We all know Washington DC. It is the capital of the world when it comes to political conflicts and movements, and, of course, when there are extraterrestrial invasions in Hollywood movies. However, ignoring the fame it has in movies, Washington is still a picturesque place full of iconic monuments. And part of this is due to the work of the best DC Interior designers.

The Oval Office in the White House was not furnished in one day. It, like the entire city, has undergone a constant process of changes in artistic movements. Interior design firms in DC have built over time a town that reflects all the innovation of the East Coast.

Every building in Washington, small or big, expresses the thoughts of the owners, although on many occasions they do not know how to translate their ideas. It is in these situations where we should contact a professional to advise us.

Nevertheless, with so many options in the market, it is not easy to find the best. However, today we bring you a list that will help you decide who is the best interior designer for your needs. We analyze from those who are dedicated to traditional styles, to those who understand the avant-garde patterns, so we are sure that someone will please you.

The best Washington, DC interior designers

Patrick J. Baglino – Mix of innovation and eclecticism

Understanding customers is the main thing when it comes to offering them a design that fascinates them. It is what makes the work of Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. stand out from other designers. By mixing the ideas of the owners with their vast knowledge of the subject, Baglino creates projects with unique finishes.

Few people can create such a smooth transition between modern and eclectic art movements. However, this is Mr. Baglino’s specialty. These designs have won multiple publications in interior decorators magazines.

Andy Staszak – The spark of youth

The vision of those people who begin to design from a young age is important to renew existing concepts. That is why cases like that of designer Andy Staszak manage to stand out.

Staszak has been remodeling interiors since he was 18 years old. That is why he dares to challenge the established norms, creating works with the use of traditional elements with extravagant colors and patterns, contrasting both tones and shapes.

Paul Corrie Interiors – Harmony with culture

Keep the style of Washington´s urban planning while developing your brand; That is the goal of Paul Corrie.

The intention of preserving the metropolis urban traditions with current art trends creates an interesting clash between two different eras. That’s why Corrie has earned the privilege of being one of the most renowned interior designers in DC when it comes to understanding the city.

Darryl Carter – The best way to relax

Sometimes, we are not interested in highlighting through lush modern styles, but we want our home to become a place to relax and feel the passage of time. Darryl Carter is one of the DC interior designers who understand that we need leisurely moments in life, and that is why he has spent 20 years dedicating himself to creating calm and subtle environments.

The well-distributed furniture to conserve as much space as possible works in conjunction with the soft color palette of upholsteries and walls. All this makes us feel comfortable in Carter’s work.

Kelly Marino – The Ultimate Guide

Kelly Marino Designs offers customers a guide so that they can materialize their decorative desires. Not only that, but the experts of this firm can adapt the works to your budget.

KMD also offers a real estate sales service, so that if you are looking for a new home, or if you want to sell yours, they can handle it.

Carl Williamson – Classic Vision

Carl Williamson is an eminence when it comes to interior design. It is oriented to the most elegant and formal styles we can imagine, using only furniture that exudes luxury.

Despite its exquisite taste, its more than 20 years of experience have served to refine the critical eye that allows him to understand customers’ tastes. Those who work with him admit to re-hiring his services. Not for nothing is known nationally as one of the best.

Zoe Feldman – Services in multiple regions

Whether we are in Washington, Florida, or New York, we can hire the decoration services of Zoe Feldman Design, Inc. Zoe’s experience is backed by her studies at the Parsons School of Design and her years working for Mark Hampton, Inc., in Manhattan.

This designer office mixes a modern but classic style in each of the aspects that make up a project, changing both the architecture and the furniture to achieve the best result.

Lori Ludwick – Using the available means

It is difficult to abandon our furniture, especially when we do not have the budget to replace it. That is why Lori Ludwick uses everything we have to create a new landscape.

Its services include advice and projection of spaces, finding a better location for our accessories without having to resort to higher expenses. The best thing is that they can handle spaces as large as luxurious mansions.

Laura Fox – A fun experience

Although she started her office in 2015, Laura Fox is already known as one of the best DC interior designers thanks to the personalized experience she offers to her clients.

How she manages users’ expectations to deliver a unique project is different from the rest. She manages to create something that will fascinate the client even though the result is a surprise.

Additionally, Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC offers low prices for the complete redesign of rooms and homes.

Camille Saum – Get carried away by the romanticism

The ability to understand the shapes and functions of objects has allowed Camille Saum to experiment with colors and textures, developing a unique style that retains all the elegance of the most extravagant romantic designs without losing the functionality that is needed now a day.

It may be a space that exalts sudden feelings or a room that has a more pleasant approach. No matter the client’s desire, this designer will find a way to make it happen.

Ella Scott Design, LLC – The potential of your space

Whether in the form of advice or taking care of the project, the designer firm Ella Scott Design, LLC will make sure to deliver you a special product.

Get ready to be taken on a journey of discovery where you will see some of the most exotic designs you can imagine. After this, a group of experts will receive your opinions to create a unique style.

Stephanie Bradshaw – The Fundamental

For a successful design to exist, it must be able to solve an existing problem. This is the basic behind each idea, and it is also the philosophy that is followed in the Stephanie Bradshaw study.

The need is the greatest source of inspiration. By taking customer problems as a starting point, the SB team can develop a decorative strategy that solves conflicts.

This philosophy has worked to create unique and innovative designs that break with the simple idea that an interior designer only solves visual problems. In Stephanie Bradshaw, they look for each client to be satisfied in all areas of their life.

Charlton Designs – A design defined by the rhythm of life

The experiences of each person define the environments in which they operate. In this way, an artist has a different vision than a doctor. Charlton Designs understands that each client is different and that although certain rules must be followed, you can always find a creative way to meet them.

Part of his experience is because he not only dedicates himself to interior design in homes but also in industries where regulations are very strict. This knowledge has helped him to succeed in different trends, such as modernism since he is always guided by a basic pattern that he later modifies to suit the client.

Salmon-Casson, Ltd – Constantly changing

One of the biggest challenges for designers is to stay updated and express this constant change in their projects. Society is changing, and therefore its environment is constantly evolving, reflecting the thoughts of the moment.

Through the proper use of colors, shapes, textures, lights, and sounds, Kim Casson can create designs that help his clients keep evolving. His vision goes beyond the present, looking for spaces to remain useful in the future.

Sroka Design, Inc. – Discovering the hidden potential

The designer Skip Sroka specializes in bringing out the potential of each room. His technique is based on keeping the essence of the spaces intact, highlighting what exists through elegant furniture that does not dislodge with the environment.

Liza Ryner – Combining vision and experience

Although as clients we can have a vision of what we want to achieve at a decorative level, we most likely lack the necessary experience to make it happen. That is why there are firms such as that of Liza Ryner, who seek to advise us on our projects.

Endorsed by their studies and years in the market, Liza Ryner Design professionals will offer us all the services we need for complex redesign projects.

Valeria Design Studio – International quality services

More than 15 years carrying out residential, commercial and industrial projects support the fame of Valeria Design Studio. Thanks to the varied group of professionals of the firm, the variety of projects they can carry out are practically unlimited, being able to choose any style that comes to mind.

Creativity dominates the projects carried out by Valeria Design Studio, adapting even to places outside the limits of the country.

Susan Feffer – An update process

Sometimes, it is enough to update what we have to create a renovated space. Although it sounds easy, understanding what parts can be modified requires a thorough analysis, which varies depending on each client. This is Susan Feffer’s specialty, who will advise us on what furniture to keep, which to dispose of, and what new objects to acquire.

Susan Feffer customers enjoy unique benefits, such as special discounts in stores, or the possibility of getting the custom furniture they are looking for. This is an advantage that not all DC interior designers have, and that it is perfect to have in large projects.

Michael Hampton – Don’t waste the beauty of architecture

Good decorative work must harmonize with the architecture of the building; that is why Michael Hampton creates spaces that are not separated from buildings. Using each space and architectural element, the designer creates refined environments that fascinate customers.

Pierre Jean- Baptiste – Designing for the greats

To say that you participated in projects like Walt Disney is a great honor for any curriculum, and Pierre Jean- Baptiste knows it. Since the foundation of his interior decorators and architects firm in 2009, Pierre has put into practice his more than 18 years of work experience.

M.S. Vicas Interiors – For the most demanding

There is a market for those who want custom-made furniture. Although it is not economical, Martha Vicas offers to realize these fantasies of extreme customization, becoming one of the best high-end interior designers in Washington.

It is possible to see how in each of the projects she carries out she focuses on bringing something new to the market that impresses everyone. Her works do not age over time but acquire more style.

Design Milieu – Everything we look for

Remodeling, spatial planning, architectural projection, facade design, interior design advice, and much more. The list of services offered by Design Milieu is huge, so we do not need to hire additional staff if we ask for their help.

Shahs of Style – A new direction

If you don’t know what to do to decorate your home or office, then you need the help of Shahs of Style. Thanks to the different tools they have, they can materialize your ideas in a tangible design.

Julie Kay – Classic or Functional

For designer Julie Kay, classic elements can still be used. Although this furniture can be seen as a waste of space under modern design standards, a little cunning is what is needed to order them in a contemporary style.

Miriam Dillon – Understanding Architecture

The architecture firm Barnes Vanze, in Washington, is pleased to have the designer and architect Miriam Dillon, who mixes knowledge of both fields to create special projects. Thanks to her experience, she earned the position of chief interior designer within the firm.

Among her works we can see how she mixes the architectural design with the different decorative elements of the environment.

Michael Molesky Interior Design – Comfort comes first

Michael Molesky’s vision is that the rooms must be comfortable for a good design. After hearing the opinions of the clients, the experts of the firm begin to design a project that maintains the individuality of each person, but at the same time, they create a comfortable place to live.

Steven Richards and Associates, Inc – world-famous DC interior designers

Although they focus on serving Washington, Virginia and Maryland clientele, Steven Richards and Associates, Inc. has managed to leave a mark in different parts of the world.

Their specialty is the classic style, so we can find extravagant furniture with lots of details in their projects. Their refined taste has allowed them to redesign ambassadors’ residences so that they retain that luxurious and sophisticated appearance that is inherent in the political office.

Lisa & Leroy – A dynamic duo

The work of the Lysa& Leroy firm is not only limited to interior decoration; they also offer large-scale remodeling services, and can even design rooms from scratch.

Lauren Liess – Working on the details

Textures, colors, finishes, ornaments; all these details combine to create the perfect environment. Lauren Liess believes that decoration is the sum of all the parts that compose it, not only limited to large furniture that attracts more attention.

Being one of the high-end interior design firms in DC, they offer complete advice for each project. You can leave all the remodeling work in their trained hands.

So that you as a client can be sure of the quality of the project, the firm constantly shows you photographs and ask for your feedback, so that you can make changes at the right time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for strange patterns for floors, upholstery, or walls; Lauren Liess works together with contractors to get the design you want.

Project your personality in your home or business

Where we live or work is another extension of our thinking. Our environment is the result of our activities and tastes, and therefore, it must be able to adapt as well as possible to our lives so that we can continue to evolve.

These DC interior designers seek to understand you as an individual and make your stay in a space much more pleasant so that you can continue to develop your personality.

The advisory options are many; several of them even have worldwide fame, so you will not have problems finding someone that can make your dream come true.

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