So you’re looking for colors that go with green, right?

Green is a fascinating color when it comes to the design of any room and that is because it is not in the top 5 for color popularity for any given room, yet there are some shades that are increasingly popular.

Green is sometimes called the color of life or the color of relaxation. That is because the human eye can easily associate it with nature and that easily relaxes them.

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the color scheme of a room is understanding what impact it will have on the one who dwells there. And green is psychologically proven to have a positive effect on people.

Colors that go with green

  • White-Green color combo
  • The red color in combination with Green
  • Green interior with brown
  • Interior in blue-green shades
  • The light blue color combination with green for home
  • Interiors with green and gray
  • Dark green color chart
  • Rose and green color combination
  • Three color combination of yellow-green-orange for interiors
  • The light green palette in the interior
  • Pure and Simple White
  • Dark Contrasts
  • Harmonious Colors
  • Beautiful Purple Hues
  • Emerald Green + Summer Sky

Many psychologists believe that the correct color combo of green can have a good effect on the mood and mental health of a person. They believe that having this color in the surrounding helps people feel more protected and gives their self-confidence a boost.

There are so many shades of green that can be used in so many variations of ideas. The possibilities are endless! There’s mint green, pistachio, mehndi, olive green, pastel green, sea green, and many varieties of these in light shades. On the darker note, you have dark green, seaweed, sage, shamrock, basil, and many more. The possibilities are endless!

It is essential to keep in mind that green has a widening effect on the room it is applied to. Therefore, green color combinations are a fitting choice for smaller rooms.

If you want to visually elongate a room with low ceiling, use green drapes. Or get custom roman shades in green which with their ruffleless frontage offer you a flat surface to draw the eye upwards.

So, let’s look now in detail at the colors that go with green.

White-Green color combo

City-Living-on-the-Hudson-by-Gacek-Design-Group-Inc Colors that go with green: Great color combinations
Image source: Gacek Design Group, Inc

The green color combination with white gives off an aura of subtlety and tenderness. Therefore, this color scheme can be used in different parts of a house, for example in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom etc. White color gives a room the flexibility to look bigger and more welcoming.

The green color can be an amazing choice for any room, only the secret is to balance it with loads of white components. Green walls look great when paired with white furniture, namely a bed, and nightstand. A child’s room can have one green wall with others in white to create a harmonious vibe. The same approach can be used for bathrooms and kitchens as well.

The red color in combination with green

Jr-League-of-Boston-Show-House-Kitchen-by-Vani-Sayeed-Studios Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Vani Sayeed Studios

Red with green is not considered the best color scheme as far as interior designers are concerned. This is highly because of the hard nature of both the shades. But if the intensity of both the colors is mitigated, they can form a good combination of color. For instance, a room with light green walls can have dark wine colored sheets and drapes.

If your taste is more eclectic than traditional, then perhaps, the undiluted shades of both these colors might serve the purpose for you. When looking for conventional ideas in regards to green interior, light red and vermillion will both look good.

Green interior with brown

Portfolio-Images-by-W-Dylan-Gilliam Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: W Dylan Gilliam

When thinking of a color to goes with green, the first shade that pops into mind is brown because our minds can link the two colors with nature and thus, finds the combination appealing. Wooden furniture, floor, walls, textiles and picture frames are essential items in an interior designer’s arsenal.

The color combo of green and brown is most common for living rooms and kitchens, in both traditional and modern sense. The intensity of the shades depends on personal preference and what pleases the eye. Light green walls with brown furniture give the living room a simply relaxed feeling while the color scheme of green and brown in the kitchen looks more enigmatic.

Interior in blue-green shades

Client-Home-Gull-Lake-MI-by-Haisma-Design-Co-LLC. Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Haisma Design Co., LLC.

The green color combination with blue is the most natural pairing since both the colors complement each other. It can be said that they portray the shades of a beautiful lake. This color palette is common in bedrooms, children’s rooms, and bathrooms.

The bathroom can be completely blue if the room is full of green as they both reflect the intensity of one another. Or a room with green furniture can have the wall painted in various shades of blue. A child’s room is the most popular spot for such a color palette.

The light blue color combination with green for home

Girls-Bedroom-by-Laurie-S-Woods-ASID-1 Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Laurie S Woods, ASID

Light blue in combination with green is the most commonplace of ideas when it comes to the designing of a house or just a room. This color combination has prevailed over all other for years and continues to do so. This is because both these colors are related to one another and therefore, do not cause any problems when pairing them up.

The combination is well received by a vast majority of people and is readily available for all kinds for furniture, textiles, utensils, and wallpaper. Any room with this particular color combination automatically looks more homey and welcoming. Since both green and light blue are linked to positivity and the feeling of freshness, this color combo is perfect for almost any room in the house.

Interiors with green and grey

Cheyne-Walk-by-Shake-the-Sky Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Shake the Sky

No matter what color grey is paired with, it always exudes an air of elegance and originality. So there’s no doubt that when paired with green, it will have the same effect. Therefore, the green-grey color combination is mostly found in offices, business centers and in homes as well.

A green room with a grey desk and chair scream sophistication and style and are worthy choices for the office of a CEO. On the other side, grey leather sofas and curtains suit a living room, kitchen or a lobby perfectly.

Dark green color chart

Rustic-Elegance-on-the-Lake-by-Ambiance-Interiors Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Ambiance Interiors

Many people believe that dark green shades have an unfavorable effect on a person’s mood. This is not the case at all! This green color combination suits any bedroom or living room décor and makes the place look spacious and luxurious.

Anyone who has seen a room with dark shades of green will tell you that it looks amazing because such a green palette turns any room into a piece of art that everybody wants to own. Dark green counter tops, green walls with floral pattern, and deep shades of green for curtains and upholstery make any room look majestic.

Rose and green color combination

Addisons-Nursery-by-Che-Bella-Interiors Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Che Bella Interiors

Rose forms a great combination with a green palette. It brings a sensation of summer and happiness and joy into the room. Any person entering the room will automatically feel that he is being hit an air of positivity. These colors can be incorporated into the room by adding paintings, curtains, linens and sheets and flower centerpieces for tables.

This color combination also bodes well for romance, therefore can be the perfect choice for a newly-wed couple’s room. This palette is so diverse that it can be fused into any room, from the living room to kitchen to bedroom to even bathrooms.

Three color combination of yellow-green-orange for interiors

Living-room-by-Chris-Jovanelly-Interior-Design Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Just as the sun complements the leaves in nature, yellow can be used to highlight some bright spots in an otherwise green room. But beware, this can go wrong very fast if you use so much yellow that it overpowers the beauty of the green. Just like if there’s too much sun, you are unable to see the green of the leaves and trees properly.

A room can have yellow in the form of a lamp that accentuates the green color of the walls just as the sun does in nature. If you prefer yellow walls, make sure to add loads of green in the form of curtains and the furniture upholstery.

If you are opting for green color combination with yellow or orange, there is only one rule that you need to not forget and that is to not to go overboard with bright sunny spots. With regards to this particular color combination, do not forget that less is always more.

The light green palette in the interior

Artdeco-by-Artdeco Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Art&deco

Light green color has a very refreshing appeal and calms the person who sees it. Because of the soothing nature of the color, the light green color combination is suitable for almost any room of a house or a flat i.e. bedroom, kitchen or a children’s room.

The cupboards in a kitchen can be painted in an appealing shade of light green. The light colored walls of a living room can help you relax after a long day of work. Or if a room is full of contrast colors for green, the ceiling can be painted in light hues of green to bind the room altogether.

What colors compliment light green shades?

If you want to use a color that pairs well a wide range of colors but does not like the monotony of white, then light green is an attractive alternative. It comes in many shades and has many different undertones. Light green might not be as neutral as beige or white but it has a soft and appealing look.

Pure and Simple White

A-Touch-of-Brass-by-Amy-Studebaker-Design Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Amy Studebaker Design

White also comes in many shades but the difference escapes the eye because it is not well presented. When paired with a light green shade, different tinctures of white can be used to give a fresh and clean feeling to the room.

Colors such as antique white, off-white, ecru, linen, eggshell or pearl all work in a striking contrast to the various shades of light green. Tinges of white here and there in an otherwise green room give it a new dimension and can be beneficial to various style motifs.

Dark Contrasts

Crisp-Architects-by-Crisp-Architects Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Crisp Architects

For many people, a light-dark contrast is the go-to décor style. While this may be very conventional and simple, it does give a very complementary color scheme. Dark brown or black furniture against light green walls makes every feature of the room pop in the dimmest of lights. Mahogany and silver or dark gray are other dark contrasts that would work wonderfully against a light green wall in a mint or a pistachio shade.

Other than furniture, little knick-knacks spread out across the room are also a part of the designing of the room and should be chosen and placed according to the color combination of the room.

Harmonious Colors

Stone-Harbor-Modern-by-Blane-Steinman-Architects Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Blane Steinman Architects

A beneficial tool when determining the color scheme of a room is a color wheel. It can help us work out what colors will work best with different shades of light green. Analogous accent colors are any three colors side-by-side on the color wheel, of which one color is the primary color. In our case, light green is the dominant color.

If an analogous color scheme is what you prefer, then go for the green in combination with blue to give a cool ambiance or yellow-gold with a green palette for a more warm feeling. The choice is up to you.

Beautiful Purple Hues

Kids-Room-by-Landmark-Custom-Builder-Remodeling-LLC Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Landmark Custom Builder & Remodeling, LLC

If a complementary color scheme is what you are going for, then opt for shades of purple to go with hues of green.Complementary colors are two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Purple color comes in many shades ranging from dark to light.

The lighter shades contain a romantic feeling to them while the more intense color help lift up the spirits of the room and help in making it more full of life.

Emerald Green + Summer Sky

Road-to-Emerald-2013-by-Larry-Hanna Colors that go with green: Great color combinationsImage source: Larry Hanna

The colors next to each other on the color wheel are always a good choice when choosing a scheme for any room, may it be an office or a bedroom.

FAQ on colors that go with green

What colors work best with green?

Well, you know, green is such a versatile color that it can go with a lot of other shades. Neutrals like white, gray, and beige are always safe choices. But if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, consider pairing green with blue, yellow, or even pink. Just make sure to pick complementary shades, so the overall look is harmonious and not overwhelming.

How do I use green as an accent color?

Green accents can really liven up a space! Try incorporating some green throw pillows, curtains, or artwork to add a pop of color to your room. Also, you can bring in some plants to give a natural touch. Just make sure not to overdo it – balance is key. You want the green accents to enhance the room, not overpower it.

Can I mix different shades of green?

Absolutely! Mixing different shades of green can create a stunning and dynamic look. You can experiment with light and dark greens, or even play around with various undertones like blue-greens or yellow-greens. Just be mindful of the overall balance and make sure the shades you choose work well together.

What are the best green shades for a calming atmosphere?

If you’re aiming for a calming vibe, then softer, muted greens are your best bet. Think sage, olive, or seafoam green. These colors promote relaxation and tranquility, which is perfect for spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms where you want to unwind.

How do I choose the right shade of green for my space?

Selecting the right shade of green really depends on the vibe you’re going for and your existing color scheme. Consider the size of your room, the natural light, and the other colors in the space. You can test out different shades by applying swatches to your walls and observing how they look in various lighting conditions. Trust your gut and pick the shade that feels right for you.

Can green be used in a minimalist design?

Oh, for sure! Green can be a great addition to minimalist designs. Just keep it subtle and choose a muted shade, like sage or olive. You can incorporate it in small doses, like a single piece of furniture, a plant, or a piece of artwork. The key is to maintain the overall simplicity and clean lines of the minimalist aesthetic.

How do I balance green with other colors in my room?

Balancing green with other colors is all about finding the right proportions. Make sure there’s a good mix of your main color (green) and any complementary or contrasting colors. For instance, if you’re using green as an accent, you could choose a 70-30 or 60-40 split between your main color and green. This way, your space will feel harmonious and cohesive.

How can I use green in a small space?

In a small space, it’s best to use green strategically. You can either use it as an accent color or paint one wall or area with green to create a focal point. Lighter shades of green can also help make a small room feel more spacious, while darker greens can add depth and coziness. Just be mindful not to overwhelm the space with too much green.

What are some popular green paint finishes?

There are various paint finishes you can choose from when painting with green. Matte and eggshell finishes are popular for walls, as they provide a soft, muted look. Satin and semi-gloss finishes work well for trim and doors, giving a subtle sheen that adds a touch of sophistication. Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference and the specific look you’re trying to achieve.

How do I use green in a kid’s room?

Using green in a kid’s room can be really fun and playful! You can opt for brighter, more vibrant shades of green to create an energetic atmosphere. Consider painting a feature wall, or using green in furniture, bedding, or accessories. You could also incorporate fun patterns, like polka dots or stripes, that mix green with other lively colors. Just make sure to keep it balanced with some neutral elements to prevent the room from becoming too busy or overstimulating.

Ending thoughts on colors that go with green

Many interior designers nowadays prefer green color combinations because of their complaisant nature. Greens work wonderfully with almost every color available in the spectrum and give any room an earthy wholesome feeling.

You don’t have to have green walls, you can just incorporate the color into other elements of the room and it will still look fantastic. All you have to do is find the right color combination that works for you and beautify your room.

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