Winter is a time where we like to spend as much of our time indoors, mostly due to our avoidance of the cold conditions of the outdoor weather and fleeting daylight. To combat these freezing and dark conditions, keeping your home as warm and inviting as possible during winter is more important than ever.

Having a home that is inviting and well decorated is beneficial not only for morale, but it can help for raising interest in the home if you’re planning on selling during the winter. Many experienced real estate agents like those at Harvey Kalles Real Estate brokers agree that a well-decorated home can help increase buyer interest.

Winter decorations are less about the holiday and Christmas-specific items and more about incorporating rich colours, textural layers, and ambient lighting. Here are some ways you can help to warm up your home in winter, with three cool design tips.

Bring in the Cozy Textiles

Winter can be cold and sterile. Using cozy textiles such as flannel sheets, shaggy rugs, faux fur or knitted wool throws, quilts, and soft pillows can all add a comforting feeling to your home while having the additional benefit of adding dimension and textures to your home.

When it comes to throw blankets, they can be used in various ways, such as draped over a bedspread, folded over the back of a chair or ottoman, hung from a blanket ladder, or rolled up into the corners of a couch. Some people even opt to put a basket out for rolled-up blankets, so individuals can pick their favourites while also making a statement piece while not in use.

Chunky cable-knit accents like blankets and pillows especially are popular this year, as are faux-rugs like sheepskin.

Candles Galore

Candles make for a very multipurpose décor item when it comes to the holidays. Firstly, they provide their initial décor benefit of being available in a variety of different holiday colours to add aesthetic to a room, as does the glass containers they come in. They can also be combined with festive seasonal holders to bump up this aesthetic. Secondly, they provide a scent to the room, with candle scents such as pine, cranberry, and cinnamon, all contributing to sensory feelings of the holidays.

Lastly, winter is a time where light is most fleeting, and the house can begin to feel a bit dark even when it’s barely past lunchtime. Using candles for lighting allows a room to feel warm, cozy and inviting in ways that traditional fluorescent overhead lighting simply cannot.

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every need, from massive three-wicks to tiny tealights to line the mantle.

Metallic, Crystal and Mirrors

Holiday interior décor usually revolves around interior lighting, whether it be the Christmas tree, holiday garlands, or candlelight. Using shiny and reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, crystal, or other reflective surfaces is a great way to brighten up the home, as it casts the light of these décor items. In a season where the days are darker than ever, having this extra light will not only make your room feel brighter but bigger too.

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