The benefits of a good night’s rest cannot be overstated. In order to function in every area of life, proper sleep is essential. Unfortunately, during the swelteringly-hot summer months, getting a peaceful night’s slumber can be an uphill battle. If your sleep quality regularly suffers throughout the summer, there’s no time like the present to start whipping your bedroom into shape. As you’ll find, a few small alterations can turn your sleeping space into the ideal summertime slumber spot.

Block Out the Sun

Despite being a dependable source of natural light, the sun can be a consistent nuisance throughout the summer season. First off, leaving your curtains or blinds open can result in excessive amounts of sunlight finding their way into your sleeping space, which stands to increase the temperature in your bedroom. Secondly, if you require absolute darkness to fully relax, the sun’s summertime propensity for early rising is sure to prove tremendously inconvenient. To get on top of these issues, outfit your bedroom windows with sun-blocking curtains and/or blackout screens.

Invest in Breathable Bedding

If you use the same sheets and comforters year-round, there’s a good chance this is what’s causing your summertime sleep issues. For example, using thick, heat-retaining bedding throughout the summer months is guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat on a nightly basis. Similarly, using lightweight bedding throughout the frosty winter months is liable to result in many chilly nights.

With this in mind, make a point of changing your bedding with each new season. In the case of summertime, this means investing in breathable, lightweight sheets and comforters. When searching for the right summer bedding, keep an eye out for options that are composed of lightweight linen and cotton. Similarly, the next time you find yourself on the hunt for warm weather sleepwear, lightweight cotton pajamas should suit your needs perfectly.

Position Your Mattress Close to the Ground

The closer your mattress is to the ground, the cooler you’re likely to be overnight. So, if you have an adjustable bed-frame, position it as low as possible throughout the summer months. Alternatively, if your bed-frame’s height isn’t adjustable, you may want to consider simply placing your mattress on the ground over the summer. Depending on how warm your home gets, it may be worth considering alternate forms of bedding during the summer season. For instance, Japanese futons are relatively inexpensive (compared to traditional mattresses, anyway) and can be placed directly on the floor. These futons are also easy to fold and place in storage, so you won’t have to worry about them taking up space throughout the rest of the year.

Install a High-Quality Ceiling Fan

No sleeping space should be bereft of ceiling fans, particularly during the summer. Installing a dependable ceiling fan in your sleeping space can help circulate the cool air produced by your AC and set the stage for a peaceful night’s slumber. If you don’t have air conditioning – or only use your AC as a last resort – adjust your fan’s blades to rotate counterclockwise, as this will blow air directly downward and create a cooling breeze. So, if your bedroom currently lacks a fan, there’s no time like the present to fire up your favorite web browser and start shopping for hugger ceiling fans.

Use Outside Air to Your Advantage

In many areas, nighttime temps are considerably more comfortable than daytime temps during the summer. As such, anyone looking to give their AC a break overnight should consider opening their windows and allowing their ceiling fans to circulate the naturally cool outdoor air. If you’re someone who sleeps a lot more comfortably surrounded by natural air than conditioned air, nighttime relief may be one opened window away.

It’s easy to see why so many of us have trouble sleeping comfortably throughout the summer. While summertime is ostensibly everyone’s favorite season, the excessively warm temps aren’t always conducive to good sleep conditions. Although there are a variety of reasons for which people experience sleep issues, one’s sleeping space is often to blame for their nighttime troubles. That being the case, frustrated summer sleepers looking to enhance the quality of their nightly respite should take stock of their bedrooms and make alterations accordingly. If high-quality summertime slumber is what you’re after, the previously discussed pointers are likely to come in handy.

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