How many times have you heard that building a house from scratch is easier than renovating an old one? To build three apartments while renovating one? The headache is here, and you haven’t even cleaned the house yet. And you thought that buying a house was the biggest problem. You immediately have a very dirty, long-lasting, and quite expensive job in your head, for which you do not know when it will end, or whether everything will be exactly as you imagined.

However, renovating and arranging the apartment does not have to be the reason for your headache and stress. We will help you get organized and think about everything carefully before even a single craftsman enters your home, so keep reading. You won’t go wrong with these six key house makeover elements.

Repairmen and Initial Plan For House Makeover

Under one, find real repairmen. It can be by recommendation or on the Internet, but be smart and make a concrete plan with them. Of course, you will tell them that in your contract/agreement there are penalty points for not fulfilling the agreed plan, so they will see to it that they respect what they promised. We list this as the first point because there is no person who has not had a problem with “breaking through all possible deadlines” when craftsmen enter their house, whether it is to renovate a bathroom, repair a water heater or bathtub, repair installations, change windows and doors in an apartment, or some other work in question.

Another very useful thing is that, in addition to repairmen, you can also hire an interior designer. They are here to give your home the best possible makeover, with your guidance, of course. As the team at states, the designer’s job is to enhance the way you live or work by making the most out of your space and bringing its full interior design potential to life. Take this idea into consideration, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Set up New Installations

Setting up new installations involves the installation of plastic pipes for water supply and sewage, as well as the installation of electrical installations. This second step is quite noisy because this type of work involves a lot of trimming and drilling, and it takes a while.

Don’t forget to tell your neighbors or post a notice on the board that this work will be done in your house, because it can be quite loud.

Consider Plasterwork

If you like suspended ceilings, then it’s the right time to think about all kinds of plaster work. This type of work involves making plaster niches, lowering ceilings, and partitioning walls. Plasterworks include various cascades, arches, built-in lights, air conditioners… All these are the elements that make us want plaster ceilings in our homes. The repairmen will, of course, explain everything to you in detail. The minimum height of the ceiling should be 2.70 m so that you can “lower” it.

Fill Holes in Walls and Ceilings

When you have finished plastering, it is time to fix all the holes created by the installation of new installations and demolition. So that follows the filling of holes, patching of slits on the walls and ceilings, filling of holes if the walls have been demolished, as well as leveling of the floors if the so-called cement screed has been damaged by removing the old parquet.

Carpentry – Removal of the Old and Installation of the New

If you have decided to change the windows, now it’s time to install the external joinery that you previously ordered. Repairmen will remove old windows and install new ones on the same day. You should choose a day without precipitation for this operation.

The Final Works

You are nearing the end! This means that you are very close to the end of the complete house makeover. This is the time to install the parquet moldings, after which the siliconization begins. All the holes and cavities between the parquet skirting and the wall, as well as between the door frame and the wall, are siliconed. After the completion of this part of the work, the second, i.e., the final hand of painting the walls, follows.

If you have decided to put wallpaper, which has become increasingly popular recently, on some walls, this is the moment to hire a repairman for this job.

We hope that our tips were useful to you and that you will enjoy your remodeled home. Good luck!

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