Decorating your child’s personal space can be an exciting and daunting project. From choosing design themes to furniture and accessories, there are so many things to consider! Windows are not only a source of light and ventilation; they are an interpretation of the outside world and a link to the external environment. As such, it is important to keep children’s wellbeing and safety in mind while designing their space. Here are a few tips to help you choose amazing curtains that work for you and your kids’ room.


Safety is always the most important factor when it comes to your children. If you have young kids or toddlers, there is a risk of them pulling on curtains when they are learning to walk or stand up on their own. The strength and durability of the rods and brackets you use should be another consideration when choosing curtains for your child’s room. You may want to select shorter curtains wherever possible, as the length makes it more difficult for small hands to reach and grab onto.

If you prefer the look of blinds, it’s worth noting that some blinds have cords which can be a serious choking hazard for children. If you decide you prefer blinds, be sure to have them made to measure with shorter cord mechanisms that adhere to child safety guidelines.


There is one simple rule that applies to design for both kids and adults; everyone likes a brightly lit room! Light makes spaces feel bigger and more airy. Choosing curtains that allow light to flood the room will provide your children with a room that is bright and cheerful.

While light is great most of the time, when choosing curtains for a child’s bedroom, it is equally important to ensure you can shift from bright to dark so that your little ones can get the rest that they need to learn and grow. You may want to consider blackout curtains, that block out the sun during naptime and in the evening for bedtime. Try layering these curtains with other lighter window coverings to customise the level of natural light in the room.


Your choice of material is important when choosing curtains for your child’s bedroom. Material not only affects the design and style of the room but also how much light passes through it. Choose a fabric that ties in with the theme of the room, with a bold design or texture that catches the imagination of your child. It is advisable to choose lightweight curtains for children to reduce any risk of harm. Natural fabrics are always a wise choice, but make sure to check they are easy to clean.

Here are some material/fabric collections which we recommend:

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