Unless you’ve lived in a cave with no windows all your life, you probably know what a Roller Blind is right? The type of handy window shade that lets you roll the blind up or down to block light out or let light in? Yes? Good to know we’re on the same page!

While you may know all about the trusty Roller Blind, recently more people have been opting for Double Roller Blinds, you may not have heard of them, but honestly they’re just as simple as normal Roller Blinds.

What sets a Double Roller Blind apart from your everyday Roller Blind is pretty simple, a Double Roller Blind is made up of two separate Roller Blinds connected in one set of brackets, whereas a Roller Blind is just a single one of these blinds.

So a Double Roller Blind is close enough to a traditional Roller Blind, but there are a few key differences, to clear up any confusion we’re going to tell you everything you need to know (and possibly more) about Double Roller Blinds.

Differences Between Double & Standard Roller Blinds

So the main difference you’ll notice is that a Double Roller Blind is made up of two Roller Blinds but connected to one set of brackets, whereas a traditional Roller Blind is obviously one single roller connected to brackets.

Controls for Double Roller Blinds are also slightly difference to traditional ones, on a standard Roller Blind, you have the option to choose different ways to operate, whether it’s a chain, a crank or remote control. But Double Roller Blinds usually only come with the option to use chains, so the mechanism doesn’t take up too much space.

As well as that, with single Roller Blinds you can choose whether the controls are on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the blind, but Double Roller Blinds will usually have a chain either side of the blind, with each side moving one of the blinds.

The final big difference is that on Double Roller Blinds, you will have one blind as a Dimout Blind and the other as a Blackout Blind, allowing you to choose how much light you let in a room, whereas a normal Roller Blind can only be either Dimout or Blackout rather than both.

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Measuring & Installing Double Roller Blinds

When it comes to measuring for Double Roller Blinds, you do that exactly the same way you’d measure for normal Roller Blinds by simply measuring the width and drop of your window’s recess if you want a recess fit or measuring the width and drop of an area over your window if you want an exact fit.

When it comes to install the Double Roller Blinds, there are a few differences, mainly relating to the double bracket. But simply install the brackets at either end of the top of your window’s recess or from the top two corners you measured if you used exact fit measurements.

Once you’ve got the double bracket installed, you’ll want to slot the blackout layer in the rear bracket slot, first with the end that doesn’t have the chain and then slide in the other side. Then repeat this for the dimout blind in the front bracket slot.

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