It might not be something that you want to think about, but it’s definitely important to make sure that your house is prepared in the event of a blackout. They can happen when you least expect them, potentially throwing all your plans into disarray. There is no need to worry too deeply about it, however, because if you are properly prepared, you will be able to survive this problem with immense ease. If you are looking for what you should need to prepare for a blackout, then you are in the right place, as this guide has been created to give you the full overview. Read on now to learn all about it.

Portable Power Generator

One of the most important items that you can have to make sure that you are protected and can keep all your devices charging in the event of a blackout is a EcoFlow DELTA portable power station, available from EcoFlow. This is so you can keep everything that you own easily charged and also means that you can carry on any activities that you were already engaged in before the blackout hit. This is definitely an essential piece of kit; as a result, so look for one that allows you to charge multiple items at once.


If you live in a city where blackouts can occur, such as New York, then you should definitely be stocked with a flashlight. This is because when a blackout happens, especially at night, as the name suggests, you will experience a complete absence of light. With a battery-powered flashlight, however, you will then definitely be able to see your way around, making it a whole lot easier to find the important items that you need, the number one on your list being:

Tinned Food

You should always have a stock of food that can keep for a very long time when it comes to preparing for a blackout. This is due to the fact that you can’t know when the lights will come back on again, meaning that you could go a very long time without being able to order takeout or go to the supermarket. By having food on hand, especially if you have lots of children in the house, you can make sure that all members of your house will be adequately fed. The same goes for:


A blackout can definitely have an adverse effect on the water quality in your home. That’s why you should also be thinking about storing a lot of bottled water somewhere safe, so you do not have to worry about it when a blackout occurs. As you will not know how long the blackout will last, it always helps to have far more water than you need. After all, you don’t know if your neighbors will be as prepared as you, so you can always give them spare water if they need it.


To keep your food cool, especially when the fridge is no longer functioning, it helps to have a spare cooler just in place. This means that you won’t have to start throwing items out as a result of the blackout, saving you time and money in having to replace those items. You can easily find a cooler either by searching online or by going to your local shop.

First Aid Kit

During a blackout, going to the hospital is going to be a whole lot riskier. This means that if someone suffers an accident, the likelihood of which increases due to the fact that nobody will be able to see much, you will have basic medical supplies on hand to help them with. Make sure that you have a scalpel, pocketknife, bandages, painkillers, and more in a small box so you can do some basic first aid during this annoying and difficult time.

Portable Radio

Radio can definitely be a lifeline, especially if you are indigenous and living in a remote area.  This is even more pronounced when it comes to surviving a blackout. As all internet and mobile data might be cut off, you might have no way of understanding if there is any help coming or if you are at risk of an extreme weather event. Nonetheless, if you have a portable radio, you will be able to easily listen in and see what the news is.

Board Games

Board games soared in popularity as a result of the pandemic, as more and more people sought to entertain themselves while staying at home. If you didn’t cash in on this rush, it might be worth buying some board games or cards to prepare for passing the time when the blackout hits. While a blackout is annoying, it might even be an opportunity to reconnect with friends and family over playing a game. Take a look around and agree on a game that works for everyone.

Battery-Powered Fan

If a blackout hits in the summer, this means that all air conditioning turns off. This can be especially painful in a time where heatwaves are more common, and cities across the USA are experiencing higher temperatures each year. This means that you should be prepared for this and buy some battery-powered fans in advance, allowing you to keep as warm as you can possibly be.

Sleeping Bags

During a blackout, it’s very important that everyone in your household sticks together as much as possible. This means buying as many sleeping bags as possible, and then when it hits, making sure that everyone sleeps in the same room. The reason for doing this is that it means that everyone will be conserving their warmth, especially if a blackout occurs in the winter months.


Blackouts rarely occur, but when they do, they can be a major disruption. That’s why it’s worth taking every precaution written in this guide in order to prepare yourself, your friends, your neighbors, and your family to get through the blackout in the smoothest possible manner.

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