Very often, the terms ‘collectable’ and ‘antique’ are used interchangeably. But it’s important to note that there is a difference between the two. Antiques may be collectables, but collectables don’t necessarily have to be antiques. While an antique is something people collect for its age, a collectable doesn’t have to be old to be worth money.

A collectable is an item that is worth more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity and/or popularity. Very often, the price depends on how many of the same items are available and their condition as well. Common categories of collectables include coins, toys, stamps, and royal commemoratives – some of the most popular items in the collectables shops across the UK.

Where Do You Find All That Stuff?

Collectable items come in all shapes, sizes and values. There are two reasons to hold onto collectable items – they are either valuable or cherished. Always remember it’s better to buy collectables you love, so even if they never appreciate much in value, they can still bring you joy. Collectables make great gift ideas as well for various occasions.. The most popular ones can change as quickly as the seasons, but there are many items that will always be worth storing with care.

While an antique must be at least 100 years old, a collectable falls within the 50 years old or less category and is an item that was once mass-produced, often for collecting purposes. These items are timeless and maintain or increase their value day by day. You can check the collectables shops and look for the most popular collectables, such as the following.

Royal Commemoratives

Did you know that marking significant royal, military and political dates with memorabilia has grown in popularity since the 17th century when plates were honoured the return of the monarchy with Charles II? But Queen Victoria’s reign marked the capitalisation of the mass market for royal commemoratives.

Most of it has no investment value, but historical rarities can be a fortune. That being said, limited editions hold the most value, including recent pieces. Our present queen was crowned in 1953 and examples of the era are very common. After all, the great thing about collecting royal souvenirs is that it is a very affordable hobby.


Jewellery pieces are considered highly personal collectables. People who collect jewellery tend to collect items they like instead of which piece is worth the most money. Jewellery collectors may seek out rare pieces, but usually only if the item they seek is aligned with their unique aesthetic. Also, passing down jewellery to the next generation is a very sentimental tradition because every piece of it tells its own story.

Dolls and Toys

If you are into doll or toy collecting, then you know that it doesn’t stop at only one or two pieces. Doll collectors take their passion seriously and they know that storing dolls and toys well is of the utmost importance to preserve them.

Tips on How to Shop for Collectables

There is nothing quite like the thrill of the collectables hunt. Many are delighted by the idea of finding fresh and unique pieces to complete their home’s décor or budding collection. Carefully chosen collectables can add interest to your living room or make a collection worth displaying. Here are a few tips that can help you make your collectables journey more enjoyable.

Make a Shopping List

Before you begin shopping, it’s always a good idea to make a list of items you’re thinking about adding to your home or your collection. This will help you focus on things that you need instead of being tempted to buy collectables that don’t serve any purpose in your home.

Do Some Research

Having a bit of knowledge on design eras and collectable items price points before you begin shopping can be very useful as it can help you avoid paying too much. It’s always a good idea to talk to other collectors, watch some videos online and do some reading before you buy. This can help you recognise items and materials with ease, but also it can be very fun and you may learn many new things about your favourite collectable items.

Explore All Options

Never limit yourself by trying to find collectable items at only one store. Instead, feel free to check out new places, especially online shops. We are living in times when online shopping is becoming part of our everyday lives and buying collectables online is becoming a new trend that doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon.

Select Items You’ll Enjoy

This is probably the most important tip you can get for buying collectables. Make sure you always purchase items that you will enjoy having in your home. While you might feel compelled to buy something that’s “in” at the moment, this item may cost significantly more since it’s in high demand and can eventually go out of style. Stick to collectable items that fit your home décor and interests, don’t stick to trends as they come and go.

Be Patient

In the end, be patient and don’t rush into buying items. Finding the right pieces takes time and patience, so visit your favourite store frequently to keep up with prices and new items.

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