The mattress in a luxury hotel is designed in such a way that it can cater to the needs of all people and provide them a great experience during their stay at the hotel. This comfort and hospitality are highly valued by the guests and these further establish the hotel’s reputation and goodwill. In a hotel, the entire rest system including mattress, pillows, and the base of the bed is assembled keeping in mind the superior quality of relaxation and comfort it aims to provide the guests. Often these mattresses are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. The high-end hotels prefer buying branded mattress that possess all the required features to guarantee the best night’s sleep.

If you wish to experience the same in your home, you need to smartly analyze the type of mattress you should buy. Indeed the secret of all these comforts lies in the mattress you are choosing. For which you must consider the following:

  • The springs and coils must provide back support.

If you feel that you sleep better in some luxury hotel, it means that the mattress at your home is not performing well in supporting your body which is creating discomfort. So select a mattress having a higher number of steel coils and superior quality of springs that offer firmness and support.

  • The padding must provide comfort.

In the case of the expensive mattresses of good hotels, the mantra of comfort lies in the top layer padding which is either foam or cotton, or polyester. This layer of padding determines the quality and efficiency of the mattress. This padding must be according to your sleeping position. For instance, if you sleep on your back, you need a medium padding mattress. Again if you sleep on your belly you require firm padding. Finally, the side sleepers need the most amount of padding in the mattress.

  • The box spring must provide additional support.

You should buy a mattress and box spring set as this will ensure comfort in your bed and also preserve the cushion.

The following brands of mattresses are commonly used in hotels and recreate the experience for you at your home.

  • Springtek mattress

The Memory Foam mattress is ideal for you as this conforms to the shape of the body and cushions it and helps you to get rid of back pain or arthritis giving you the comfort that is reminiscent of luxury hotels.

This type of foam, manufactured with polyurethane, blowing agents, and fire retarding substances has been manufactured in such a way that it adjusts to the body’s temperature which guarantees proper sleep and the body attains the required rest as in this foam the heat gets evenly distributed.

Some memory foams possess antimicrobial properties that protect you from allergies.

The Orthopaedic Springtekmattress specially caters to people suffering from bone and joints issues. Medical professionals and doctors highly recommend this for curing health problems as they maintain the curves and render support to the body. This genre of mattress is highly appreciated and has immense popularity in the market.

  • Duroflex Mattress

The Duroflex mattress offers a perfect balance as it is neither too soft nor too firm and it guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep and recreates the hotel-like experience at home.

The Cotton Candy Memory Foam performs better than any other memory foam and the top comfort layer being resilient ensures maximum comfort. Moreover, the advanced airflow technology allows the air to circulate freely inside the mattress. Again, it offers maximum comfort to your back, legs, neck, and soothes your joint pains.

The Orthopedic Mattress is made of highly breathable fabric which is really soft and cozy. The bottom closure fabric manufactured from Organic Cotton possessing Anti-Skid support is quite popular. Moreover, this mattress is free from Bed bugs and dust mites and protects your health from allergies.

The Ortho Foam assures maximum support for all the sleeping postures and it has been engineered with sag-free technology and thus it lasts longer. It is also devoid of harsh chemicals.

Both sides can be used according to your choice where it is medium-firm on one side and firm on the other. It blends the therapeutic effect of memory foam with body adjustment foam and fully ensures comfort like that of a luxury hotel.


Another aspect that guarantees the comfort of the hotel mattress is the fact that they are well maintained. So after getting a high-quality mattress for your home, remember to maintain it and vacuum it well. Before buying a mattress check the price and specification and keep in mind the above-stated factors. This will confer you the much-coveted softness and comfort of a high-end hotel at your own home.

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