Cottage homes are well known for their simplicity, charm, and comfort. One of the best things about cottage-style homes is that they give this natural feeling of comfort once you step into one.

This type of cottage home has been around for a long period of time and it can a great choice when you want to retire to a place that takes you away from the stress of everyday life. If you want to make, you’re interior more similar to cottage style homes then you should really check out what we have prepared for you.

What Is Cottage Style Decor?

You don’t need to go in the woods or near the sea to take advantage of this design style. Because it has a simple look and a lot of personal touches, this aesthetic has been used for a lot of time.

They have an individual style and blend seamlessly in a variety of settings. To learn more about cottage houses and other house styles, visit TheHousePlanShop where you not only will get general information but also go through cottage house plans that you can easily modify to add your personal preferences.


Image source: Homes by Tradition

Exterior details of the cottage style homes are represented by painted moldings and arched doorways that go hand in hand. The main component is the front doors that bring a unique charm. No matter if your door is made out of wood plank or it has a Victoria design if it has a cottage style then don’t replace it and try to keep it.

Image source: New Urban Home Builders

Another cool element are the screen doors because all cottage homes have on. They let a lot of fresh air to enter inside and let the sounds of your family go out, they are so great especially if someone is going to play a musical instrument. No Cottage style house can be complete without having a small and cheerful garden that will enhance a pretty front facade.


Image source: CBRD

If you are going for a Cottage design then you need to create the bright and airy spaces when you do your rooms. Focus on this by starting with the colors that you use and avoid strong ones.

Cottage Style homes also bring comfort as the main atmosphere and using textiles can also be a good idea to have for your rooms. When you bring the space together go for blankets and pillows that make the space warm.

Image source: MAC Custom Homes

Larger areas where you can bring the entire family are also a great choice for cottage homes. You can do this by opening connected kitchens or living rooms with dining rooms so that the family is always in the same place no matter if somebody is cooking dinner or relaxing in the living room.


Image source: Cottage Industry

Most of the cottage furniture that should be used needs to bring a vintage feel. Consider different options when you are doing your research because local antique stores can really do the job. Other places that you might want to try are thrift shops or yard sales because you can never know what you are going to get over there.

Bring the tone for snug nights together with a classic cast. A chimney will always look great in cottage-style homes but it is not very efficient when it comes to preserving heat so this is why stoves might be a better choice because they keep more heat in the entire room.

Image source:REFINED LLC

If you want to get a timeless look play around with vintage unites and modern ones maybe you can come up with a great mix that works together. You can also buy certain tables, plates or cupboards that have a unique style and are a perfect match for the rest of the place.

Cottage Style Home Ideas

No matter if you have a traditional cottage that you want to renovate or a more modern home where you want to bring a cottage style you can take advantage of these ideas and use them.

French-Urban Cottage Look

Image source: Warmington & North

The colors that are used here will make your space feel larger and closer to Paris. You can surely feel the French style there because the objects use honor French tradition and they actually look really great.

Low-Rise Roof Design

Image source: Denise Stringer Interior Design

Cottage style homes also have a great roof design. They usually go for asymmetrical roofs that extend to one of the sides in order to create a carport. Sometimes they get so low that you can even touch them. This will open gables, two design elements that give your home a stunning bungalow-like look that begs for the Summer to stay more.

High-Pitch Roof

Image source: Carpenter Design

This roof type is very high and it made entirely with a frame of Siberian larch timber with cedar planks that in time will turn grey. It really looks great for a vacation house and for sure is going to offer great moments in it.

It’s All About Windows

Image source: Clark Collins – Collins Design & Development

Because Cottage style homes are informal the windows always need to look light. Go for opaque panels and windows that let a lot of light to come in.

Swedish Cottage Look

Image source: Virge Temme Architecture Inc

If you want to get the Swedish look that for sure walls might be covered with a grooved wood that brings the Scandinavian style. Wood is the key material that you have to think about if you want to make a similar house to this one. After that, you can fill it with traditional display pieces that will make space look simple and comfortable.

Classic Wainscoting

Image source: CBI Studio

Wainscoting is perfect to use in the bathroom of your cottage house. You can go for bright colors and it is quite a cheap way to change the mood of a space.

 A Bungalow Cottage Look

Image source: David Heide Design Studio

You can bring a lot of charm if you create attention points like bookshelves, fireplaces and many more when you use certain colors that limit the number of things people need to watch out.

Classic Floors

Image source: Eric Roth Photography

Floors that are done in a Cottage Style are most of the time informal and wood is one of the most used materials. Hardwood floors give warm tones that can make the surface look good.


Image source: David Heide Design Studio

You can try a lot of ideas when it comes to lighting. Cottage style homes usually go for simple solution from vintage lamps to big windows that let a lot of light to come in. Find the right balance between this type of elements and you will get closer to a cottage style.

Ending thoughts on cottage style homes

In conclusion, getting cottage style homes can be done if you follow the above tips that are easy to implement and don’t require a lot of your time. Make sure that you understand well what these types of homes stand for and you will be one step closer to making the right decisions for your interior design.

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