Designing a home is not a one-off event, it evolves as trends progress. Good designers use a combination of timeless components with trendy accessories, allowing for trends to come and go. Leveraging this approach allows you to stay on-point with the latest trends without the need to continue purchasing new furniture. To the surprise of many, there are simple hacks you can take into account to stay ahead of the game.

Leverage plants to set the scene

Plants are often underestimated when it comes to your interior. A plant is not only a statement in your home, it is also a companion that improves your well-being and health. For example, some types of plants purify the air while others simply help you to calm down in a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to design, there are also trends in the world of plants. The easy thing about plants? You can easily swap them and create a completely new setting. This especially holds when it comes to larger plants in your home. They are often very present, making it an ideal element to change in the home.

From now on, buy plants online

Nowadays it is not necessary to go to the garden center. You can simply research and buy plants online. In the past, this was received with a great deal of skepticism. How can you know if the quality is good? You can simply look at the reviews to analyze the quality of the plants. Do not like the plants when they arrive? Many suppliers are offering free returns if the plants are not according to your needs.

Trendy accessories and how to select them

If you select your furniture, it helps to select minimalistic and basic designs and colors. You can then accompany those designs with the latest trends in accessories. This makes your home future-proof and allows you to select quality furniture. As the furniture can remain for years, you can keep it simple yet elegant.

Selecting the right trends

Where the trends were determined by designers in the past, this is increasingly shifting towards social media. For example, Pinterest is a medium that is often used to show new types of designs and styling. You can browse the website and see what works for you. The same holds for Instagram and blog pages of designers. It also helps to look on interior designers’ websites for inspiration.

Create a mood board

Creating a mood board can help you to define what your style is and how you want to move forward. Such a board can include types of furniture, accessories, and colours that come with it. Especially the latter is important to style the house. Sometimes it can already help to paint the wall to create a new feeling in the environment.

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