Choosing new furniture is a big decision that can be fun and exciting if you are in a new home or just decide it is time for a change. Because most pieces are a major purchase, you want to take extra care that the furniture you select is comfortable and functional. Consider the advantages of using a sectional sofa in your living room. There are a few types to choose from.

Defining Sectionals

Sectionals are two or more pieces or “sections” put together to form a single sofa. These generally include either a left-facing or right facing sectional piece. Sectionals can range in price depending on the following:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Fabric
  • Functionality

The sectional you ultimately choose will depend on your budget and home decor style.

Types of Sectionals

There are different types of sectionals to consider.


L-shaped sectionals have one short side and one long side, like the capital letter “L,” which gives this sectional type its name. They can be either right-facing or left-facing.


The pieces of a curved sectional are arced rather than at straight angles to make something of a U-shape. Both ends are usually even lengths.


Symmetrical sectionals usually feature right angles. In this sectional, both sides are equal in length.


Modular sectionals contain many pieces that can be rearranged. You can make a left or right facing sectional out of these pieces.

Reasons To Choose a Sectional

Whatever the type you choose, there are a number of benefits to opting for a sectional over a chair or smaller couch. Sectionals can:

  • Give you a feeling of coziness without overcrowding when sharing it with someone
  • Improve the flow and balance of an area
  • Direct traffic through a room
  • Serve as the focal point of the space
  • Be modified to fit your space better

Deciding on a Sectional for Your Space

No matter which type of sectional you choose, you will have to consider a few things about your room as well as the furniture itself:

  • Space
  • Furniture placement
  • Architectural features
  • Function
  • Scale
  • Design

Each of these will impact which sectional you buy and where you put it.

Setting Up a Left or Right Facing Sectional

When setting up your sectional, you must decide on left facing or right facing. If your sectional is not modular, make sure you know what version you are buying for your space.

A lot of this decision depends on what your living room or den looks like. If you have even wall space on the right side, then a right facing sectional is more appropriate. If you have more room on the left side, then a left facing sectional will be most appropriate. Either could be an option if you have equal space on each side.

Where To Buy a Sectional

Buying a sectional is a big decision, and you will definitely want the best price. Browse Poly & Bark’s modern sectional collection to find something that works great for you.

To purchase your next sectional, take a look at our modern collection and find something that works great for you.

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