A tree house home is perhaps everybody’s childhood dream. At a point in life, virtually everyone dreamt of learning how to build a treehouse.

There are numerous treehouse ideas. Some are built on trees while some only hung on trees. There are even some unusual tree house designs like building a house into a tree or simply growing a house out of a tree.

Now, what is the definition of a tree house?

A cool and quiet place where we can meditate or think about things we are bothered about?

A secret lair or loft where we have secret meetings with our friends? Or it’s simply a way of beautifying the backyard? Or is a treehouse for kids only?

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Every adult must have at least once harbored of building a treehouse as kids. Be it for the reason of having a place to run off to when they were being hazed by others or older siblings or for having a place to go to get some quietness.

Image source: Heritage Home Builders

But who would ever think of actually designing and building a treehouse building to live in, to refer to it as home? Well, that’s exactly what a lot of people are doing right now. Building livable tree houses and virtually turning a one time children’s fantasy to the norm.  Very soon, building tree houses could just become the fashionable norm.

Image source: Missy Brown Design

The tree house plans should create a magical hideaway, fort, or play destination for almost any child, and build tree houses could well be a fun project for adults. While the construction of a  house out of a simple tree is a daunting task, the end result is always beautiful.

If you give your dream tree house the care and attention that it deserves, then you can build a wooden sanctuary that you and your family, you can enjoy for many years.

Image source: Sarah Greenman

Adult Treehouse Design Ideas

While tree houses ideas are normally associated with kids, many modern tree house designers and custom builders have taken a step further and now offer great tree house plans for adults that could just reignite that childhood dream of yours. Here, are some jaw-dropping tree house ideas that could make you become a sudden treehouse lover.

Image source: Hugh Lofting Timber Framing Inc.

Joyful Treehouse

If you thought to build a tree house without a tree was unimaginable, well it’s actually not impossible. Building a tree house when you actually don’t have a tree to hold it is a doable solution, and this idea is just the best for such a scenario.

Image source: Lewis Brothers

Eco Perch Treehouse

Such teahouse plans include a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower cabin, a separate bedroom with suspended beds and a twin bed in the main chamber. It has an astonishing interior design, is warm and exquisitely built; it’s very perfect for a weekend away with your spouse, or even better for your vacations or holidays.

Image source: Universal Developing

Backyard Treehouse

It is an adult treehouse with many elements of treehouses for kids. It includes features like talk tubes, periscope, bucket and pulley, trapeze and a disc swing, all of which add some extra fun. It’s not just a treehouse, it’s also an active spot for kids.

Image source: Blue Forest UK Ltd

Rustic Treehouse Office

This treehouse might perhaps be the definition of the word ‘incredible’. It is simply awesome and one of the tree houses around. It was built by the blue forex and is currently being used as an office. The treehouse designs included building around a tree and look very ordinary on the outside. Only when you see the interior you will realize the exact reason why it is a luxury environment.

Image source: Bower House Construction Ltd

This one of the most unique tree houses around has marvelous floors, great ceilings, and walls, a place wonderful for all its details.  It also features some great features like heating, lighting, phone line and high-speed internet connectivity, among many others, cool tree amenities. Just the right fit for you if you want your office environment to look exceptionally different.

Image source: Green Line Architects

A Tree House with A Deck

Looking for the perfect place for social gatherings? Then this treehouse is the perfect option for you and it is an example of how to make a tree house more than a children playground.

The best thing about it is being a fit for people from of different generations, and though it doesn’t have a large inside, it has a very large deck that surrounds it. Perfect for unique summer gatherings, this treehouse is nothing but marvelous.

Image source: Clearwater Summit Group

Normal Treehouse

A treehouse isn’t something you often associate with the word ‘normal’, and even though there are treehouses that look like normal on the ground houses, you don’t see them often. Treehouse workshop builds this kind of treehouses and they are looking good.

Though it has a marvelous treehouse interior and some other exciting features, plus a fireplace, desks, kitchen countertops and so on. However, all those marvelous amenities,  don’t really make up for the thrills and excitement of actually having a treehouse hanging from the sky.

Image source: Blue Forest UK Ltd

As the name already implies, this tree house is simply a castle. It’s a sophisticated hideout place for your children and their friends. Its intricate design gives the structure an archaic look and the only thing left is the roof where you can use materials for flat roofs. Your kid’s tree houses dreams are becoming reality but at a luxury level.

The Tree Fort
The tree forts are great treehouses for a family with children.  By adding a pulley system you can go up into the tree much easier.  This tree house is perfect for kids from different generations and an awesome tree house.

Image source: Living Edge Treehouses & Edible Landscapes

A fancy, flashy multi-level tree house is a must have for families with several kids. Although it is more than a kids tree house, with enticing and sophisticated. Having different compartments and other exciting features, it’s perfect for children for having a lot of fun time.

Tree house design ideas

Since childhood, we dream of having our house but not a usual one, because ours shall be special, and situated in an awesome place like a tree. This is the preferred place for kids to play and do some physical exercises by climbing the tree. A wooden tree house can be the place where your child will be convinced to sleep in the afternoon or to that hard homework which can’t be done in any other way anywhere else.

When building the tree house you must ask for help from your kid. Together, you can learn how to build a tree house on the go. This will make him feel responsible and will give him confidence. The design must be proper for his age and should be consistent with his style and wishes.

When you start the tree house drawing plans for a tree house make sure the project is as your kid desires and help him develop his style by showing what is proper and not for such an accommodation.  Based on the ideas sketched, start to build a cool tree house not only for your children but also for you.

If you don’t think living in a tree house it’s a good idea and all of these seems to be just for your child, I hope this collection with fabulous and amazing wooden tree houses will make you change your mind and why not, your lifestyle too. And if the idea of living in a tree scares you, make it at least the holiday house or your place to relax,  where you can be alone or maybe the only special place you would like to share with someone  special in your life.

Ending thoughts on these adult treehouse designs

I’m sure all of us when we were kids, at least once dreamed about living in an exquisite treehouse. A secret fort on the sky with all the toys and games that you could play all day, or a place where you could hold secret meetings with your friends.

Image source: Alex Amend Photography

Even some adults still imagine it sometimes and even consider more than once buying some treehouse kits for fun.  It is amazing how while some people see a treehouse as just an exotic luxury, it is, in fact, a necessity and a must have for some people in some parts of the world. In New Guinea, for instance, the treehouse is a permanent house for the Korowai people and it is, so as to protect their foods and belongings from animals and floods.

Image source: Missy Brown Design

Nowadays,  modern architecture and designers having upped their skills offering some amazing treehouses and hotels for vacation, you can actually realize your childhood dream. Long gone are the days of wooden cabin concept, featuring multiple floors or even glass and mirror elements.

The best tree houses come now in many different shapes and colors. Either you want a treehouse for your kids or for yourself, there are now some modern incredible treehouse designs that you can choose from.

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