Custom metal cutting is used in many ways. More often than not, the terms plasma cutter and laser cutter are used interchangeably in interior designing. While the two cutters are similar, they are not the same. Professionals use customized metal cutting for different types of material. Plasma and laser cutters use different mechanisms while cutting.

What Are Plasma And Laser Cutters?

  • Laser Cutters: Laser cutters use amplified laser light for precision cutting. Also called a CNC cutter (Computer Numerical Control), the cutting is done with the help of computers that guide the laser for extremely precise cuts.

Laser light enters a small point with the help of multiple optics, which make the light extremely hot and small. The focus of the laser beam helps in cutting through complex workpieces with the use of the computer.

  • Plasma Cutters: Plasma cutters use plasma torch technology. Plasma technology relies on superconductive ionized gas. When activated, the torch creates a jet of superheated plasma that melts even through the most rigid material.

Plasma cutter temperature varies according to the different types of plasma torches used. Workers who use plasma cutters must wear protective equipment to protect their eyes from the radiation emitted from the plasma torch.

Both plasma and laser cutters have several applications in construction, interiors, metal and woodworking, and must be used only by professionals. They work in wholly different ways since laser cutting uses light technology while plasma cutting uses plasma torch technology.

What Applications In Interior Designing Does Custom Metal Cutting Have?

Now that we understand how the cutting differs from each other, it is easy to understand that there may be countless applications in precision work in interior decoration.

It is possible to have custom-made cutting work for people wishing to have a bespoke and unique look. Exclusive designs, screens, and more are possible with the use of custom metal cutting.


Many businesses need to have high-end office spaces. These office spaces are made to look individualistic, modern, contemporary, and more only with the help of specialized interior designing work. While most businesses prefer decorators to do the work for them, there is still a question of adding uniqueness to the workspace. The main thing almost all offices need are dividers. Dividers separate cubicles from each other and allow employees to work at their own pace.

Custom metal cutting helps in making exquisite dividers that add to the overall aesthetic of the workplace. What is even better is that customized metal cutting can add company logos, taglines, and even slogans for employees. Design brands and corporate identities need not be made on flex. Instead, intricately designed and precisely cut metal sheets are the way forward.


Interior designing in homes is always done according to specific tastes. When remodelling or planning the interiors for your home, it is best to consider how you can make it different from all others. Most creative designers and architects plan large projects centred wholly around individual preferences. Customized metal cutting helps make the home unique.

Many design elements can be added to homes to make them one of a kind. Let us look at a few:

  • Ornaments: When people consider ornaments, they usually only think of Christmas trees and holiday seasons. However, accented trims in gorgeous metallic tints with intricate filigree work make excellent chandeliers and lamps. Many people also prefer using them as lampshades since they add beautiful imagery to the entire room.
  • Candleholders: Candleholders or votives are always beautiful to look at. However, personalizing them according to precise cuts that hold greater meaning makes excellent gifts, wedding favours, and fabulous home additions. Candleholders can be customized to suit the overall theme of the house too. Metal cuts depicting Moroccan themes, Finnish themes, Irish knots, and more are currently in vogue.
  • Furniture: Laser cut furniture adds particular emphasis to the overall look of the home. Creative, vibrant innovation in bespoke furniture can change the look and feel. The furniture can be customized according to the material – wood, metal, wrought iron, and more.
  • Wall Features: We cannot stress how gorgeous wall features look in intricately cut patterns. Geometric designs are excellent as separators between rooms without losing the overall sense of space. The gaps in the cutting help increase the beauty of the room while giving it a sense of privacy. Wall features are fantastic as main themed pieces in drawing rooms and living areas where you host social gatherings and parties. Most features accents also serve as great conversation starters and make your home unique and spectacular.

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