Magnetic screen doors are fast gaining popularity. This is due to their ease of installing and quietness compared to their traditional counterpart.

In addition, this magnetic retractable screen door is cheaper compared to their traditional counterparts. Magnetic screen doors are also easily modified and adjustable.

In some cases, magnetic screen doors can be termed as more functional compared to their ancestors. Furthermore, they are more durable.

However, choosing the best magnetic screen for your door can be tricky. This is due to their vast variations. This article explores some of the considerations when choosing the right magnetic screen for your door.

The Material Used

The material used to make the magnetic screen is very essential. Choosing the material should be determined by your needs. If you intend to have more natural light in your home then polyester material is the best option.

However, if your need is to have more fresh air in your house, then fiberglass material is the best for you. The type of material used plays a vital role.

Steele and iron are the most common material for making magnetic door screens. However, Steele and iron are expensive. Luckily, these materials, give you your money’s worth of service.

The Size Of Your Door Frame

Another major factor to consider is the size of your door frame. Before purchasing your door screen, take the measurements of your door and door frame. Having the correct measurements will save you a lot of inconveniences.

The proper way to take the measurements is by measuring the width and height of your entryway. Most produces claim to conform to a standard size. Their standard size might be smaller than your door size.

However, most producers produce varying sizes. If the door size they offer does not fit their standard size you have the option to modify the size of your door beforehand. On the other hand, you can purchase a magnetic door screen that is easily modifiable.


Security is a sore spot in the lives of everyone. This especially applies more if you need to install a door screen for your front door. Most of you tend to imagine magnetic door screens to be fragile.

However, this is not the case. Magnetic door screens come in varying materials as mentioned earlier. Magnetic door screens can be made using more robust material.

For instance, materials such as steel and iron are used to make magnetic door screens. Iron and steel are strong materials considered to other materials such as fiberglass. But, Steel and iron will require a higher budget since they are expensive to acquire.

Additionally, strong deadbolts can be installed for this purpose. It is important to choose a magnetic door screen that suits your needs. More with the advancement in technology, it is possible to acquire a magnetic screen door with a built-in alarm system.

Bottom Line

Choosing the magnetic retractable screen door is a daunting task. However, you have to make certain considerations before making the purchase.

The size of your door coupled with the material is an important factor to consider. This article aims at educating you on some of the factors to consider.

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