furniture.

As an interior designer, she looks for each job to be unique. Highlighting the individuality of each person is a challenge that she faces with passion and experience.

Bradley Bowden Design

Managing available space is not an easy task. Most homeowners simply accumulate objects that eventually become a hindrance. That is why there are experts who can help us order them.

38 years in the market reaffirm Bradley Bowden Design, LLC’s commitment to helping customers improve their quality of life through more pleasant living spaces. No matter the style of our room, this Chicago firm will accept any remodeling project.

Michelle Glennon Interior Design

A cozy space, where family and guests can gather to spend pleasant hours. That is the kind of space that Michelle Glennon builds.

Michelle stands out in the country and royal style but is also able to create modern rooms that maintain a warm and elegant aura. If you love the bedrooms with a lot of space, then Michelle’s decoration will fascinate you.

Ava James Design

When we enjoy our stay in one place, it seems as if time stops. Designer Ava James seeks to create these spaces where people can recharge their energies to face each new day with all the emotions they deserve.

The firm is responsible for offering advisory services, in addition to organizing space planning and home organization projects. They are also responsible for small and large projects.

Devon Grace Interiors

Having earned his Master of Arts in Interior Design, and having accumulated experience in multiple architecture firms, Devon is running his group of designers and architects.

These strongly appeal to minimalism and avant-garde, making them one of the most striking choices of interior designers in Chicago. Its subtle but elegant combination of black and white makes each project shine in the design catalogs.

Laurie Demetrio Interiors

The experience in the field, and her previous work at Jessica Lagrange Interiors, caused Laurie Demetrio to open her own design office in 2014. Since then, she has done a lot of work with modern finishes where she mixes a few pieces of furniture with natural light.

The designer is not limited only to the contemporary style. Her ability allows her to master traditional designs in the same way, so we can request her service for almost any project.

Cynthia B. Wilson Interior Design

Not all great designers have huge teams. Cynthia Wilson manages to enter this list by working independently.

This Chicago interior designer specializes in the combination of different furniture from multiple manufacturers, getting mixed patterns that manage to maintain a single visual language.

Claudia Martin, ASID

Immense scale projects are a challenge for unprepared architects and designers. Claudia Martin, ASID, easily takes care of them. These include entire cities.

The union of spaces is their specialty, creating large environments with smooth transitions between different rooms.

Anthony Michael Interior Design

Although their main headquarters are in Chicago, the architect and designers firm of Anthony Michael has a worldwide presence. In the United States, you can also find branches in Arizona, New York, Florida, and California.

Precisely, thanks to its worldwide presence, the firm can create designs of any kind adapted to customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a modern design with a mix of traditional patterns.

You can find experts in each architectural movement within Anthony’s team, allowing them to be prepared for each project. They understand concepts such as textures, lighting, space, and functionality, encompassing all the knowledge that is required to succeed in the decoration world.

Allison Henry Interior Design

Sponsored by Houzz interior design, Allison Henry reaffirms her 15 years of experience by remaining as one of the best Chicago interior designers.

Not everyone dominates the location of furniture in small spaces, but Allison manages to accommodate them with elegance and mastery.

She analyzes all cases individually, placing the necessary furniture to create comfortable environments. Part of its success is due to the way she treats customers, since the designer seeks the constant opinion of users, improving the proposals they make.

It is difficult to find someone who has not been satisfied with her decoration work, something to expect from a graduate of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

Anna Butler Designs

The architectural design is not based solely on the fact that the interior of the rooms are pleasant and functional. We must also take care of the external aesthetics of the buildings. Anna Butler understands this, and that is why her projects range from external to internal.

When decorating, she considers the large scale of the projects. She has to have a complete understanding of the space, and how it can be used without ruining the harmony.

Anna also knows when to simplify the designs, giving more importance to the comfort of the users than to the visual appeal in case the possibilities are limited.

Katharine Andrews Interiors

Some of the top Chicago interior designers are also specialized in restoring historical pieces for later use in decorative projects. KAI LLC is one of the firms that dominate traditional designs, and for that purpose, they can restore (or preserve) antique furniture.

Regarding theoretical concepts, their portfolio shows that they know how to handle color, proportion, different design criteria, and lighting. All this is put into practice with the right accessories, creating unique and timeless spaces in a mixture of bold styles.

Most importantly, each space retains its versatility, allowing different needs to be met depending on what users want.

Rae Duncan Interior Design

We conclude with a Chicago interior designer that stands on the cusp of technology use. We refer to RDID, a firm that has the best-specialized team when it comes to projects that require cutting-edge technological support.

Do you need a high-quality preview of what you want to build or remodel? Then contact RDID.

The beauty of architecture and decoration

Chicago is the birthplace of many of the most relevant designers of the last century. It is normal to have a large number of architecture firms that try to create a name.

These are just some of the most important you can find, which are supported by the number of years of experience they have. However, we do not rule out that you can find a new office that leaves you with your mouth open.

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